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Tom Cruise

Betrayed by Scientology?

5/9/2010 12:15 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Tom Cruise was secretly videotaped as he spilled his guts in Scientology confessional sessions, and those tapes became fodder for Scientology cocktail party humor ... this according to a high-profile and former high-level member of Scientology.

Mark Rathbun says in his blog, he recorded Cruise during the confessional sessions and Scientology guru David Miscavige read the transcripts at parties, "joking and laughing" at them.

Rathbun says the video was "well-concealed" in the VIP auditing room, per orders of Miscavige. Rathbun says Miscavige ordered him to prepare transcripts of the sessions. Then, according to Rathbun, Miscavige would hold late night whiskey parties, reading the transcripts and laughing out loud.

The nature of Tom's alleged confessions were not disclosed.


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This is so horrible, poor Tom Cruise. He is so devoted too this thing and this is how he gets repaid.

1597 days ago


only in a pseudo faith would this happen

1597 days ago


@Barb "That is a big betrayal of trust. I wonder if he'll change religions now?" - Of course not. He's a brainwashed cult member of the highest order. He'll never believe this is true because if it is everything he believes in just went out the window. He's too weak minded to face that reality.

1597 days ago


Who DOESN'T know that that religion (ha) is nothing but one big sex club joke fest?

1597 days ago

Christina G.    

I doubt anything will come of this because Tom Cruise will NEVER admit publicly that he was wrong about Scientology.

1597 days ago

Billy Boy    

Absolutely false. I personally know it's completely untrue. Period.

1597 days ago

Nancy "O"    

Lay down with dogs're goona catch fleas! Duhhhhhhhhhhh!

1597 days ago


I find this strange. It was only a month ago approximately that CNN did a series on Scientology. Apparently, some members that had been kicked out complained of abuse. I am not sure why they would go after someone like Tom Cruise when Kirstie Alley is not exactly their star pupil. It seems like they are trying to create a diversion maybe to take the heat off the investigations. Or else maybe Tom Cruise wouldn't do something that they wanted and this blog is like blackmail. Tom would probably be better off switching to catholicism. He doesn't have a son so there is no chance of anyone in his immediate family getting sexually abused. It is a win win situation. It actually might save his career also. He could do a huge photo shoot with him, Kate, Nic, Keith and all their kids like one huge happy non-Scientologist family. Sometimes you can push people too far. Dear Tom: Seize the day, get the hell out of there while you can. Move to Quebec city for awhile. They got good ley lines.

1597 days ago


He's stupid enough to believe this idiocy. If true, he deserves it.

1597 days ago


That's awful. I don't care who it is or what church. It's awful.

1596 days ago


Anyone who joins this cult gets what they deserve. Nobody feels sorry for Tom.

1596 days ago

Mista Celebrity    

L Ron Hubbard was a scince fiction writer and a heavy drinker. As time went on, his writings show that heavy drinking took a toll on his thinking, especially through Dianetics.

Tom Cruise is the pretty boy who became accustomed to getting by on his looks. He barely has a high school diploma but because he has been told for decades how great he is and because his looks gained him a lot of money, he thinks he is of superior intelect to you and me and knows what is best for everybody. Of course, we cn see this is not true. Cruise has become a mindless little freak following a Hollywood fntasy cult. Oh to have the money he gave to "the church". How many people in need could it have helped?

1596 days ago


TC grew up as a devout Catholic and I understand from an biography about him, that he wanted to become a Catholic priest, if I can remember rightly. He lived a very unsettled way of life living in various differn't places and going to differn't schools, it must have been very difficult being the "new kid" at school all the time, but despite all this, he tried to become the most decent person he could.

At what point Scientology seemed like a great idea - I have no idea. What people fail to remember (except the Scientologists) is that Celebrities are still people, and have thoughts, feelings & insecurities just like anybodyelse - perhaps more insecure than most people are. I am not a religious person, however I do believe in God, I am open to the idea that there may be other life forms in the universe, but I certainly don't believe in the rantings of a Sci-Fi writer! Any more than I believe Freddie Kruger haunts people's dreams & can kill them!

It amazes me that TC comes accross as a relatively intelligent person, as does John Travolta - how or why they & others got involved in such a scam named "Scientology" is way beyond my comprehension!

I understand that entertainment artists & production people, have periods of inactivity and thus don't recieve an income, and therefore they want to get a good financial deal for the work when they are in it - that is fair enough. I think that they are paid far too much - that is just my opinion. But at the end of the day, it is they're earnt money, and it seems very sad to me that someone comes along, they gain their trust(namely in this case the Scientologists) - slowly and surely they completely brainwash them - it sound so far fetched, but that's the way it is! They get them to open up and share their thoughts, feelings and insecurities, record them - who does that? (I have never come across any counselling programme that does this! - because it is un-ethical to do so), then along comes the "invitation" to donate a percentage of their earnings toward the cause (and that is going to be a lot of $$$)! Then they will Open doors for the members of the "church" to enhance their careers (because it means they will get more money from them) Then later on, they emotionally blackmail them into staying with them (because they want to continue to scam their money from them), and when the time comes when they want to leave - the Scientologists, will blackmail them with all the dirt they have - they will bend over backwards to assist them with their career - and then create absolute carniage for them when they no-longer wish to donate their money and go. Then the Scientologists get real, real nasty when they want to leave!! - Very clever, very clever - and very, very nasty.

I feel bad for the people that have been seduced by these crooks, and I feel bad for Katie Holmes, since she was young and naiieve when she met TC & married him very quickly, seduced by the crush she's always had on him maybe she does love him, maybe she did love him, but she does not look especially happy - not like she did, I know that does happen in marriages, and people don't smile in all photo's, but the girl, to me does not look very happy and that is sad. Unknowingly being embraced by the con artists that are Scientology. Nicole managed to get out when she could, and she was brave to do it.

I wish all the celebrities would read my post! I was once a big fan of Tom Cruise, but since he got deeper and deeper into this with these con artists, I no longer find him credible, I so feel sorry for him, but I think he should get out, let go and stop trying to control everything around him - he should bare his soul to the public his way, and not let the scammers have it their way! He may find his dwindling fans would have more respect for him - Tom should use his common sense.

1596 days ago


If that's true he needs to bring them doooown. I for one like Tom Cruise, it's just wrong. Whatever his confessions were they should remain private, he should beable to gain access to those tapes and sue the pants off the so called church. Fine peace elsewhere Tom, preferable on Earth!

1596 days ago


I'd love to know what Katie is thinking about this. Shes the only sane one inthe family

1596 days ago
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