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Orlando Bloom to Testify Against Burglar Bunch

5/7/2010 12:55 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Orlando Bloom to testify against Alexis Neiers and the 'Burglar Bunch'TMZ has confirmed Orlando Bloom will be called as a witness in the Burglar Bunch trial ... and he'll testify about the heist at his house.

Alexis Neiers is charged with one count of felony burglary ... for allegedly stealing two beaucoup expensive watches from Bloom's house -- which, along with some other items, were worth an estimated $500,000.

Interesting ... sources tell us Neiers turned down two plea deals from the L.A. County D.A. -- one for 1 year in county jail, and another for 6 months in jail.  She's now rolling the dice and the stakes are 6 years in state prison.

Neiers' trial starts Monday.
Alexis Neiers, Rachel Lee and Nick Prugo - The Burglar Bunch


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Why didn't the dumbass just take the 6 month plea. That was gonna be her best bet now she's gonna end up with years. And the messed up part is I think she's kinda cute but the cute ones are always the crazy ones. Just look at Shevonne on TMZ. Love ya Shevonne lol.

1593 days ago


I can't believe "E" network for giving this thief a reality show. Stop rewarding people that do not deserve to be rewarded. It's just goes to show you people have no morals or ethics anymore. GET REAL HOLLYWOOD - YOUR ALL SO FAKE & RIDICULOUS!

1593 days ago


E! and Chelsea Handler (producer)should be ashamed for that stupid reality show where Neiers and her sister act like sluts, the only one that seems to have sense is the youngest girl---certainly not the narcissistic mother or bumbling step-father. I hope Alexis goes to prison where she will truly teach teens that it is wrong to be a freaking crook (and "pretty"). Let her family wail, cry and curse about that on their lame reality show on E! And so it will be...The Secret (eye-roll)

1593 days ago


I think it's pretty sick that E even gave these little whores a show. Mixed up in the wrong crowd or whatever they are saying is BS. Didn't that freak lets meditate or whatever mom teach them right from wrong? I think besides the piss poor parents who should be ashamed of themselves so should the E network. I hope they get time in state prison. That's just what they need.

1593 days ago


maybe if the mom didn't dope her kids up on speed everyday they would have been better kids and the girls wouldn't have a more extensive drug problem today. There is a lot to say about parenting here everyone in that house hold are media whores who will do anything for attention with no moral ethics. As for Alexis saying she thinks of herself like Angelina Jolie and wants to rule the world WTF I think that would be the day I would end my life!

1593 days ago

Cravin Morehead    

Six years isn't long enough!

1593 days ago


This little thief, along with her mother does not seem to grasp what is going on or the seriousness. They seem delusional and very unrepentant. Alexis is a waste of air.

1593 days ago


Alexis is going to jail where she won't have access to her spray tans, makeup, Manolos, passes on the velvet rope...

But look at the bright side: she can easily get more ugly tatoos there to match the ones she's already got!

And so it is...

1593 days ago


Either there is a big hole in the prosecuitors case or this girls on drugs! Six months would mean she does 18 days, and as anyone who has seen in Lindsays case probation is a joke. She could have gotten another season out of her time in jail.
Hope she is found guilty and is given 2 years or more.

My biggest question is why she got pocket money bail and no restrictions like a curfew.

1593 days ago


ORLANDO I WANT TO HAVE YOUR BABIES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Or at least the act of trying : )

1593 days ago

Miss bitch    

Someone please explain why the other 2 sisters of Alexis, are not being mentioned in the burglaries?? It's so clear ALL 3 of them need to be punished..

1593 days ago


#15 You realize the show was shot weeks ago. The news, TMZ etc is more current. So, Alexis has to stand trial and her comments to the police are to be admitted in to court. Plus, don't forget Alexis was caught stealing an ID and cash from nightclub employees in Atlanta at a party she and Tess were hosting around April 12. There is no way anyone can deny Alexis is a thief. She was caught with stolen goods from the victims of the burglary ring. Alexis needs to go to prison to be taught a lesson.

1593 days ago


The reality show was a really bad idea on her and her family's part. It portrays the self-indulgent, spoiled, lazy and disrespectful brat that she is. She deserves the full six years because she is taking no responsibility for her actions.

1593 days ago


Alexis, your family can't bring the reality cameras into prison when they visit. Have you ever thought about a nice "butch" girlfriend??? Maybe your mother could give you some tips on how to make your new lover happy. She looks like she has been around the block many times. I hope you do serve several years you spoiled little tramp..

1593 days ago


On the bright side, Alexis Neiers will get get another brief brush with the fame she so desperately seeks when Orlando Bloom is called as a witness in the Burglar Bunch / Bling Ring (take your pick) trial. Orlando Bloom Testifies

1593 days ago
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