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Rachel Uchitel on TMZ Live: I Feel Guilty

5/16/2010 4:47 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Rachel Uchitel was on TMZ Live today -- talking about David Boreanaz ... and her new life as the most famous mistress on the planet.

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Rachel says if she were married to one of the guys who had an affair, she'd divorce him.


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homewrecker !!!!!!!!!!!!!

1632 days ago


Sadly, I worked with those bimbo Bloomberg girls when I was trading. Basically, Bloomberg girls barely can use the product (Bloomberg software) and don't really understand the whole financial industry. Bloomberg girls are always hot(90% of traders are multimillionaire men/married and not/affairs and not) and a bit smarter than than the regular bimbo hot girl. They are looking to up their lifestyle with a Trader$$$. This is the way they get ahead in life. Yuchytell has seamlessly transferred her $$ hunting ways for rich men outside finance. Did she address the lawsuit from her "Fiance's" parents that Yuchy was actually not an actual fiance but was just hunting down his $$$ from 9-11 settlements?

1632 days ago


Who knows how many married men she's been with? I highly doubt that it's only been 2 guys. She is disgraceful. And ugly, inside and out. Why does every picture of her show her w/ big ole huge pouty lips? That is not attractive. And she looks very old, get out of the sun you dumbas$

1632 days ago

For Real???    

I had smidgen of respect for her when she kept her mouth shut!! Now she is just like the rest of the skanks and famous for nothings!!

1632 days ago


you know, she doesn't sound all that bad and she is giving true answers I think. I hope she does have a good life and turns all this around to have positive decisions and not undercut herself.

Still don't think you should take money to keep quiet though. just a though.

1632 days ago


Has she ever dated a single guy?

1632 days ago


tmz please do not give her any more attention than she craves. i'd rather read about you dissing her hard while she chases you around like a two bit whore that she is.

1632 days ago


She is just disgusting to look at and listen to. Of course tmz staffer is embarrassed to be associated with her? What decent guy would want to be associated with her?

1632 days ago


what married celebrity marriage are you going to break up next?

1632 days ago


This woman is a complete idiot! She is bringing attention to herself from an affair, way to air your laundry, trash! TMZ PLEASE
CC these comments to this moron

1632 days ago


Dear God... does anyone care what she has to say???
Wake us when she does Playboy/Hustler/Swank.

1632 days ago


Why is she bathing in the limelight now? She wants stardom and now she will always be seen in a negative light. Any one that touches her is going to have a lot to deal with.

1632 days ago


She has a douchey, smug energy about her. Clearly she's a total social-climber who thinks quite highly of herself... tedious and what a voice (as nails-on-a-chalkboard as Fran Drescher's).

1632 days ago


Extortion - a different way to go about it as compared w/David Letterman? What caused Rachel hired Gloria Allred to do a legal extortion? Rachel - professional "blow smoke up our asses?"

1632 days ago


Mike & Harvey,
PLEASE ask her why she is talking out of "2 sides of her mouth".
She's making NO sense. Taking very little to no responsibility for what's happened

1632 days ago
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