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The 'Lost' Diary -- The Candidate

5/5/2010 6:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Welcome back to another edition of The "Lost" Diary.

I IMed my old college roommate Chris on Tuesday morning to ask what he was thinking going into "Lost" tonight. "I need at least one death," he told me. I responded, "Yeah, it's been awhile … it's hard to be 'Lost' w/o killing off a few people. This isn't '30 Rock.'" Haven't had any major RIPs in a while. Are we due for one? (Ed.'s note: Yes, this was an actual conversation and yes, this was written before the episode).

For all you "Lost" Diary newbies, here's how it goes: I gather with a group of friends watching "Lost," writing what happens on the show as it happens, and throwing in my two cents along the way. I am over at Ari's place for a Lakers/"Lost" double feature. Lakers did their job, now it's time for "Lost." Let's roll ...

9:00 -- On the DVR, the first three seconds of "Lost" were the end of "Dancing With the Stars." It was the worst three seconds of "Lost" ever.

9:01 -- "I think you're a candidate." -- Jack

9:02 -- "Welcome to Hydra Island." -- Sayid. Not to be confused with Fantasy Island, Shutter Island or MILF Island

9:03 -- Sawyer, Kate, Jin, Sun, Lawnmower Man, Claire and Hurley have been put in the bear cage "for their own good." For once, I want to do something someone's "own good." Actually, by this time next week, I will. Check back in a week.

9:07 -- Is it me or is Bernard a tad creepy?

9:10 -- Not Locke has an interesting strategy to try and get Jack to help him -- by reminding him that, if he wanted, he could easily kill everyone. Scary, true, and effective.

9:11 -- "Feels like we're running circles, back in these cages?" -- Sawyer. Yes, yes it does.

9:12 -- Another Sun/Jin reunion scene that just doesn't do anything for me. In this scene, they have about as much chemistry as me and Larry King.

9:13 -- I get super duper excited lately whenever I know the Smoke Monster is about to attack. Not sure what that says about me. 

9:14 -- Do you think Jack ran alongside the Smoke Monster? Did the Smoke Monster carry him like on a magic carpet ride? Did Jack actually see Not Locke turn into the Smoke Monster? These are the things I think about. 

9:19 -- The whole gang is almost back together, heading to the plane. Wonder what Desmond is up to? Is he still in that well?

9:20 -- Jack is trying to see Anthony Cooper and he runs into Helen. This seems like as good time as any to mention that Katey Segal, who is awesome in her small parts on "Lost," absolutely steals the show on "Sons of Anarchy." Highly recommend. 

9:21 -- Doesn't look like ol' Anthony is doing too well. 

9:22 -- Not Locke/Jason Bourne just killed two guys and now he's aboard the plane. 

9:23 -- Seems the whole plane was wired with C4. Hate when that happens.

9:24 -- Not Locke wants to take the submarine now. I still don't like the submarine plan.

9:25 -- Sawyer wants Jack to get Not Locke in the water and he will "take care of the rest." This I gotta see. 

9:30 -- "Push the button … I wish you had believed me." -- Locke

9:31 -- Claire is at the hospital to see Jack, and she has a music box with her. 

9:32 -- "Oceanic Flight 815?" -- Jack

9:33 -- Operation Steal the Sub is underway. 

9:34 -- And it's really, really easy. 

9:35 -- Jack just tossed Locke into the water and Kate got shot. I am surprisingly happy about the latter. 

9:36 -- Not Locke is finally out of the water and gunning down Widmore's people. Meanwhile, all the candidates are on the sub. Just saying …

9:37 -- "Trust me, you don't want to be on that sub." -- Not Locke. Ruh-roh!

9:38 --  Is that a shirt in my backpack? Nope, it's a ticking bomb.

9:39 -- "Locke … we did exactly what he wanted." -- Jack

9:43 -- Sayid is trying to play Hurt Locker with the bomb Locke left behind. Does anyone really think the bomb is going to go off and kill half the cast?

9:44 -- "We are going to be okay. You just have to trust me." -- Jack. I have done a complete 180 on Jack. He's been my favorite character of the past few weeks.

9:45 -- Let's discuss what just happened. Sawyer grabbed the wires, which did nothing but make the bomb mad. Sayid told Jack where to find Desmond, told he was the one (like Neo), then ran with the bomb, where it blew up. Here's my question -- would the bomb have gone off if Sawyer never touched it? I think not. 

9:46 -- Everyone is scrambling. Hurley is helping Kate … while Jack, Jin and Sawyer are helping Sun. Um, I think I'd rather Sun right now. 

9:47 -- Actually, things don't look good for anyone right now. 

9:52 -- I have nothing good to say about the last five minutes. 

9:56 -- Locke is being discharged from the hospital, seemingly as if nothing has changed. 

9:57 -- Locke is in the wheelchair because he was in a plane crash -- he was flying, and his dad was a passenger. 

9:58 -- "What happened, happened." -- Jack

9:59 -- "To finish what I started." -- Not Locke 

There's a good possibility that I am completely wrong about everything I am about to write. And I fully expect everyone to hate me for this. That being said … 

Sayid died. Jin died. Sun died. 

Guess what? I don't care. 

Not one bit.

Didn't react. Didn't say a word. Didn't blink. 

Do you know why I don't care? Because "Lost" has made it impossible for me to care about what happens.

I'll explain. 

Right now we have the island, and we have the flash-sideways. I don't quite know what they have to do with each other or which one is "real."

But if I apply some kind of logic -- which is never a good idea with "Lost" -- then one of them has to prevail in the end, right? Can they both be "real"? When the show ends, Oceanic 815 either crashed or it didn't. 

So that being said, that means until I know what is going on, how can I care what happens in either timeline?

When I said before the episode that I needed someone to die, I didn't realize how nothing could be further from the truth. Nothing of any actual consequence had happened on the island this season (save for maybe Juliet's death) so I didn't know how little I would care. 

Sayid is dead. Jin is dead. Sun is dead. And yet, next week, when the flash-sideways kick in … they'll be alive and well. 

They're dead on the island, but not off it. 

So I ask you again … why should I care about what happens in either timeline?

I'm skipping the grade this week. Doesn't feel right.

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im disapointed with what you had to say. i think of the last scene of jin and sun was very poetic(death scene), i also have to look back to day one on the island where jin was a major jerk to sun, and now, he wouldnt leave her side..he choose to die along side her. The fact syaid was infected, but gave up his life for the canidates, shows he was i guess, saved, and is good...question is can claire change too? I am extremely excited for next weeks episode..i read we are going to find out that the writes knew what they where talking about from day one and all these other questions answered..hope it doesnt disapoints.

1595 days ago


I completely agree with not caring about the deaths...because they're all alive in the other timeline. Although, I'm not sure I'd care if Sun died in both timelines! :) I was happy with some parts of the episode - it was definitely jam-packed. But what's w/the music box??? Is it a red herring or did I totally miss something?
And what on earth was Sawyer going to do to Not Locke in the water??

What are your feelings on next week's preview? THAT gave me tingles! I love the good vs. evil/black vs. white/etc I hope it turns us on our heads.

1595 days ago


Did anyone else notice the first aid kit on the sub but for some reason Hugo couldn't find it??

1595 days ago


I kept my emotions in check UNTIL I heard Hurley's sob. He expressed so much pain and sorrow in that one heartbreaking sound that it affected me a lot more than the actual deaths of Sun and Jin.

1595 days ago


You forgot about Frank...Frank Lapidus is also dead.

1595 days ago

The Evil Marshall D    

@ANON: No offense taken, just a point of contention worth discussing. And if you're a little miffed by critics without pertinent information or details ("...and couldn't tell you what Jack said five minutes ago, let alone from season one, or any other season of significance to the current episode..."), yeah, that's annoying. The misinformed are one thing, but the uninformed seriously hack me off.

I'm pretty much a "nuts-and-bolts" kind of sci fi person. But, don't get me wrong...the abstract is perfectly fine if done properly. But, the suggestion that you might just be "too mentally sophistocated for your show" remains a plausible reason for SOME discontent. My brother is a cop. He hates cop shows. Go fig.

But, regardless of a person's opinion of LOST, they should be able to defend their position intelligently. Else, they may as well be watching "SpongeBob". And do not get me started on in a pineapple and crap. Under the sea, no less. Who writes this stuff?

1595 days ago


@The Evil Marshall D - HAHA, quite the word wizard huh? Seriously though, if you are more of a "nuts-and-bolts" kind of sci-fi person this isn't a show you can Be too mentally sophisticated for. New Age philosophy is faulted in that it's only beginning to marry science and intangible spiritual ideas but its really the only thing doing it and thought provoking nonetheless. Like the idea that spiritual prophets performed their miracles (and that they actually did) because they were able to figure out how to raise the vibration of their cells to a higher level through meditation, fasting, etc. It isn't saying a lot scientifically to say that they figured out how to "raise their vibration" but at least we're beginning to see how science and spirituality can be one and the same and using our imagination rather than saying nope, not possible. These guys are attempting to explain things for which there is no science yet - what have they proposed scientifically that has you so annoyed? Does their definition of time travel rival what you know time travel to be? Lol.

1595 days ago


its not a flash sideways like you said. its a "what-if" comic like. they originaly went back in time- 70's. blew up bomb.reset the future too what u c in ur "sideways". then sent every body from the past to the present on the island. now after u blew up a bomb in the 70's which changed the future from the 70's to the original plane flight. now wheres the "what if"comic comes in, but it dosent work cause you changed everybody past on and off the island. p.s. if it was a "sideways" clairs baby whould be 3 not un born. so no to ur sideways.

1595 days ago

The Evil Marshall D    

@ANON--Hmmm, good question. Their take on time travel DOES miff me a bit and I'll tell you why...then I'll give you an example of something that ANNOYS me. I give the writers credit for exposing the audience to books on time travel that were early, definitive models and their various takes on a tough subject. Time travel is a tough subject and badly done most of the time. Being already familiar with these books, I find myself immediately "at odds" with those particular mechanisms because each description contains a flaw or a paradox. Sure, it's the nature of fiction not beign perfect, but that "flaw" is like a fly in a phone just can't ignore it once you know it's there. So your question ("...Does their definition of time travel rival what you know time travel to be?") is both shrewd and revealing. I think they violate their own premise over and over again. Also, time travel/parallel universes is a good plot device to "correct plot holes". "Crisis on Infinite Earths" was the comic industries attempt in the 80's to "clean up" plot holes that developed with multiple titles for single characters/titles. It becomes an easy way to be lazy storywise because you can always explain it away. But it has good uses too....that's how Abrams rebooted the Star Trek universe. So let's just say I'm cautious about use of that literary "ax".

What "annoys" me are the more mundane lapses of science, which I feel are the foundation of good science fiction. While no writer is perfect in all there is to know, yada, yada, yada, there are some aspects of science that a very cursory bit of research would uncover. That makes the story more "real world", teaches a scientific principal and makes you as a writer search more dilgently for a way around a dilemma. Call me old-fashioned, but I think one purpose of "science fiction" is to teach science. But when you have rocks setting off nukes, you don't "get" the concept that nuclear reactions are about chain-reactions and proximity of the radioactive masses....not impact. An explosive reaction to drive the masses together, OK. A rock...nuh uh! Small, yeah, annoying to me...certainly.

The aspect of sea depth and pressure and the difficulty of escape from a submarine. Hard to ignore their absence. Maybe this is why things that should be just overlooked for continuity purposes and plot progression causes my "suspension of disbelief" to stall out...which annoys me. That fly in a phone booth again. There are numerous others, but I don't want to belabor the point. Just point out that for the sake of story convenience, real science is frequently absent. So calling LOST "science fiction"....kinda annoys me.

Your point: "Like the idea that spiritual prophets performed their miracles (and that they actually did) because they were able to figure out how to raise the vibration of their cells to a higher level through meditation, fasting, etc. It isn't saying a lot scientifically to say that they figured out how to "raise their vibration" but at least we're beginning to see how science and spirituality can be one and the same and using our imagination"

That's a pretty good description of the GOOD things that come out of "fantasy" like LOST. OK, for the sake of compromise, let's call it "science-fantasy fiction" since it blends the two genres. I'm OK with that. But, I'm inclined to hold a writer's feet to the fire more if their "sell" is "it's sceince" (even fringe science) but they don't have the due diligence to take that extra step to be as correct in the "real world aspects" as they should. Picky yeah...but also my perspective and the perspective of others.

But since you asked....

1595 days ago


@Evil Marshall D - Yeah, alright, alright, I getcha. I've always said if I ever had an ingenius plan for a sci-fi book I'd get a mathematician and/or scientist to proof read and I guess that's pretty important. I think I recall from one of the Lost DVD extra segments a writer who looked about 23 and hungover telling us that his job for the day was to figure out how to detonate a nuclear bomb, and he looked like he could have quite possibly gotten his information from Wikipedia before running home and taking an advil and a nap. In regards to your concern with the time travel piece however - I think Lost is digging deeper than covering plot holes. They've had a focus on what was "impossible" considering a time line since season one. I think the concept of the "constant" is pretty important too to the whole series. I get your logic about SpongeBob. I can tell you to just enjoy Sun and Jin's tragic death whether it was final or not because life is just a series of moments, what Is reality if it happened, and, hey, this is just a TV show anyway so why begin to get so picky about what we choose to accept as "reality" but yeah, take that logic too far and we're forced to accept that sponges live merry lives in fruit in the ocean, and who knows where it could go from there. Soon our programming could be random shapes and colors screaming at us, singing, doing whatever they pleased, which may be entertaining if we were smoking peyote - just enjoying the MOMENT of it all - but probably otherwise difficult to fall into. Plus, there is a danger to anything goes. Entertainment genres, character development and cohesive master narrative let us know what we're in for, what we can basically expect. Lost plays with this in the "constant" episodes though - kinda like they're letting us know they understand all sides to this. The characters who jump from timeline to timeline lack consistency and their brains implode. It's like they're playing with the philosophical idea that the details of consistency, of logic, are only based on surrounding truths, but the concept of consistency itself, regardless of what it may be, is a universal truth. Science-fantasy fiction it is. Thank you for enriching my work day :)

1595 days ago


Jin and Sun's death- Snooze-fest

Jack- I'm starting to like his character

Notlocke-I don't know how he can finish what he stared, because as jack rightly said, he cant kill any of them himself, or if not, he would have turned into the smoke-thingy and killed them all himself.

Kate- I hate her. she always takes both jack and Sawyer on an emotional guilt trip, for her who own selfish desires

Sayid- i loved him in this episode. I'm sorry he died though, but as the master at the temple said, he just dark inside.

1595 days ago

Glenda in Texas    

"Else, they may as well be watching "SpongeBob". And do not get me started on in a pineapple and crap. Under the sea, no less. Who writes this stuff?"

Actually since you said that, it is kind of funny. :)

1595 days ago

truth hurts    

How is Aaron a part of this? Is the smoke monster planning to marry claire and have a bunch of evil babies??? Why was there a giant fertility statue on the island in the first place "tawaret". I loved this episode since I enjoy the action sequences and the story seemed to move forward a little. I am ready for the finale so I can see if this is a Soprano's ending or Buffy...

1595 days ago


I've told my girlfriend that this shows writers must be writing all drugged up. It seems they are now craming too much stuff in a short period of time. i.e. 3 episodes and a two-hour special.

One thing for sure. You can't have two of the same people walking around in the same time...and make it credible. Thats why they are killing off the island folks.

I predict more deaths will come. And hopefully it will have a better ending than the Dallas series when the dude wakes up from a dream.

1594 days ago


My only response to those who hate this.. hate that... hate this character... this is the best TV show out there. It makes you think outside the realm of normalcy. The writers are brilliant and think of things that no one else had dared to. While all you haters say how much it sucks, the writers are thinking up ideas beyond your capabilites.

1594 days ago
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