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Joel Osteen -- Dr. Murray Invited Himself

5/10/2010 11:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Joel Osteen's people are ticked ... saying they didn't invite Dr. Conrad Murray to Osteen's service yesterday -- Dr. Murray invited himself.

Joel Osteen
According to sources connected with Dr. Murray ... TMZ first reported Osteen personally invited Dr. Murray and even gave him a secret code to enter Osteen's Houston church. 

But Osteen's rep tells TMZ they were approached by Dr. Murray's people who said the doctor was in need of prayer and Osteen agreed to pray with him. 

One of Osteen's reps griped to TMZ, "It seems like this was more of a PR move than seeking actual prayer."

UPDATE: A rep for Murray says the good doctor attended the service "at his own free will." Murray, in a statement to TMZ, said, "I was grateful for the blessings, prayer and words of encouragement I felt during services.  It was a spiritual moment for me, personally ... I sincerely express my thanks and gratitude and will continue to remain strong in my faith."


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OMG!!! Does Joel Osteen look exactly like Martin Short or what?!!!

1572 days ago


I wonder why Tellit has such a desperate need to insult Michael and his fans? He has a very strange obsession with Michael Jackson, and he makes some of the most ridiculous comments, comments that reek of jealously and resentment. Makes me wonder who he is.

Michael Jackson fans are not all the same, just like any large group of people are not all the same, there are good and bad and all kinds in any large group. Stop labeling people and sounding so ignorant. Comparing all MJ fans with people who have killed thousands of innocent people is utterly ridiculous. I actually had a laugh out of that one! Although I don't see that post on here anymore.

On the other hand, you can't blame MJ fans for being frustrated and outraged. Sometimes you have to take matters into your own hands, when you know what is right and justice is nowhere to be found. We're talking years of injustice, lies, jealousy, hate, and it continues on even after his death.

I just don't want to be blinded by hate for Dr.Murray and not see all of the other matters that need to be addressed and questions that need to be answered. If we focus solely on Dr. Murray, then the rest may go unanswered. I personally believe that is just what some people are hoping for.

1572 days ago


Man, that dude Joel Osteen is weird!!

1572 days ago


well the church that murray may see in jail will not compare to osteens house!!!!murray better do some praying that his house of god will be in his cell away from the general population!!!! rip mj- we love you!!!sue from tampa

1572 days ago


Dr. Conrad Murray first should admit in court that he killed Michael Jackson,then surrender his soul to Jesus-Christ,then resign as a doctor,then go to jail,then the day he gets released from jail he should publicly say I am sorry to all Michael Jackson fans and to Michael Jackson's family.

1572 days ago


maria-82, that would be the right thing for murray to do, but as sad as it is it would take a real man with a heart and soul to admit to anything at this point!!! he has gone way overboard with his i am innocent act!!!i pray everyday for justice for michael and for people just to remember he was a human being with a heart and soul!!!mj is truly missed by many! sue from tampa

1572 days ago


To Marie#86

Amen! I agree with you 100%

1572 days ago


Who invited whom or who attended which services is of one's most personal relationship with God. First TMZ should not have reported on anyone going to any church service, 2nd Mr. Olsteen's people should not have had any comment. If he needed to worship and pray and be nearer to our heavenly Father and he felt that was the place to do it then it was what God was placing on his heart. I personally watch Mr. Olsteen and am shocked he would even allow a comment from his people on anyone's attendance invited or not. That is NOT how God tells us to love our brethen I believe Olsteen's rep should have had no comment as any person's personal walk with God is not open for public display..Shame on Olsteen's Rep.

1572 days ago


Murray's PR Firm is working hard to get that charlatan off but it won’t work. Murray going to church is funny. I thought he liked hanging out in bars with strippers. Nice try Dr. Death.

1572 days ago


I can honestly say that the majority of everyone commenting here are disrespectful. First of all, Lakewood is my church, and I know it like the palm of my hand. It's big enough for everyone no matter what they've done in their past. It's never too late to repent of our past mistakes. Second of all, there's no "secret code" or some **** in relevance to. The pastors have their own private parking and private entrance since most people these days, including most of you here, are obviously stupid enough to insult someone that hasn't done any harm to you, including Joel. SO STFU before you speak. Murray had all the right and liberty to walk into Lakewood.

1571 days ago


Alright fans i know you are as upset as I am that Dr Quack killed Mj and now pulling out all kinds of stunts but as Steve suggested Wait on God. If there is a God out there and he is fair and just then he will bring all things to fruition and justice will prevail. Just look at the evidence presented to us that idiot waited almost an hour or more before he called 911 knowing full well that MJ died from lack of oxygen, then the fool stopped CPR to hide evidence, then he pretended that he was accompanying MJ in the ambulance out of concerned but disappeared after the medics could not revive Michael. Whether or not MJ wanted propofol to over medicate him was WRONG, not to have the proper resuscitating equipment was WRONG to disappear from a crime scene was WRONG, yet for some magical reason he was not arrested? Come on!!! MJ gave his all, people used and abused him, constantly hurt him everytime he tried to do more good, but the law of giving and receiving is now being manifested, guess what MJ is now receiving GLOBAL L.O.V.E. albeit posthumously for all the giving he did. Haters no matter how many smear campaigns you conduct, you run to and fro spewing your venom on a daily basis you will NEVER be able to quench that love for the nicest and most handsome person to walk this planet, even formers haters are now die hard fans and that flame will never be quench. No matter how many of the smutty British tabloids and the American tabloids like TMZ who hate MJ for no apparent reason because it has been proven time and again that he was INNOCENT of any wrong doing. The only thing he did wrong was to tried to be kind to those creeps who tried to steal his money through lies. The love for him is resonating from one corner of the earth to the other, NOW that is the law of giving and receiving at work. Love you most Michael my dearest

1571 days ago


By the way guys I know you are extremely at the stunts Murray is pulling, but guess what Osteen preaches forgiveness and the ability to learn from past mistakes. If the creep desires to enter Lakewood church, based on the christian principles of the church he has a right to do so and to receive prayer for to turn him away would be going against the principles of the church, but he could have gone without having to call Osteen and have all that publicity. So whereas i think Joel was genuine Murray never ceases to amaze me by the lows he will resort to save his skine. He is learning well from Klein.

1571 days ago


Sure... MJ enjoyed giving money &
gifts to Evan Chandler & Jordan.
He saw the father's resentment,
but MJ partied with Jordan & avoided a trial in '94.
It didn't hurt MJ, you say.
MJ didn't welcome the infamous Sneddon,
the corrupt court system & lawyers?
The religious & infantile fantasy
was exposed when he described
Gavin Arviso as a god-like innocent kid who needed
as much attention he could want from MJ
Trusting Bashir & saying "share our bed"
& holding the boy's hand didn't help.
His religious belief was more important than
learning from news about the vicious
courts, laws & twisted FBI.

1571 days ago


Mike, OK I found some links for you pertaining to info regarding Chris Mentillo, Ph.D. AKA Doc Mentillo and his company Chris Mentillo Productions - record label Got Money records go to he is also mentioned in a couple of wikiwak sites at and wikipedia at Hope this helps. David

1571 days ago


Mike it was also reported that Dr. Murray also went for pray with friend Dr. Mentillo, beter known as Chris Mentillo, Ph.D., AKA Doc Mentillo. Chris Mentillo is also known in the entertainment industry as an Actor, best-selling writer, award-winning screenwriter, movie producer, radio talk show host, and founder of record label, Got Money Records, and Chris Mentillo Productions.

1571 days ago
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