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Lawrence Taylor's Wife: If He Did the Crime ...

5/7/2010 6:25 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

0506_lawrence_taylor_EX_Getty_06Lawrence Taylor's wife has some tough words for the Hall of Fame football star in the wake of his arrest for statutory rape.

Lynette Taylor tells TMZ, "If the facts presented are accurate, he should be held accountable."

It should be noted Lynette also said -- at this point -- she does "not believe in a million years he would do something like that."

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Well I really do not think his rape this girl.Why if you committed rape why would you stay at the scene of the crime sleep at that. On one hand I feel really sorry for this guy. Basically he been sit up for a money plot. Only feel sorry for him as being a atm for money only.On other hand his has a Wife get your sex need from her or jack off at that why would you go that low to be with a hooker even though you had a condom that **** will break still donot protect you against other diseases that you can not give back.Your ass should of been home. Talk to your spouse if you want to change up in the bedroom. Dude you are a famous football hall of fame pretty sure some one would had gave you tax free sex. I was wondering if this was a regular old guy would she be hollowing rape. What hell her fast ass 15 year old or what age during out there in enviroment like that. When she went in the room along with him she could had told him I am scare that some one is making me do this a pimp. And his should of notice her black eye and ask questions about it. I am pretty sure his would had call the police for her. All of sudden her uncle involve in her life where in the hell you was at when her fast ass was out there. This is a dam plot for money. Watch why this story juice up then she going to get money to do a interview. What if it was plain old John or Bobby she would had went on to next sex deal.Maybe for $40.00 I think she had pretty enough time to call for help. It not like the pimp in there with her.If this is a black girl that why black men do not date black woman because of **** like this getting them in trouble trying to bring them down.I do not blame them for not wanting to be with there own kind because of bull **** like this. Like Micheal Tyson you know his was sit up as well. To your famous people you know there are people out there starving for 13 mins of fame stay out of the hole. Use your hand jack off no one will hollow rape.I never heard of a line of rape then you pay for it as well please girl you know you wrong for this. I hope any one who been with this girl in question that night will speak up if she sleep with anymore men for sex. And check her background to see if she be arrested for this type of stuff. I hate when these fast ass girls try to step out there being fast. Living that dam fake Rappers life get money theme, pimp and whores etc. To the uncle you know she been out there during this for a while now you want to care for her because you think your ass going to have double zero in your bank account I quess you step in to being her guardian
where hell you were at before all this happen in her life. Very wrong what you did. Were you star struck when you find out she was in the room with someone famous .I quess you be on tv next want to get your 2 mins and 1/2 of fame. Please you know what she all about. Please no feeling for this girl out there live a fast ass dirty life at that. Your weak ass should of been at home maybe at school or at church. Please let this be a wake up call for you. I bet you wating on your next trick maybe it wil be little Bow Wow maybe Tiger Wood but oh I forgot his do not have to buy it and your skin color not right color for Woods.

1598 days ago


LT...just channel R. Kelly, sing "I Believe I Can Fly" daily and your sex with an underage girl will go away.

1598 days ago


I thought in this country we are innocent until proven guilty?

1598 days ago


Jane - it is presumed innocent, not innocent, like you know so much about the law. What does this have to do with him getting caught they are just reporting what happened!

1598 days ago


Lynette Taylor, I suggest you open your eyes! He comes into clubs I have worked at and pays dancers to have sex with him UNPROTECTED! If you do not believe me take a trip to your a major city and ask around about him in all the urban strip clubs. They will all tell you how nasty he is. His attitude sucks and he is just plain nasty all around. He is always in a club; therefore what does Lynette know about his whereabouts? Everyone is always thinking that some female is looking for a "payout" from athletes and celebrities; however, the truth is, these people rape and pay for sex! LT deserved to be locked up! And I pray justice is served! And as I said before, if you dont believe me visit ATL, Miami, or NY and I am sure some dancer will have plenty to say about him.

1598 days ago



So you are saying the girls at the club where you work(your coworkers) are sweet and innocent because they get PAID for sex? L.T. should be locked up because he does the PAYING? Now that makes alot of sense! There is a big difference between raping someone and paying a prostitutes(your friends). So your names Stallion? In ATL that's a stripper name. Did he pay you?

1598 days ago


It comes down to this: Whether she was 19 or 16, whether she was forced or not, he IS A MARRIED MAN, HE SHOULDN'T BE HAVING SEXUAL RELATIONS WITH NO ONE BUT, HIS WIFE. If the girl hadn't been in his room in the first place then he wouldn't have been on international television in shame. We are supposed to learn from our past mistakes, not repeat them until we end up in serious trouble like this. They all need prayer and we ALL NEED the GOD IN HEAVEN! AMEN

1598 days ago

Proud American    

I sorry, but the wife is in denial.

1598 days ago


And what are we gonna do about Big Ben Roethlesberger and his TWO SEXUAL ASSAULTS?

Where was the outrage then?

This was barely mentioned in the press!!!

Keep it fair, folks!

1596 days ago


I live in Atlanta. There are many 15 & 16 year old girls that can pass for 25. Everyone’s trying to make this dude out to be a monster. If you take away the fact that she was a prostitute this could have happened to anyone. Young girls with fake IDs frequent the clubs all the time. If you so happen to take one home and get caught you could be in the same situation. Does it make you a monster because you had sex with someone you thought was an adult? And don't give me the B.S. about checking ID. No one does that in the heat of the moment with someone that looks like an adult. So if you look at this situation for what it is the only thing he really should be guilty of is soliciting a prostitute, which is a $500 fine misdemeanor in most states. So do you really think a guy should be locked up for any amount of time for paying someone for sex? I know the law is the law. According to the law he could go to jail but that doesn't make him a monster, that just means the law needs reevaluating for situations like this. If you want to condemn him it should only be for seeing a prostitute. That’s the only thing he was aware of. And is seeing a prostitute so horrible? There are many men, married included, that frequent our country's oldest profession. Some people believe prostitutes actually preserve alot of marriages because it gives your husband an alternative to just leaving. Don’t believe me? Take a look at this website with millions of visitors a day. www.theeroticreview.com

Just My Two Cents

1596 days ago

Proud American    

regardless of what she was doing she was a underage and a runaway. No one have the right to take some one and put them up for sale. And LT aka Little Turd should of all people know that as an Afro-American person. She is still a person. She fell in the wrong people. She is some one child. He have children, did he sale any for sexual favors to live the way he do. Again, shame on him, and his wife.

1595 days ago


Proud American,

I understand your point but LT didnt do any of the things you mentioned. He didn't put any child up for sale. You should blame the pimp for that. He thought it was a consenting adult. Not his fault. If you think so maybe I could think of a hair brained reason to call it your fault too.

1595 days ago

that damn sh#$ disturber    

he's determined to get out of that rape charge

1594 days ago


Lynette, you were in Florida and he was in New York...Your man got horny and screwed himself once again. He's a freakazoid at his best! Give it up he wanted some ****.

1594 days ago


its all BS. so anyone without sin cast the first stone.

1591 days ago
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