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Aussie Model Rips Kim Kardashian's Ass

5/6/2010 5:15 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Australian supermodel Sophie Turner is trying desperately to take the booty crown from Kim Kardashian -- and Monday night, Sophie even engaged in some serious backside trash talk.

As she flexed her gifted glutes outside a nightclub in Hollywood, Sophie took a shot at her competition saying, "At least mine's real."

For the record -- Kim has always claimed that her butt is 100% authentic.

Butt we gotta ask ...


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@ lovergirl
well...ummm.. let's just put it like this then...
ignorant and immature statements replied by ignorant answer :) i think that should do! ;)

1551 days ago


TMZ, do you know that she prefer to wear a Chanel handbag flat 1112 in stead of the bracelet? I just see her blog about that she purchasing some replica Chanel bags from ec4bag . c o m which is dedicated on designer bags like chanel LV ...

1550 days ago



I'm from Oz and no one gives a f*** here, who is she? Firstly sticking your back and breaking your spine does not make a big ass. It's round not big.

And what f******* FAME WHORE even stands there and talks to the camera guy?? LOL

And for all the Kim haters.... she is thick full and naturally beautiful and this fake peroxide cakeface tranny is nothing next to her. This chick is acrylic head to toe and even her accent is fake.

1545 days ago


Kim wins this one. This girl is a nobody anyway.

1533 days ago


stop haten on kim this sophie girls a nobody and her butt looks extra big cause shes wearing a very form fitting dress kimmm!!!

1531 days ago


well first of all,Kim would still be a NOBODY to this day,if she didn't release that nasty and cheap sex tape!
and second,ass doesn't have to be BIG in order to be considered beautiful! as long as it's nicely shaped and got nice round cheeks,who cares what size is it??
kim's ass is wide,full of cellulite,hanging and gross! lol

1531 days ago


Did anyone see the post from the day after this?
Sophie was taking the higher road, showing that she was not interested in doing any "booty battle", she has nothing against Kim. In this video she was defending herself being natural only because Kim is so publicized as being a plastic sex tape fame whore and Sophie didn't want the comparison. Its only the people who read posts like this that make it into a competition.

1530 days ago


U people r sooo gullible!! Just because someone says they're natural, dosen't mean they are. Have any of u googled her b4 jumping on her side? If so u would know she had her nose, breast, and ass done. Be for real when have u ever seen a runway model with a big butt? Don't believe check da pix.

1529 days ago


@ jerrysdeli
well said! i agree! :)

1527 days ago


You people are so stupid to even try to say that Kim is more real than this girl. Honestly, I don't know why you even care to stick up for Kim who is a fame whore, sex tape camel face bitch (what, do you think you are friends with her or something? What makes you think she would give YOU the time of day? She would surely ignore you if you ever tried to hang out with her, she would probably think she is soooooo far "above" you, lol)
The fact is that there are very few people on this planet more fake than Kim. Probably the only one is Heidi Montag. Kim has had EVERYTHING done. She has the money to fake herself out, plus she has admitted to surgery. All her ex boyfriends (and there are THOUSANDS because she apparently doesn't like to keep her legs closed) say she is fake. Even Reggie said her ass is fake. She's 30 years old, her face is stretched so smooth its obvious she's had it fixed - no one has such a tightly pulled face. Her upper and lower lips are jacked up with filler. Her pumped-up cheekbones have magically reshaped her eyes... I mean, who are you trying to kid here?!! Her hair is a weave, sometimes you can even see the seam in the hairline. Her proportions are completely wrong, even for a 'chunky' or 'larger' woman. And while KYM (above) wants to pretend she is some sort of expert, photos from the same set as what she referenced show Sophie has the same nose ( and same boobs ( as she had when these pictures were taken, which I would assume she was about 15 for. She has more baby fat in her face which is understandable for the age difference. She wore less makeup. And the only other thing I see is drastically different is her teeth, but Sophie herself admits to having had braces ( when she was a teen. Wikipedia is usually a pretty solid source. I am not claiming to be an expert - I have no idea who Sophie is but it irritates me when people attack people they don't even know for no apparent reason other than they are attractive. Stop backing Kim, She is a terrible example for women. She is a shallow, pointless slut. She is a nobody who whored herself out and slept with famous rappers and athletes to get a name for herself. I vote for Sophie because I don't see anything on the internet saying she has a sex tape, or indicating she has been sleeping with famous men for the sake of fame. Oh yeah, I also vote for her because it takes a lot of smarts to be a lawyer (again, see sophie's wikipedia) which is something Kim K definitely DOESN'T HAVE. Proof: watch her bimbo-fest show and gag.

1516 days ago


@ gina
OMG!!!! Awesome!!! Thank God there are still people out there who make ****in' sense!!! I mean,really what a hell is the matter with some dumbasses out there,putting that ugly skank Kim on pedestal??!! hello???that must be the most fake,ugly,short chunky,dumb,ignorant celebrity out there!! If i would ever had a chance to see her somewhere,i would punch her so hard into her stupid lookin' face,and then put my foot into her ugly,nasty ass,i think all you would see are implants and fat falling out everywhere!! lol.. and that's what some ppl consider being sexy??!! oh please! they just insulting the rest of us,GOOD LOOKING AND NATURAL women out there!

1515 days ago


Sophie Turner hands down, Kim needs way too make-up to clean up!

1507 days ago

Curly Fries    

u ppl r crazy how can u say tht sophie has a better ass!! kim k has a bigger nd better ass!! nd she does not look disgusting or fat at all she looks sexy!! all u ppl hating on kim k nd who the hell is this sophie girl anyways?!

1501 days ago


@ curly fries
well, that is ur opinion ok?? everybody else are entitled to their own opinion!
and like i already said,Kim got famous in a very nasty way,if she didn't expose her nasty self on that cheap sex tape,she would still be non famous chick!

1501 days ago


I bet her tits arent real...she has nerve lol

1494 days ago
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