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La Toya Jackson -- My Bro Was Straight

5/9/2010 2:00 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Apparently the spicy tuna roll fired up La Toya Jackson outside of Katsuya last night. In hushed tones, La Toya railed against Dr. Arnold Klein and alleged MJ lover Jason Pfeiffer, claiming they are lying about the reported affair.


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he like young boy so was he gay?????

1626 days ago


Te hehe Jason For Me!

Posted at 1:23 PM on May 9, 2010 by OhWell

And I thought you were going for Deb! ;-)

1626 days ago


I feel somehow sorry for Jermaine as well. He was in a much more difficult situation than Janet. To be replaced on stage by a younger brother is not only a humiliation before the eyes of the world, it's irreversible. Janet as a girl could find her own role in show business. In the bargain she was the youngest, what meant that she could see her chance still coming – while Jermaine's had been pulverized by Michael's rising star.

1626 days ago


how the he** do you know that he was gay???????
I want proof and it's not that fat slob's that said he was.
I want proof and {if} Michael were gay he wouldn't want something like that, give Michael at least some credit think about it {{{if}}} Michael was gay {which I know in my heart that he wasn't} don't you think that he could get any other gay guy that he wanted? I know that he had taste in WOMAN not fat cow man.

1626 days ago

Rito Valdez    

10. The Conspiracy is that La Toya and Michael are one and the same person; they have never been seen together. Also, The King of PopSicles (allegedly in a freezer at the mortuary for 90 days before burial)of course was a HOMO, when he was really La Toya who no doubt plays for the othe team!

Posted at 8:54 AM on May 9, 2010 by Hugh Jass

You are such an IDIOT!!! They were together at the courthouse through the child molestation allegations...I have a pic of them together...ALSO, she posed for playboy to prove she was NOT Michael...thank you...goodbye

1626 days ago


latoya would not know what went on behind closed doors at michaels place! why? i dont think she was ever invited! guess he was clean and sober too eh? if he was straight, why only lil boys allowed to sleep with him and drink his jesus juice? lolz, he was a molester and a drug addicted hollywood celeb! get over it he wasnt god!

1626 days ago


to Tellit

1. His family was and is still in DEEP denial about him, probably because they are embarassed. None of them really knew him as an adult. I don't think I've ever hear a true thing come out of Jermaine's mouth in 20 years.
So you’re an adult after all. You’ve been watching Jermaine for 20 years, sounds like you’re the one who’s homophobic.

2. They called him normal and pretended like they didnt see he was a freak. Deep in their hearts and deep in their souls, they know.
I'm sorry your family feels this way about you Tellit, but they are right.

3. Katherine Jackson knows Michael was gay, she knows it. She'll never admit it, but she knows.
Please see a doctor about this nervous tic of yours.

4. Joe knows too, he's just too embarassed and homophobic to ever admit of of his kids was gay. it's their generation, like somehow it was their fault.
You’re babbling on and on, obsessed and hell bent on destroying something you could never have love, adoration and acceptance.

5. Wacko Jacko isolated himself from them. He was a deeply disturbed individual, an extremely effeminate man, a deeply closeted and repressed homosexual.
You always end you paragraphs with the same sentence. Like I said you’ve run out of material. You, PamelaKay, and Mymjj_5 Just Stop! You don’t know how to play this game. Tellit, moving the words to the far left side of the screen is “positive proof” that you don’t know how to play the dozen. You are not armed to play in the battle of wits. You are tapped out! Now put away your little water gun and try again. You’re so lame at this, that it’s not even worthy of a fake LOL !

1626 days ago


Jacko was so gay that his looks and personality came off at the nth level of gayness. And they say that his favorite song was "Thank Heaven For Little Boys".

1626 days ago

Lady Carolyn    

La Toya Jackson need to get a life of her own and stop using MJ name to get notice in the media. Remember when she came out again her on brother when he got arrest. Saying things about him. Yes the family knows he was gay. They no he was playing with little boys. Because of the money they did not say nothing. See everyone once to get paid even that so call father of his. But back to that sister she need to get a job. Oh I'm sorry her job is banking on MJ name. I forgot. She did playboy. She need to do it again.

1626 days ago


to exsmutstud

that's all you've got?

1626 days ago


MJ followed her lead by rotting his nose & abusing himself.
I can't believe he used to be so confident & naturally good looking 25 years ago.
He was ill, unrecognizeable, skeletal, meek & paranoid 8-10 years after that.
No wonder he didn't want real friends & didn't mind looking deformed & victimized.

1626 days ago


Baby, no one has said, thought, or even remotely believed MJ was
God or Jesus Christ. There is one and only one God and Jesus Christ and they both are in the heavens up above. MJ was just a very sweet, kind, and loving soul who was given a gift but in the same token was a human with feelings that got hurt repeatly because of this ugly, cold world that we live in. As far as you stating that only lil boys were only allowed to sleep over is a straight out lie, it has been confirmed that children both girls and boys slept over at his home all the time. Get your facts straights before commenting. MJ was not proven to be a child molester on either case so again, please state facts that you can prove before commenting. As far as MJ ever being a drug addict, he was killed by Propofol sedation which was injected by a physician, not a overdose on drugs. Had he ever been addicted to drugs at a certain point of his life, yes, he stated it with his own admittance. But seriously think about it wouldn't you if someone that was suppose to be your friend accused you of one of the most heinous crimes ever and all you ever believed in was LOVE and helping others, not hurting them. That had to be one of the hurtful pains ever to hit him.

Now think about that when you say such hateful and cruel things about anyone.

1626 days ago

Linda Greatorex    

dear oh dear I am amused to all the hubbub that people that have something to say. What message does this make to the gay & lesbian community. I love MJ but his sexuality was his business.

1626 days ago


Author: fan

MJ followed her lead by rotting his nose & abusing himself.

to Fan

Do you have slurred speech?

1626 days ago

Linda Greatorex    

dear oh dear I am amused to all the hubbub that people that have something to say. What message does this make to the gay & lesbian community mmmmm. I love MJ but his sexuality was his business.
May be its a straight girl thing that their fantasies have been wasted in some way? Well La Toya & other members of the Jackson family has saved the day for all the straight girls fantasies. We are only human. Love MJ fan.
P.S Man what about the gold pants girls I had to go on MJ site yesterday & give myself a was mothers day I had to have a treat. luv yas all

1626 days ago
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