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LeBron James

Free Lap Dances for Life,

If ...

5/11/2010 1:10 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

0511_lebron_scores_SN_GettyLeBron James just got the sweetest offer in the history of mankind to move from Cleveland to the New York Knicks -- a lifetime of free stripper action.

The Cleveland Cavaliers star -- who will become a free agent after this season -- is getting million-dollar offers from several franchises to make the switch to their team ... but if LeBron inks a deal with the Knicks, New York's premiere strip club Scores says it'll give the basketball star:

- A free lifetime of lap dances
- A "LeBron James Day" when all the strippers will wear his jersey
- And free food for life at the strip club's very own steakhouse

Good luck competing with that Utah! 

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I don't think Savannah will allow or like that. You know, he has a girlfriend, the mother of his 2 kids...

1589 days ago


The world must be coming to an end I actually agree with electriczipper....THE LAKERS DON"T NEED HIM!

1589 days ago

Big Mamma Cornbread    


1589 days ago


that is one ugly dude!

1589 days ago


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1589 days ago


What in the world Lebron going 2 NYC? Have you seen there franchise latley yeah did not think so its down the drain around the corner in the ocean this retarted franchise is not getting LBJ you wanna know why? Because he wants 2 go somewhere where he can win right now not in the next 160...0 decades now! And besides I'm so sick and tired of the Knicks sorry ass excuse of saying ohhh we the most famous Arena ever and it has history and who would not want 2 play here man **** that so who cares he can visit when he play against them 2 times a year when he comes to play for my Miami Heat!!! Why is he playing for the Heat? Easy because we have talent we have a great city with grrrrreat fans [[And we don't have rats like NYC lol]] But anyway we already know D.Wade a'int going no where so we Heat are not worrying about that NYC has alot of players on there roster that are going to be free agents this summer and if they was going to sin Lebron [[Not Ever Happening!]] they can afford the players they had before and you will have like a 9 player roster cause you spent so much money on 1 player yoy could of got 4,5 players the money he would be making. And another reason he not going to New york is that just because NYC have a big media and the have LBJ favorite team [[New York Yankees]] Don't mean o.k he's automatically going th the Knicks the Yankees don't play for the Knicks the play For them and be honest are the really paying attention to LBJ? And the other reason he not playing for the Knicks if anybody watc him play against the knicks on espn earlier in the year the media ask him what type of team you want to be on he simply said a team that can and will contend rght away we does not want to be on a team that's not really good and he said in NYC clearly not playing for the Knicks they history sucks and he is playing for Miami baby he have that guy name Dwyane Wade who's staying in town Chris Bosh is arriving along with Chris Paul for Miacheal Beasley and tell me "Knicks fans and really think about it why would LBJ go on a team like the Knicks who don't play Defense? Why would LBJ go on a team that David Lee is not going to be on? Why would LBJ go on the Kicks if he's not on a contending team like the Knicks? Why would LBJ just go 2 NYC for those nasty dtripping ass hoes when he has a beatiful loving wife and two kids at home just why? And also why would LBJ go on a team that he would the ony star i'dont care if the can afford 2 max contracts you only can get 2 player they go be the only 1's wanting 2 play every night offense and defense the rest of the team uhuh not them the last thing LBJ needs is a team not willing 2 play defense and check this out my Miami Heat was the 1st best defensive team in points per game and 2nd in oppents field goal percentage that will attract LBJ to Miami and the Kicks were like next to last in defensive to the other team that really think they getting LBJ too I'll give you a clue Jay-z is part owner...... you guessed itthe Nets not even a shot so do me a favor don't put that nasty stipper **** on here anymore there are little children on here 2 and thats very disrespectful to them and also you will see LBJ in a Heat uniform nnumber 6 so Knicks fans you better settle for trying to get Joe Johnson and Carlis Boozer and you just might not get them cause i think boozer might end up in OKC or Amare in OKC and i think Joe Johnson might end up in Chicago you know what I'ma stop here before i be allday i said what was on my mind and just live with Knicks and Nets fans NO LBJ IN NYC OR NEW JERSEY NOT HAPPENING NOT ENOUGH TALENT IN NYC AND THE NETS HAVE TALENT BUT THEY DON'T HAVE PRIDE AND BESIDES THEY SUCK LIKE **** IN THE DUMP HE COMING TO MY HOME TOWN MIAMI BABY!!!!!!!! LET'S GO HEAT LET'S HEAT!!!!! LBJ HERE HE COME!!!!!!!! [[B]]Y [[T]]HE [[W]]AY MIAMI HEAT 2010 2011 NBA CHAMPS IN THE MAKING!!! ANY QUESTIONS? IM OUT. WAIT WAIT WAIT.......IM OUT LIKE THIS KNICKS YOU SUCK KNICKS YOU SUCK IT'S GONNAS BE SO FUNNY WHEN THE KNICKS AND NETS FANS THINK THEY GETTING LBJ THEY ARE GONNA HAVE EGGS ON THERE FACE TIME 2 HAHAHAHAHAHAHA NOW IM DONE.....FOREAL THIS TME BYE!!!!.

1589 days ago


yea SCORES!! Stepping it up for NYC!! Damn i miss SCORES when i lived in NYC

1588 days ago


Anyone else think this is a great public relations move?

It creates awareness and re-awareness, gets people talking, gives the club an image of being funny, outgoing as well as caring for the city they are located in. At the same time, very little downside. The people who bash them probably wouldnt go their anyways.

1588 days ago


Yet again NY shows how classy they are! LBJ is TOO classy and TOO good of a bball player to play for that sucky team. He will stay in CLE...There is just no way he'll end up in NYC...the knicks are awful, selfish players...

1587 days ago


lebron james is SUCKS

1587 days ago


LEBRON JAMES SUCKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

1587 days ago

Canadian Rockstar    

Hey, if he stays in Cleveland, maybe he can get a lifetime's supply of Cleveland Steamboats!

1584 days ago

King James    

So do y'all actually think he'll end up in New York? Check out this fan pole Where do you think Lebron will end up playing? Vote here

1532 days ago


Tiger Woods must be green with envy and jealousy...hah hah hah

See what is happening, the world is judging all athletes by Tiger

Woods revolting standards. Not everyone is a selfish bastard like

Woods. Some athletes actaully have morals and principles, not

that Tiger Woods knows what these words mean.

1532 days ago


Nice Utah joke. Utah isn't in the running for LeBron. How about, "Good luck competing with that Derrick Rose." Now I'll explain it to you: Derrick Rose plays for Chicago (that's the bulls). Chicago has been wooing LeBron. So, Derrick Rose could be said to be competing against the Knicks for LeBron. See, Derrick Rose is a person and it's funny because he's a dude and so is LeBron. LeBron likes women. Utah or any other team for that matter, could probably handle providing some lap dances. Lap dances aren't that difficult to come by even in Utah. Also, if you use what I wrote, you sound like you know something about sports. Neat, huh?

1532 days ago
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