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Joel Osteen Invites Conrad Murray for a Pray Date

5/9/2010 12:25 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Pastor numero uno Joel Osteen will have a special guest at his weekly sermon today -- none other than Dr. Conrad Murray.

Sources tell TMZ the doc accused of killing Michael Jackson has been invited into Osteen's inner sanctum at Lakewood Church in Houston, TX.   We don't know why Osteen personally invited Dr. Murray.  In fact, we're told Dr. Murray isn't sure why he was invited either ... although he's an active member of his Houston church.

We're told Murray will arrive at the church in the morning and go in through a "bunker-like" entrance -- and he won't be given the entry code until just before he arrives.

With all that security, it's almost as if Murray has a meeting with ... nevermind.


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Take more than prayer to save this killer. It takes the power to be able to turn back time to the 24th June 2009 and fire the quack....preferably out of cannon..... Conny is a killer !!

1599 days ago

Cali MJ Fan    

Oh.... my.... gawd.....

Can't believe that even the religious groups are trying to get in on the media attention.

For heaven's sakes! (all puns intended).

1599 days ago


For starters, who says Osteen is numero uno pastor??? Osteen, in my opinion, is a motivational speaker. I can count on one hand the number of times during his 30-minute program on tv that he actually quotes the Bible.

Secondly, celebrities like Michael Jackson demand things...whether it be drugs, special treatment, etc. They have lots of "yes men" in their lives. If someone tells them no, then they are dropped like a hot potato. The celebrity will keep searching until they find people who WILL do what they want, give them what they want, hence, they end up with a circle of "yes men" in their lives.

And I'm sure $$$ is involved as well. Either way, people have to take responsibility for their own actions. MJ had been warned about what he was doing, yet, he kept demanding it. All the blame cannot be put on Conrad Murray. There are many to blame in this case, including family and close friends who wouldn't stand up to MJ and lay it on the line, tell him "no."

Very sad. But all the blame cannot be put on Conrad Murray.

1599 days ago


@ Barbie

you are such a fu#king hypocrite. "Dr. Murray is innocent until proven guilty", u say?? well, guess fu#king what??? Michael Jackson was acquitted of all charges and was found NOT GUILTY and yet, you still condemn him?? who the fu#k are you?? you speak, as if you were there and saw him molesting a kid, when in reality, you don't know ****. you have nothing on him, so stop slandering him.

oh, and what kind of father whose child was ACTUALLY molested, accepts money to shut up and let his kid's molester get away with what he has done?? have u ever asked yourself that question, or are you just blinded by your hatred for MJ? if u think that any amount of money will appease a parent's anger in that situation, then you are more stupid than I thought.

you say Michael couldn't live with the guilt "of molesting kids" and, therefore, turned to drugs, but you seem to forget who turned a gun to their head and committed suicide last year, because HE (Evan Chandler) couldn't live with the guilt of tainting a man's GOOD name.

MJ IS INNOCENT. he wasn't acquitted because "he could afford the best attorney in the country", but because THERE WAS NO EVIDENCE AGINST HIM AND THE TRUTH PREVAILED; something which seems to escape you.

and this goes for all of you, "MJ is a pedo" morons. GET REAL!!

1599 days ago


"With all that security, it's almost as if Murray has a meeting with ... nevermind."

I love you guys for this sentence, really...

1599 days ago


*Shakes head* Honestly you really expect us to buy this crap?. It's more than obvious someone's jumping on the MJ thunder band wagon. Osteen's church/Cult compound(whatever you wanna call it) needs invite Conrad Murray to your church and cause a sensation. Pathetic!

1599 days ago


12. He was highly regarded as a doctor in Houston and treated many in a low income neighborhood. He didn't do it for money. He treated people because they were sick and needed help. Jackson played a role also in his own death.

Posted at 2:04 AM on May 9, 2010 by meme

Read more:

Yes, Mj did play a role and paid for it dearly. and murray played a role also and needs to pay the piper too. And the key word is "was" respected and is not anymore. i know quite a few medical professionals here in Houston and they do not want anything to do with this man what so ever anymore here. they actually are appalled at what he did.

RIP MJ you are truely missed and will never be forgotten.

1599 days ago


Stop being an instigator..TMZ

1599 days ago


TMZ, why is it that every time a story that has a Christianity base to it is written, you have to make a snide remark? I'm ashamed of you and I really would think you all would have more class than that. I realize not everyone is a Christian but you should refrain from the little remarks such as the very last sentence of this article. Everyone needs prayer from time to time from another who is willing to listen. It cleanses. Well, for believers it cleanses. So stop belittling those of us who DO believe. Go and believe what you wish.

1599 days ago



And just since when were fashion faux pas mean so much to people they would devote an entire comment section on the fact that someone might wear suspenders AND a belt. Why don't you spend more time on those wearing pants so low their crack is showing?

1599 days ago


joel is a publicity whore,who really cares about murray?i sure dont he murdered mj and thats all ther eis too it, this guy should get at least 50 years in prison, such a loser

1599 days ago


Murray is doing this for publicity as i am sure joel is. remember, murray is working on that do***entary. We will see alot of this playing to the public for sympathy. I for one have no sympathy for this man as i stated before because of the way he didn't come clean at the beginning. Having 3 different stories, hiding from the police for 2 days, not telling what he gave mj. That means to me he is hiding something. Though I wish no harm on the man, I feel he needs to pay the judicial piper though with jail time and losing his license. JMO.

RIP MJ. you are truely missed and will never be forgotten

1599 days ago


Scientology is a joke just like muhammad. Ron Hubbard was full of crap just like muhamad. F* Xenu and muhammad.

Here is a cartoon figure of muhammad: o-I---< - dead, just like he is. (and a joke too)

1599 days ago


Well, will the Paster Osteen be excepting Conrad Murray's
"medical services" along with his "Blood Money"?

1599 days ago
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