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The 'Lost' Diary -- The Candidate

5/5/2010 6:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Welcome back to another edition of The "Lost" Diary.

I IMed my old college roommate Chris on Tuesday morning to ask what he was thinking going into "Lost" tonight. "I need at least one death," he told me. I responded, "Yeah, it's been awhile … it's hard to be 'Lost' w/o killing off a few people. This isn't '30 Rock.'" Haven't had any major RIPs in a while. Are we due for one? (Ed.'s note: Yes, this was an actual conversation and yes, this was written before the episode).

For all you "Lost" Diary newbies, here's how it goes: I gather with a group of friends watching "Lost," writing what happens on the show as it happens, and throwing in my two cents along the way. I am over at Ari's place for a Lakers/"Lost" double feature. Lakers did their job, now it's time for "Lost." Let's roll ...

9:00 -- On the DVR, the first three seconds of "Lost" were the end of "Dancing With the Stars." It was the worst three seconds of "Lost" ever.

9:01 -- "I think you're a candidate." -- Jack

9:02 -- "Welcome to Hydra Island." -- Sayid. Not to be confused with Fantasy Island, Shutter Island or MILF Island

9:03 -- Sawyer, Kate, Jin, Sun, Lawnmower Man, Claire and Hurley have been put in the bear cage "for their own good." For once, I want to do something someone's "own good." Actually, by this time next week, I will. Check back in a week.

9:07 -- Is it me or is Bernard a tad creepy?

9:10 -- Not Locke has an interesting strategy to try and get Jack to help him -- by reminding him that, if he wanted, he could easily kill everyone. Scary, true, and effective.

9:11 -- "Feels like we're running circles, back in these cages?" -- Sawyer. Yes, yes it does.

9:12 -- Another Sun/Jin reunion scene that just doesn't do anything for me. In this scene, they have about as much chemistry as me and Larry King.

9:13 -- I get super duper excited lately whenever I know the Smoke Monster is about to attack. Not sure what that says about me. 

9:14 -- Do you think Jack ran alongside the Smoke Monster? Did the Smoke Monster carry him like on a magic carpet ride? Did Jack actually see Not Locke turn into the Smoke Monster? These are the things I think about. 

9:19 -- The whole gang is almost back together, heading to the plane. Wonder what Desmond is up to? Is he still in that well?

9:20 -- Jack is trying to see Anthony Cooper and he runs into Helen. This seems like as good time as any to mention that Katey Segal, who is awesome in her small parts on "Lost," absolutely steals the show on "Sons of Anarchy." Highly recommend. 

9:21 -- Doesn't look like ol' Anthony is doing too well. 

9:22 -- Not Locke/Jason Bourne just killed two guys and now he's aboard the plane. 

9:23 -- Seems the whole plane was wired with C4. Hate when that happens.

9:24 -- Not Locke wants to take the submarine now. I still don't like the submarine plan.

9:25 -- Sawyer wants Jack to get Not Locke in the water and he will "take care of the rest." This I gotta see. 

9:30 -- "Push the button … I wish you had believed me." -- Locke

9:31 -- Claire is at the hospital to see Jack, and she has a music box with her. 

9:32 -- "Oceanic Flight 815?" -- Jack

9:33 -- Operation Steal the Sub is underway. 

9:34 -- And it's really, really easy. 

9:35 -- Jack just tossed Locke into the water and Kate got shot. I am surprisingly happy about the latter. 

9:36 -- Not Locke is finally out of the water and gunning down Widmore's people. Meanwhile, all the candidates are on the sub. Just saying …

9:37 -- "Trust me, you don't want to be on that sub." -- Not Locke. Ruh-roh!

9:38 --  Is that a shirt in my backpack? Nope, it's a ticking bomb.

9:39 -- "Locke … we did exactly what he wanted." -- Jack

9:43 -- Sayid is trying to play Hurt Locker with the bomb Locke left behind. Does anyone really think the bomb is going to go off and kill half the cast?

9:44 -- "We are going to be okay. You just have to trust me." -- Jack. I have done a complete 180 on Jack. He's been my favorite character of the past few weeks.

9:45 -- Let's discuss what just happened. Sawyer grabbed the wires, which did nothing but make the bomb mad. Sayid told Jack where to find Desmond, told he was the one (like Neo), then ran with the bomb, where it blew up. Here's my question -- would the bomb have gone off if Sawyer never touched it? I think not. 

9:46 -- Everyone is scrambling. Hurley is helping Kate … while Jack, Jin and Sawyer are helping Sun. Um, I think I'd rather Sun right now. 

9:47 -- Actually, things don't look good for anyone right now. 

9:52 -- I have nothing good to say about the last five minutes. 

9:56 -- Locke is being discharged from the hospital, seemingly as if nothing has changed. 

9:57 -- Locke is in the wheelchair because he was in a plane crash -- he was flying, and his dad was a passenger. 

9:58 -- "What happened, happened." -- Jack

9:59 -- "To finish what I started." -- Not Locke 

There's a good possibility that I am completely wrong about everything I am about to write. And I fully expect everyone to hate me for this. That being said … 

Sayid died. Jin died. Sun died. 

Guess what? I don't care. 

Not one bit.

Didn't react. Didn't say a word. Didn't blink. 

Do you know why I don't care? Because "Lost" has made it impossible for me to care about what happens.

I'll explain. 

Right now we have the island, and we have the flash-sideways. I don't quite know what they have to do with each other or which one is "real."

But if I apply some kind of logic -- which is never a good idea with "Lost" -- then one of them has to prevail in the end, right? Can they both be "real"? When the show ends, Oceanic 815 either crashed or it didn't. 

So that being said, that means until I know what is going on, how can I care what happens in either timeline?

When I said before the episode that I needed someone to die, I didn't realize how nothing could be further from the truth. Nothing of any actual consequence had happened on the island this season (save for maybe Juliet's death) so I didn't know how little I would care. 

Sayid is dead. Jin is dead. Sun is dead. And yet, next week, when the flash-sideways kick in … they'll be alive and well. 

They're dead on the island, but not off it. 

So I ask you again … why should I care about what happens in either timeline?

I'm skipping the grade this week. Doesn't feel right.

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I totally agree with #9 (Susan), that has been my exact thoughts for weeks. The last scene will be Jack and Sawyer sitting on the beach waiting for a boat or plane to go by.

1596 days ago


My wife and I said the same thing. No emotion at all.
Six years into a show and we don't care! WE don't care because no one who writes or produces the show seems to care:Walt,polar bears,sideways time travel,atomic bombs. Gimme a break. We have been led down the path.How pathetic we all are.
I will be glad when it is over and,if they all die...then they all die.
I just want it to end.

1596 days ago


@Ladymac, I just realized what you were saying

Sawyer: "Hey Hoss, Do you know how bad I wanna shut your hole forever? Kinda ironic isn't Doc?"
Jack: "Sawyer, whatever happens, happens, anything before that is just PROGRESS"

1596 days ago


I'm trying to figure out how to write this without sounding condescending, but it might be difficult, so I apologize if I sound condescending. This show isn't for a lot of TV watchers. This show is a sci-fi show at heart. It's ultimate goal is not to make you cry, smile, laugh (to appeal to your emotions), neither is it meant to appeal to a primitive side that delights in violence, etc. It is a show to make you THINK. More important than Jin and Sun dieing is Why they died. Go to some real Lost forums and you'll find some really interesting theories.

I've always been obsessed with mysteries so I don't mind that I'm also fairly certain that all of the Losties get a happy ending in the sideways world. It isn't about that to me or a lot of the viewers. It's How they do, Why they do, and what happens along the way. It's full of fantastic stories, regardless of what is or isn't "real". Like they continually say, what happened happened, so in some reality somewhere these moments happen - just dive in and feel the emotion in that moment. Who cares if Jin and Sun are okay in an alternate timeline? That moment was still sad and well done!

If you're one of the Lost viewers who got sucked into Lost purely for its shock value and you're complaining now, rather than blame the writers, just admit that the show is over your head or involves too much thinking and memory games for you now and shut up. Granted they have gotten a Little bit lazy this season too in my opinion (Jin and Sun are talking about things as deeply personal as their kid and life or death after being seperated for years and they're speaking English the whole time up until the last line? Right...) but they've still been doing much to provoke thought and conversation if you sit down and think about it and take the time to make connections.

That being said - some theories for anyone who's interested.

Has anyone noticed that after someone comes to peace with something or redeems themself they die? Boone gets over his Shannon thing, Shannon finds self confidence and love, Charlie sacrifices himself for his new "family" after being basically selfish, Anna Lucia won't shoot someone again, Michael comes back and sacrifices himself, Sayid sacrifices himself, Eko comes to peace with his situation about his brother, Juliet detonates the bomb. With Jin and Sun their problem throughout the show was that one was always leaving the other. Sun in the beginning going to America, and then Jin seemed to be in some perpetual adventure sans Sun mode once they reached the island to get them off the island. They finally decide to stick together, find that peace, and die. I'm thinking that All of the Losties are going to have to die to get to their seperate timeline. How else could they really be living it? Makes me think too that the MIB might not be as evil as we think. Maybe the only reason he can't kill the candidates is because they do need to die, but only when they are ready to - after they've come to peace with a personal demon or have redeemed themselves. Maybe that's why Smokey continues to put them in perilous situations. He's hoping someone steps up to sacrifice. It's also interesting that he has continually turned into individuals or things (Kate's black horse? Anyone remember that?) that the Losties have unresolved issues with as if forcing them to come to terms with and work through their demons. Not sure where Jacob fits into this, theory is still formulating, but makes sense... I've been saying since day one that the island is purgatory though the writers deny it, and the show has only been further confirming that its something of the sort. Also - the promises MIB made Sayid and Richard. He wasn't completely lieing. Sayid Does get to see Nadya again, in his alternate world.

So then the only problems lie with Locke and Michael who completely don't fit into this equation. I'm starting to think this show is more Locke centric than we think. He is the Only main Lostie (from Flight 815) to die OFF the island, and to have died before finding peace or redemption. In the previews they showed a split second of a piece from season one where Claire dreams she sees Locke with a white stone in one eye and a black stone in the second. Did anyone catch that? Trying to figure out what's up exactly with him, but I'm thinking it's more important than most of the stories. It's also interesting that although he has a relationship with his father in the alternate timeline, he's still in the same exact spot. Whether his father hurt him or he hurt his father, he can't let his daddy issues go and he lets them ruin his life. Interesting.
With Michael - he's not in the alternate timeline so far is he?? Remember, he's stuck on the island after death! So is his being stuck (he's one of the whispers now) preventing him from having a second chance? Where does Walt fit in if Michael just ceases to exist in the second timeline? Do you think that's why he was such a little weirdo? (Remember the birds?) (Or have they shown Michael and I missed it?)

Just thought I should share some of these as a reminder that Lost still rocks for those who get it and for any thoughts. The haters are p*ssing me off. Just say "I don't get it."

1596 days ago


"Waaaaaaaaaaallllllllltttttt!!!" :)

1596 days ago


Has anyone else noticed that most of the characters this season are getting hit on the head? Nearly all have had a bump, bruise or gash to their forehead at some point. The writers have even gone out of their way to point some out (like when Jin was banged in the head by Zoey, they pointed it out, and Widmore apologized to Jin for it). I think perhaps there's a clue there.........

1596 days ago

The Evil Marshall D    

I agree with a lot of what you said, ANON, but you're being a wee bit full of yourself if you think people "don't get it". It's an old, trite, backhanded insult to people who are probably pissed because they DO get it. Get it? You mention science fiction at it's heart, but seriously, I see very little "science" in the fiction. This goes to the "fantasy" section, thank you very much. Especially given two sueprnatural beings playing games with human lives. Metaphysics at best. And don't even get me started on nukes that explode on impact. They pretty much ruled that out as a mechanism in the 1930's, years before they had a working model. So if there's science in LOST, it's circa 1800's.

So do me a favor and don't insult real science fiction by comparing it to LOST. And also don't kid yourself....what's there to "get" in LOST, really? Point out one thing that's beyond the capability of a 13 year to comprehend. Now if you want ot suggest people quit being so impatient and actually SEE what the writers have up their sleeve, fine. We owe them that....but by the same token they haven't earned that pedestal that puts them "over everybody's head" yet. When we revisit this in a few weeks and they end up being "in Purgatory" afterall, then how far over everyone else's head was it really. If there's that "holy crap" moment of realization that "the vibrational levels of coherent energy create distinct, parallel levels of existence within a single overmind"...well THEN we'll talk "science fiction". Until then, it's just a mash-up of better science fiction stories and "The Guilding Light".

1596 days ago


I have an easy solution for all of you that are saying it is terrible and you will be glad when it ends. DON'T WATCH!

1596 days ago

The Evil Marshall D    

That's the most original comment and solution I've ever heard on any LOST message board....prior to 2004. Seriously, since then it's used daily. But, I guess if that's the most orginal remark one can make, then LOST must be pretty damned complex. How about, "Quit yer blattering, all you negative Nellies, you don't watch it anyway." Or, "Would you like some cheese with that whine" (overused but still a little more catchy), or even, "Misery loves company so go watch the finale of 'Ugly Betty' with all the other dejected masses". C' least make the insults entertaining. It's cool! Geez, no wonder some fans find everything Miles says freaking's the first time you ever heard it.

1596 days ago

The Evil Marshall D    

69. I have an easy solution for all of you that are saying it is terrible and you will be glad when it ends. DON'T WATCH!

Posted at 12:33 PM on May 5, 2010 by Sandy

That the most original comment and solution I've ever heard on any LOST message board....before 2004. Since then it's used daily. But, I guess if that's the most orginal thing one can say, then LOST is pretty damned complex. How about, "Quit yer blattering, all you negative Nellies, you don't watch it anyway." Or, "Would you like some cheese with that whine" (overused but still a little more catchy), or even, "Misery loves company so go watch the finale of 'Ugly Betty' with all the other dejected masses". C' least make the insults entertaining. Geez, no wonder some fans find everything Miles says hillarious....

1596 days ago


@The Evil Marshall D - you're a wee bit full of yourself as well in deciding that you have the official definition of what science fiction is. There's a lot of "fiction" in this science, but the science is there, and I can understand that pissing you super intelligent fact wielding sci-fi gurus off (your point about the bomb - who cares? I've seen plenty of sci-fi that make similar mistakes involving minor details). That's what I find genius about this show. They attempt to marry extremely fantastical things with science. It's very New Age philosophy, which I personally and many others are very into and them attempting to explain things as intangible as fate, kharma and redemption through time travel is ingenius.

I said I thought that they were in a "type" of Purgatory as well, meaning I assume that they will try to explain Purgatory in a way that is a bit more thought provoking than just "it exists when you die."

I will stand by my thinking there is more to "get" with Lost as well. There is a certain level of philosophical comprehension one must have and understand to truly appreciate the show. It's not about watching as they take facts you know about science and marry them with facts you know about life and saying "hmm, clever." Lost is attempting a "what if" on a larger scale. I love how ambitious and abstract they are being. But then again, the only scientific theory I'm really interested in is M Theory and I get bored with many others. I like the ideas of everything being everything, questioning reality, multiple dimensions, etc. If you're more interested in details, then fine, maybe its just not for you, but Lost has never masqueraded as anything other than what it is. Season one we saw Locke giving Boone hallucinogenic drugs with no scientific explanation (or really any explanation to this day really), etc.

"Imagination is more important than knowledge" - Albert Einstein

1596 days ago


To The Evil Master D - There is no need to be rude. All I'm saying is that there are many, many of us who are enjoying the show and if you don't, then that's what TV remotes are for. Don't sit through it and then get online and degrade the writers, the characters and the storyline. If this is all you have to do, then get a life.

1596 days ago

The Evil Marshall D    

I understand where you're coming from ANON regarding what there is "to get". But, I have confidence in human comprehension...maybe more than I should apparently...and the ability "to get" conceptually those things that may be waaaay over their heads scientifically. And I think msot people who've been watching htis long....get it. There are fuller flavors when there's a greater comprehension, but here's the rub: at what time does your greater comprehension run smack dab into the writers lack of it? So this is where we are at this late point in the series--is TOO MUCH comprehension creating discontent, or too little?

"Knowledge is power"--Francis Bacon

1596 days ago

The Evil Marshall D    

To The Evil Master D - There is no need to be rude. All I'm saying is that there are many, many of us who are enjoying the show and if you don't, then that's what TV remotes are for. Don't sit through it and then get online and degrade the writers, the characters and the storyline. If this is all you have to do, then get a life.

Posted at 1:09 PM on May 5, 2010 by Sandy

First of all Sandy, I'm Evil....what about "Evil" do you not understand? Second, I'm trying to get uou to be more imaginative in your retorts. Otherwise you sound just like everyone else. Is that what you want? Conformity. And third, "get a life"...did you not get point number 2 at all? What you say is, "If you want to get on these message boards and deride the writers and fans, go for it, it's a free country. It doesn't matter to me, doesn't hurt my feelings at all. At first your rude remarks DID hurt my feelings and unfortunately I took it out on my horse, went right out and shot it. Dead. But, it's cool...because it's alive in another parallel universe, you freaking loser!" Put some snap in'll feel better, believe me.

1596 days ago


@The Evil Marshall D - No hate, seriously, and yes, I think you have too much confidence in human comprehension :) I was specifically targeting the haters I hear from constantly who think in terms of "mean" "nice" or "cool" or "not cool" - of which there are many - and couldn't tell you what Jack said five minutes ago, let alone from season one, or any other season of significance to the current episode. I guess saying the show is over their head isn't completely true either. It's just more than a lot of people's attention span, connection ability or memory can handle - which is most certainly not the writers fault and I commend them for writing to the people who have these things rather than those who don't. If you're more into the logical side of science fiction, my apologies for offending you, and I get your point, but I've always been more interested in the abstract side, the attempts to explain and define and imagine the unknown, and so to me when explaining things such as fate, kharma, etc. there can be no such thing as "too much comprehension" and details are trivial to the points being made and underlying ideas.

1596 days ago
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