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Michael Jackson's Dad to be Deposed

5/7/2010 4:20 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Michael Jackson's dad will be deposed by Jackson's estate lawyers some time next month in his bid to receive an allowance from the estate.

Michael Jackson's Dad Joe Jackson to be Deposed

As we first reported, Joe Jackson filed a claim against the estate last year in an effort to get a monthly check from the estate.

According to documents filed earlier this week, Joe will sit down with Michael's attorney at a date to be determined "between June 1, 2010 and July 1, 2010."

Both sides will then go back to court some time after August 1.


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Right now Joe, Jermaine, family and others are fighting for Michael standing by him with upcoming Conrad Murray court case.He has smart insight on what happened to Michael and I trust and believe his good intentions to defend him and bring all to justice who were responsible for harming and contrituting to his death.Joe is old and should receive a certain amount of money to support him as Michaels father.

1577 days ago


yea well, papa Joe may be greedy but Kate and every other Jackson would be all up in there after a piece of pie too if he hadn't named her in the will so he is no more greedy than the rest of them really. Don't think for one second that Jermaine, Randy and any of those other Jacksons are rich and living in condos and mansions and taking world trips on their own dimes. Mike is still footing everybodys bills either way. The only one that has any kind of money left is Janet and she's not likely to leave Joe or the siblings sh*t either.

1577 days ago

Lee lee    

I don't know, I get confused with this one.. On one hand I agree with Cathy, the relationship was very complex between the two of them. I think Michael craved love and some kind of affection from Joe. He despised him at times for the torture that he endured at the hands of his father, but at the same time, as it was in Michaels nature he offered forgiveness in his later years.
He had said himself that his Father had mellowed in is old age.
On the other hand..I wonder, did Michael leave his Father out of his will on purpose. ? Was this his last dig at his Father? Perhaps Katherine isn't handing out the Money to Joe anymore, so he has no choice.
It a very complex situation, as it was in life, it carries on in death. I hadn't heard that he was already receiving an allowance.
If thats the case, he should be happy with that.

1577 days ago


I think he meant he had to forgive him so he wouldn't be some judgemental person like the billions of people on this earth are. We all know Michael's message and that is L.O.V.E.

Posted at 1:51 PM on May 7, 2010 by Kathy

His message is love, yes. Sure he forgave his father, Mike usually forgives everyone. He has a heart of gold. Though he did forgive his father, there was always still very ill feelings there and alot of pain.

This quite shocking video says it all -

Mike looks for his security guard to hold his arm to help him walk, but refuses to have Joe help him. I would have been so embarrassed if I were Joe since this is right in public. But he has embarrassed Mike so many times anyway, he deserves it.

1577 days ago


I believe that if Michael wanted his father to have anything he would have left him something in the will. I truely believe that. I'm sorry I believe that Joe has lived off of Michael long enough. leave it alone Joe get a life and let Michael's children money alone. You have done enough damage.

1577 days ago


47. Yes. I meant that but didn't quite word it right. He also had to forgive him because Michael was/is a very religious person. Michael would of been a hypocrite if he didn't forgive his dad. We know he wasn't a hypocrite, so there you have it. He also had to be in the same room as his brothers when they were screwing girls and had to pretend to be asleep while that was going on. That was some sick goings on he had to witness at such a young age.

Posted at 2:02 PM on May 7, 2010 by Kathy

That alone must have been very traumatic. I remember a party my babysitter had when I was seven years old. She was supposed to look after my sisters and me, but she chose to throw a huge party for her friends.
They were everywhere in the house, drinking and having fun I guess.
For a seven year old it was not that funny - especially when she took me to a room, where a boy and a girl were "making out" on a sofa.
She told me to keep an eye on them, not to let them go too far. I had no idea what she meant, I was seven, so I did what she told me to do. Just sat there in a chair and stared at them. They didn´t have sex - just hefty petting and kissing. I remember the music in the room and have hated it ever since.
They didn´t even have real sex, but I tell you, it was really upsetting for me!
No need to tell that my mom was MAD when she came home, she trusted this girl - and she was a nice girl, just not that particular evening, lol.

I can imagine what Michael went through, but it must have been a lot worse. I didn´t know those people on the couch + they didn´t actually have sex - he witnessed his BROTHERS actually having sex!!!
Joe should have protected young Michael from this. He himself brought giggling girls to whereever Michael was sleeping in hotel rooms to let them have a look at the little star!
What a dad!

1577 days ago


I believe that Branca and McClain will provide an allowance from the estate for Joe. For one reason only: It will not be good for M3 to grow up and later learn that Joe was denied by the estate. MJ was all about love and they would have a hard time reconciling why their grandfather could not get something left by their father.

1577 days ago


Posted at 2:09 PM on May 7, 2010 by maizieful

Mike doesn't owe Joe a damn thing. If that is true then Joe should be getting money off the other J5 members AND the sisters too. Besides, there is a reason Mike left all the family except Kate and his kids out. The rest are not his responsibility. Joe has had a good rich life on Mike's dime, now let his other thousand kids and grandkids support his old ass.

1577 days ago


A Will is the last dying wish of the decedent. It is a legal do***ent. Michaels wish was stated that he wished his mother only to be a guardian of his children.
Had he wanted a brother, sister, father or anyone else he would have stated that in his Will. He did not, so to honor that legal do***ent his father should not get any funds from the estate.

Michael was being sued by his father & others at the time of his death so I am sure his wishes were to leave them nothing - if any other ruling comes forth the childrens lawyer could sue the administrators of the estate for negligence.

Whatever cir***stances Joe finds himself in they are the result of his own choices in life and he needs to accept responsibility for his own actions and their consequences.

1577 days ago


I agree with Cathy on this one. The whole thing is sad either way.

1577 days ago


Joe should be embalmed, not deposed.

1577 days ago


How can you be sure? The will indicated that Michael deliberately omitted to provide for his former wife Debbie Rowe. The will did not state not to provide for his father. Forty percent went to his mother and she is still married to Joe. Apparently Katie is keeping her purse at arm’s length. Can’t say either way about cutting Mr. Jackson a monthly check, but I can cut him some slack. IT’S BEEN OVER 50 YEARS. Michael forgave his father. Why are people so bitter holding on to what Michael let go of?

1577 days ago


I think Michael knew very well what he did when he left Joe out of his will. On the other hand I don't believe he wanted him to end up flat broke. So Michael gave the money to Katherine – being aware that she'd support Joe. However, he would have always come begging to her, he'd depend on her mercy. Maybe something like Michael's object lesson in his mom's name for the numerous cheating she had suffered from her husband?

1577 days ago


Michael accused Joe of many negative things, but never molestation.

Posted at 2:05 PM on May 7, 2010 by Cathy

But of course not. Molestation is sick, it's a much more extremely deep and more of serious issue than being beat with a belt or whatever. Unlike women who find it easier to talk about, men usually don't even speak of molestation of their childhoods with anyone because they find it very embarrassing. They keep it hidden inside. If Mike was actually molested as a child, the only person who he ever revealed this to could be his mother, or close trusted friends like Elizabeth Taylor or Diana Ross.

Now do I think Mike himself was child molester? Not one bit at all. His love for children was completely pure and innocent. He was just a easy target. Do I think he was gay? Not at all also. Not just because he said he wasn't, but because I know for sure that Mike was just mainly into women. He loved women more than anything.

1577 days ago


Lisbeth, Sweden

1577 days ago
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