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Murray's Visit to Osteen Church Not for PR

5/10/2010 2:29 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Joel Osteen's right-hand man tells TMZ Dr. Conrad Murray was indeed invited to come to Osteen's church yesterday "to pray and worship," and met with Osteen privately before the service.

Dr. Conrad Murray
TMZ first reported Osteen invited Murray to the service.  Someone from Osteen's media relations department told us it was a PR stunt, but the guy who runs the PR department says that's not true.

Donald Iloff, Jr., the Chief of Strategic Operations for Osteen (and Osteen's brother-in-law), tells TMZ, "Dr. Murray did call the church to speak with Osteen a while back but Osteen was not available.  Osteen's rep then invited Dr. Murray to yesterday's service."  So, Dr. Murray truly was invited.
Iloff says Murray met privately with Joel and Victoria before the service.  We do not know what they talked about.

After the meeting, Iloff says Dr. Murray attended the service.  "He was really engaged in the worship service," Iloff says.


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1623 days ago


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1623 days ago


Today at 1:35pm
"Greetings MJ Fans....
While visiting him a few days ago at Forest Lawn , Riley and I couldn't help but notice that , while there are a few bouquets , candles and gifts there is a very large empty space around him and in front of him that could use a whole lot more.
While , I am sure that the staff at The Holy Terrace do their very best to place what is sent and what is placed at the door at his tomb , I thought you might like to know that he would want and deserves more than what is there and I had an idea.......
Some may or may not know this but his favorite flower was the Sunflower.
They made him happy because they looked happy to him , thus, he called them "The Happy Flower".
When we were married , I would try and fill up rooms with them wherever he was.
I wanted to bring something to place near him that he liked and that wouldn't die so I brought a large vase of silk sunflowers and placed them near him.
This barely made any kind of dent in the atmosphere so I thought of maybe letting those who care know what the situation is and how we can solve it.
I know how much he loved and appreciated being showered with Gifts and flowers by his fans , I thought if whoever wants to bought just one silk sunflower each and sent it , the whole area around him and in front of him (As well as the two large empty vases that sit on either side of him) could be filled up in no time , which would be much more appropriate than what the current status is right now.
We can all cause a "Sun shower" if you will...........
He deserves to be flooded and surrounded , LETS SURROUND HIM!
Lots of Love,~LMP"

There are two Forest Lawns in LA which is confusing,
Below is the correct address to send them to:

The Holy Terrace At Forest Lawn1712 South Glendale AvenueGlendale Calif, 91205

1623 days ago


-#200: All I can say is...WOW--thanks so much for that great article, Alice! It's just chock full of amazing insights. One thing I take an exception to is the point about AEG, who did NOT believe in Michael, they only wanted to suck him dry. These vampires--Randy Phillips, his cousin Tohme, and Anschutz along with Barrack of Colony Capital are the ones who set these tragedy in motion which ended in Murray landing the final blow.
This article, if written by a reporter shows how good a job these murderers have covered up the truth...even the press is not aware of their dirty deeds...
No Peace till Justice!

1621 days ago


JLa I was just saying to myself that MJ's fans are doing a very good job by ignoring the 3 idiots who keep posting nonsense about MJ, but then you took them on. IGNORE the fools, they have not neither do they intend to do anything positive with their lives other than try to besmirch MJ's name. The fools dont realize they cant do him anything at this stage. He had gone on to another realm and will keep moving on into other spheres of righteousness because there was obviously GOOD karma surrounding him, that is why he was so compassionate. Maybe Trish, Antwone and fan can go apply to Lakewood kindergarden school or join the Quasimodo and his Walrus fan club, maybe there they will tech you to read and write and better yet THINK like human beings do

1621 days ago
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