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Joel Osteen -- Dr. Murray Invited Himself

5/10/2010 11:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Joel Osteen's people are ticked ... saying they didn't invite Dr. Conrad Murray to Osteen's service yesterday -- Dr. Murray invited himself.

Joel Osteen
According to sources connected with Dr. Murray ... TMZ first reported Osteen personally invited Dr. Murray and even gave him a secret code to enter Osteen's Houston church. 

But Osteen's rep tells TMZ they were approached by Dr. Murray's people who said the doctor was in need of prayer and Osteen agreed to pray with him. 

One of Osteen's reps griped to TMZ, "It seems like this was more of a PR move than seeking actual prayer."

UPDATE: A rep for Murray says the good doctor attended the service "at his own free will." Murray, in a statement to TMZ, said, "I was grateful for the blessings, prayer and words of encouragement I felt during services.  It was a spiritual moment for me, personally ... I sincerely express my thanks and gratitude and will continue to remain strong in my faith."


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47. 41. Posted at 8:14 AM on May 10, 2010 by Tellit

So you are say that a man of God who preaches to thousands of people to put their trust in the Lord will lie to avoid bad press or angered fans?
Posted at 8:31 AM on May 10, 2010 by Barb.A.

Not at all. I never said that Osteen issued the comment or for that matter was even aware of it. All things PR in a camp the magnitude of Osteens are handled by those designated people, not Osteen.
Osteen isn't responsible for some spokesperson down in the lower echelons who early today felt for some reason to put out the comment that there was no Osteen invite. Since that comment an Osteen right-hand spokesperson John IIoff Jr. (head of PR) has once again set the invitation issue on solid ground. Osteen did extend an invitation to Conrad Murray.
Evidently later this AM the issue was brought to someone in the know, and the issue was handled accordingly.
It's not a good idea Barb A. to misinterpret, inject into/insinuate, or try to twist a comment in order to serve/achieve your needs to establish your desired viewpoint or to discredit a particular person/viewpoint that you may have a certain dislike for.
It seems your attempt to do so in this case hasn't proven effective.

1635 days ago


Wow Murray knew this make the news. He has a right to go to church like everybody else but I think he doing it to look like he has alot of supporters. I really hope justice is served. I dont think he murdered MJ but he didnt monitor him the way he should have. He was crazy to ever do this in MJ home or anywhere else for sleep . He was wrong. I bet its going to be a riot at the court house.

1635 days ago


It's true that MJ bad some very bad choices (out of ignorance) i may add. But he did so with a pure heart. In depth research by persons who were initially seeking to defame MJ even more than they had done already proved that in most cases, MJ was out of the country when they chose to blame him for stuff. Those people were in his home but he was not there in a lot of the cases that is why the FBI knew all along that he was innocent. I think that if MJ had the right type of people around him to advise him better then he would not have made as many mistakes as he did. I love him dearly but i think he was way too kind and got betrayed and hurt at every angle. I think MJ should have gotten help but i think that within recent times he was betrayed so many times that he hardly trusted any one anymore. He couldnt risk confiding in anyone anymore based on all the hurt he suffered. No wonder he could not sleep. No normal human being would have survived under that amount of pressure and yet MJ survive these attacks for all this time. I strongly believe that God is going to work everything out for good. I am just very sad that MJ never got the chance to realize just how much he was loved and had he cried out to his fans then maybe they could have offered him some kind of advice that would have been beneficial to him in some way. Maybe they might even have gotten enough info to warn him of the creeps like Klein and Pfeiffer although his "secret" girlfriend seems to indicate that MJ already knew that Klein was in on the plot to kill him and started distancing himself from him. Fans i know you are hurting I am too not a day goes by that I dont think about MJ but try not to attack Joel Osteen too quickly because i guess he had to do what the bible teaches. So whereas Murray is seeking to pull publicity stunts to drum up sympathy and thus revealing how guilty he really is, I would like to think that Osteen was operating within the confines of his pastoral duties which is to preach the gospel to all and sundry. We the fans should also brace ourselves for reality from the perspective that Justice does not always prevail, i would hate to think of that happening in this case because Dr Murderer should be in jail all like now.I know some of the bigots in the church hated MJ for the sake of hating him, starting with some of the church leaders but let us not dignify their simple brains by attacking them they are not worth it. Knowing the gentle sweet giving person MJ was I can hear him saying it doesnt matter, its alright, its OK

1635 days ago


70. 47. To HumanNature:

We are ALL SINNERS which we inherit sin from Adam and Eve!!!!!


There's nothing funny when we ALL stumble and seek out FORGIVENESS FROM GOD!!!!!


Have a nice day!

Posted at 9:26 AM on May 10, 2010 by NeverMind

You are taking my statement way out of context!!!!

Are you scared to post my full statement????

People all over the world that believe in GOD and knowingly done something wrong will seek out spiritural healing and guidance but NOT YOU!!!!

Now, that's a FACT!!!!

It's important to know that everyone has some dominant defect that they struggle with. And for many of us, it's more than just one thing!

You should actively seek two things to help you:


Many people use Confession as a chance to get informal direction from the priest. That's good, and most priests will be happy to help out.


I do not write for you, DOG!!!!

Have a ****ED UP DAY!!!!

1635 days ago



Kinda early ain't it HN?

Oh whatever, here ya go gurl....

Posted at 8:13 AM on May 10, 2010 by MiMi

Read more:

Oh Mimi, love that video and song. "I'll be there" has always been a favorite of mine and every since he passed that song has created a special place in my heart. Still have a hard time watching him sing this song. Don't know why but it makes me very emotional. I guess because it tells the truth of him. How he would always be there for others

RIP MJ. you are truly missed and will never be forgotten

1635 days ago


Wow I had no idea attending a church service required an personal invitation... what a joke on both sides.

1634 days ago


56. who is making statements on behalf on murray.he can afford a press agent?

Posted at 9:00 AM on May 10, 2010 by nan

Your comment is funny. Well, I guess the same people that pays for his legal fees, will pay for his press agent. Oh, don't forget to watch the Idol, Nan. I know you are A BIG FAN. LOL.

1634 days ago

anne bont    


1634 days ago

anne bont    

To "Oh well" bad number 99

I don't agree with you on Michoool.BUT I laughed for once because it makes me remind of tongue twisters I learnt for my english lessons.And I particularly loved this one (the true one of course)
i.e. How much wood would a woodchuck chuck if a woodchuck could chuck would?
In french: 1)"les chaussettes de l'archiduchesse sont elles sèches? Archisèches!"
2)"Un chasseur sachant chasser doit savoir chasser sans son chien"
I have improved a lot my English slang since I discovered TMZ... unfortunately because of Michael's passing.
I Still think of you MJ.

1634 days ago



Posted at 2:52 PM on May 11, 2010 by anne bont

Open wide "Oh Smell"/ALF, anne bout is going to feed you now.

1634 days ago


99. How Many Wackos Can A Wacko Wack If A Wacko Could Wack Wackos

Posted at 7:26 PM on May 10, 2010 by OhWell

*Only Wack off's like you can answer that, SICK you Wack job.

1634 days ago


A man who calls himself a cardiologist and engages in the following actions, then says he has nothing to apologize for, isn't seeking forgiveness.. so yes it is a PR stunt.

1. Failed to call 911 for 73 minutes or more, after he discoveres his patient in in cardiac arrest. Help was less than 10 minutes away.

2. Fails to place the patient on a hard surface when giving him CPR, until a paramedica assistant tells him to do this.

3. Makes at least three other phone calls during or after giving the patient insufficient CPR.

4. Administered a drugt to the patient that could stop the patients heart but failed to have medical equipment on hand to restart the patients heart.

5. Attempts to blame the patient for overdosing when the coroner stated a medical professional adminstered the fatal heart stopping drug.

6. States he did nothing wrong and has no reason to apologize to the patients family.

7. Failed to sign the patients death certificate.

Patient had no needle marks on his upper body a month before he was found dead in Dr. Murrays care.

I guess I could go on but why bother. This man has no conscious.

Its a PR stunt but its also more material for Murray to use when he writes his book that I'm sure will demonize the man he murdered.

Murray knows a dead man can't tell what happened to his body when he was overdosed and murdered. Michael Jackson was a good man.

In my opinion Murray isn't a man at all and certainly is a pathetic excuse for a doctor.

1633 days ago


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1632 days ago



The two of them are FREAKS!!!

1632 days ago
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