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Chely Wright -- She's Coming Out

5/2/2010 10:35 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

TMZ has learned the big "coming out" announcement planned for this week will be ... country star Chely Wright.

There's been a big buzz over the last week as to which celeb was announcing he/she was gay ... we knew it was going to be unveiled in PEOPLE mag next week.  But now TMZ knows for sure.

Wright has a book coming out this week as well -- it's called, "Like Me."  And she has a CD coming out too -- called "Lifted Off the Ground."

The 39-year-old singer scored a #1 country song back in 1999 with "Single White Female," when she was named Academy of Country Music new artist of the year.

Wright is the first major country artist ever to come out.  She has been romantically linked to a number of celebs, including Brad Paisley.

This is a big deal in the country world.  Chely is rolling the dice on her career ... it's unclear how traditionally-conservative country fans will react.

Interesting ... she lists Howard Bragman as her publicist, who was the mastermind behind the Chaz Bono story. 

Mystery solved.


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Who is this old woman? Why gay folks like her love to fool people by dating or marrying with opposite sex? In this case, she was dating some dude named Brad which means she was fooling the man throughout the time. Why should we support someone like her who has NO SHAME for fooling men while she was not interested in him?
I bet this old woman has no future in her music career and this is why she is trying to create some media exposure by saying she is into women. I bet her next move will be releasing her sex tape.

1601 days ago


Just a little news flash to those "huge country fans" that have never heard of her:

If you've never heard of Chely Wright, you're not a huge country fan. Now get over yourselves.

News flash to you... even to "huge country fans" she is still that lady who sung "Single White Female"...

1601 days ago


I never even heard of this nobody, and according to other posts on here, most people haven't. Who cares? Tell me when Kenny Chesney comes out, then I'll be interested.

BTW, isn't it funny how all of these nobodies and has-beens come out when nobody's talking about them anymore and they need some publicity? Pathetic.

1601 days ago


Gay or straight, who cares. Live the truth whatever that is. Be free, be proud, Chely.. and enjoy your life.

1601 days ago


114. Just a little news flash to those "huge country fans" that have never heard of her:

If you've never heard of Chely Wright, you're not a huge country fan. Now get over yourselves.

Posted at 12:10 PM on May 2, 2010 by B-Rock

I totally agree. Single White Female is one of my favorite country albums from the '90s, I still remember almost every song. Beautiful, talented lady. Had no idea she is gay, but anyway it doesn't change anything. GO CHELY!

1601 days ago


How disappointing. I want someone who was actually a star.

1601 days ago


A coming out party ? everyone has forgotten about her, so when you are a has-been you have to have an anouncement that your gay, what is this world coming to, who cares you just need to have another 15 mins of fame, LIKE WHO CARES !!!!

1601 days ago


Some of you who post comments are so INCREDIBLY VULGAR. No one's sexual orientation could possibly be as offensive as your mouths and vile imaginations. You are SICKO PERVERTS!

1601 days ago

Dan Levengood    

She had a hit in 1999, is this a way to sell some new CD? Beyond that who cares? She is not what you would call an A list celebrity.

1601 days ago

joe bob    

I thought the title of her upcoming single "Licky Lady Luck" was a dead giveaway.

1601 days ago


If you are a country fan then you should know her! This is one beautiful & talented lady. Single White Female is still one of my all time favorite cds. I have had the pleasure of meeting her a few times & I have to say there is no other artist that is as sweet, caring, & genuine as she is. I could care less if she is gay, straight, bi, etc; her music is great. All of you that have never heard of her then go buy a cd & LISTEN! Congratulations Chely on living your truth!!!

1601 days ago


I have loved Chely Wright and her music for a very long time. I doesn't matter what her sexual preference is to me. It doesn't change her music at all, she is a very talented artist. I miss hearing her music on the radio. I want to see more of her in concerts and her music on the radio.

1601 days ago


don't you need a music career for your music career to be over

1601 days ago

chicken stripper    

Well, Good luck to Chely! I wish her well! Talent is talent and who cares about what the unwashed, inbred hillbilly trailer trash think about her.

1601 days ago


People in entertainment are product meant to be marketed.

It's when people use their persona life as a promotional gimmick that things get screwed up. If it backfires, it's their own damn fault.

My brother is gay, but he's still a **** and a bad brother at best. I'd punch him just as hard if I saw him again.

I have this singer's hits on CD, but if I have to listen to crap about her "courage" to come out or have it imposed on me in any way, I'm scrapping those songs. I like the songs, could not care less about the singer.

It's anything to give a person an edge to stay in the spotlight. In the end there should be no discrimination based on preferences, but that ABSOLUTELY does not give any gay person the right to be above the average guy or girl. Too many wear their preference as a badge of honor. Well let's be clear: gays are a minority. Just respect them but don't let them make you feel as if YOU were in the minority.

But if she had a porn flick out, I'd change my mind fast...

1601 days ago
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