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Aussie Model Rips Kim Kardashian's Ass

5/6/2010 5:15 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Australian supermodel Sophie Turner is trying desperately to take the booty crown from Kim Kardashian -- and Monday night, Sophie even engaged in some serious backside trash talk.

As she flexed her gifted glutes outside a nightclub in Hollywood, Sophie took a shot at her competition saying, "At least mine's real."

For the record -- Kim has always claimed that her butt is 100% authentic.

Butt we gotta ask ...


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How can you 'NOT' vote for the Aussie? She's rockin' hot - beautiful all the way around ... you should google her name and see for yourself - the press has nothing but good things to say about her.

1625 days ago

Aussi all the way!    

Isn't Kardashian that has-been washed up chick who was previously a man and came to be known for banging every black guy who claimed to be a rapper? check it out - I voted for the Aussie.

1625 days ago


Isn't Kim Kardashian that chick who used to be a man and became famous by banging any wanna be rapper black guy who was willing to take a humjob from a she-male? Sophie has my vote!

1625 days ago


Sophie got my vote. She is the hottest chick on the planet!

1625 days ago


ok seriously kim k. and who ever this chick is, they seriously do not deserve the ass crown. The whole ass trend started when women started dancing with them i.e. J.Lo, Beyonce and even Kylie Minogue; not just turning around and saying, "omg its so big!" when these two actually start dancing with their asses let the rest of America know, then one will have the crown. Beyonce, Jennifer Lopez and even Jessica Biel have passed down the crown because they have nice asses and know how seductively move them. Both of them are lazy! and the blonde isn't cute at all!

1625 days ago


KIm is a fat cow!! shes not thick! shes not curvy.. shes js enormus!!

1625 days ago


I hear ya Curious. Well said and I concur. They can't be us, so they want to be like us.
Posted at 1:35 PM on May 9, 2010 by SuchALady

LOL what are you talking about!?
first of all,no, we are not trying and we don't wanna be like ya'll.
well, i guess it's just that whatever we do,we are good at it,we end up with a good results!
when it comes to asses,i'm sorry hon,but 90 % of black women have only large asses,yes,but not necessarily nicely shaped,round ones!! only maybe 10% of 'em we could call nice ass(and who knows if those are real,'cause large amount of black women too getting ass implants every day)..the rest of 'em look like loads of fat stacked on your back! so, there is difference between nicely shaped and mishaped butt! you can't compare those 2 terms!
second,we could say that ya'll trying to be like us too..
i mean,what's up with all those human hair wigs,extensions and waves?? skin lightening,wearing colored contact lenses...?
like i said,don't offend us,saying we trying to be like ya'll,we are just trying to prove that women from other races can have nice ass too,and usually they're better looking than yours' anyway!
have a nice day! :)

1617 days ago


First of all, it has been a known fact that for many years women of other races have tried to emulate features that naturally occur in black women,ex,trying to copy our hairstyles with cornrows, pumping your thin lips with collagen for "fuller pout", and now augmenting your butts (yes,to look like ours)Women of other races have never been interested in sporting a big butt until irrelevant twits like Kim Kardashian hit the scene with her silicone-infested body,therefore making the big butt the "cute and in" thing to have. This is a physical feature that occurs naturally,and (beautifully) in black/hispanic women, and yes some other races of women. And to say that 90% of black women have large mishapen butts? Please! That's like saying 90& of white women have nasty looking, pasty flat asses, which obviously is not the case. Also, as far as wearing extensions and colored contact lenses, black women are not the only ones wearing them. So please know what you are talking about before you come on here ranting your ignorant and unnecessary comments.

1616 days ago


First of all,i think that was very ignorant and unnecessary comment,when somebody said how we are trying to be like black women??!!! how do you call that comment?? soo pleaseeee! i'm gonna repeat again,there is difference between nicely shaped ass and the one that looks funny! i still find a lot of black womens' asses kinda funny looking and flat asses are terrible looking too! so it was such a stupid comment to make that we are trying to be like black women when it comes to some stuff!i'm also sick of those stereotypes about only hispanics and blacks having those assets! i come from Bosnia and a lotta our women have asses too! on the other hand ,oh my God, i saw soooo many black women being flat!!! what's up with that!? America is such a brainwashed nation,it's becoming funny!And the fact is,there are people from every walk of life and every nation who are always trying to be somebody else,nothing new! Me personally think that's kinda low...i love the way i am and so should anybody else out there! :)

1615 days ago


If you would have taken the time to thourougly read my comment, you would have read where I said that that are SOME other races of women that also have naturally bigger butts. However, you tend to see this feature more often in women of color. That is a fact. And yes it is true that there are some African-American women that have flatter butts as well. I am aware of the fact that women of ALL races have behinds of different shapes and sizes. That is what makes each of us unique. However, I am not the one that came on this site spitting garbage about how a certain race of women have mishapen and funny-looking butts. You did. It is amazing how ignorant people are in this day and time.

1613 days ago


If you took the time to thoroughly read my post,you would have read the part where I said that there are SOME other races that naturally have bigger butts as well. However it does seem to be alot more of the norm with women of color. It is a fact. And yes, there are some black women that have flatter butts too. I am aware that women of all races have behinds of many shapes and sizes. That is what makes us all unique individuals. However, I am not the one that came on this site spitting garbage about a certain race of women having mishapen butts. You did! It is amazing to me how ignorant people can be in this day and time.

1613 days ago


ok,i think we keep misunderstanding each other on this subject,so i will simply make it short and clear!
ignorant enough???!!
that's all i was trying to say and point out that comments like those are totally ridiculous and unnecessary..that's all.
some ppl shouldn't attempt to offend one side and then not to expect that other side to strike back with an answer to that! :)
have a nice day!

1613 days ago


Trust me, there is no misunderstanding on this subject at all. It is fine if you choose to respond to someone else's comment that you may not agree with, express your disagreement with it. That is okay. But it is not okay to start making negative comments about the physical shapes of another race of women while claiming that the the pysical features of your race is better. That is not right, and it does display ignorance and immaturity. Sorry, but it does.

1613 days ago


Ditto to fl4isa. Nicely said.

Sophie is about as white as they come and look at that beautiful bubble butt. Beats any other butt I've seen, whether black, white, yellow, red, or green.

I don't think her genetics said 'oh Sophie, you'd better grow a bigger ass now so you can try and be more black'. Puhlease. Sistas need to stop trying to take all the credit. White girls can have nice round asses too.

1612 days ago


@ Ditto
Thank you! :)) I totally agree! I am just so sick and tired of stereotypes how only they can promote big ass! lol
Ass is an ass,if it's beautiful,it doesn't matter who is the owner! ;))

1611 days ago
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