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Actress Claims Polanski Sexually Abused Her

5/14/2010 3:14 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

A woman has come forward claiming Roman Polanski abused her over 25 years ago -- when she was 16 years old ... 4 years after Polanski fled the U.S.


Charlotte Lewis -- who co-starred with Eddie Murphy in "The Golden Child" -- was front and center at a Gloria Allred news conference that ended a few minutes ago ... claiming she has now told authorities her story.

TMZ has learned Lewis and Allred met with L.A. County Deputy D.A. David Walgren late yesterday and made the allegations.  A spokesperson from the D.A.'s Office would not say if Lewis' claims will be used for the extradition or sentencing case involving Polanski.

The law of consent in France is 15, but Allred says it's irrelevant.

UPDATE: Polanski's legal team tells TMZ: "We don't have any information about statements made at a Gloria Allred press conference today, but we do know that our District Attorney continues to refuse to provide the Swiss government with accurate and complete information relevant to the extradition issue."


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Roman is an evil man. He brutally raped a 13 year old. He gave her drugs and sodomized her. He needs to go to prison for a very long time.

1622 days ago


Liar. She's looking to sell her book. I don't believe that tart one bit. We need to find out what was she doing in Paris at 16, and with who? B!tch probably went there to party.

1622 days ago


If she's saying it was in the U.S. she's obviously a stupid liar. If it was in France it doesn't matter since she would have been over the age of consent. Sorry, Allred, but it's not irrelevant. It's the law. Something someone who's an attorney (even a stupid one) should know. But, hey, I guess she thinks extortion is okay so what do you expect from such a low-life?

1622 days ago


I think it should be a crime to have sex Gloria Allred... I guess you could always plead insanity though.

1622 days ago


I believe her. Unfort...Gloria Allred is such a piece of SH*T, that she loses all credibility. GO AWAY ALLRED!

1622 days ago


Whether she is lying or not, she got the wrong lawyer. People will be automatically suspicious of her thanks to her shady representation.

1622 days ago


Does anyone else get disgusted with Gloria Allred? I don't think there is a bigger media whore in the world than her right now.

1622 days ago


OMG does anyone remember her besides me? She was a H-wood IT girls for a year or so, was in an Eddie Murphy movie too--when he was hot--and even dated him for a while.

1622 days ago


Jump on the bandwagon ladies, cash in

These women and their lies are doing wonders for the real victims of rape,Thanks Gloria

1622 days ago


This is the USA not France...what relevence does this accusation have with the |US legal system...\I say none... also age of consent wasn't violtaed under \French law...and if there were extenuating criminal cir***stances then this presser should have taken place in France with a French attorney... but we all know that would have been laughed off the Arc de Triumph... Allred is truly could the LA DA take her seriously, let alone law enforcement...LAPD has their hands full with their own crime.

1622 days ago


Not allred Too. Can you guys Just stop giving the media whore anymore press..PLeaseeeeeeeee.. Enoughhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh alreadyyyyyyyyyyyyyy

1622 days ago

yeah ok    

Gloria Allhead is such a leech! Can't stand her anymore. Her daughter Lisa Bloom is following in her foot steps. FAME WHORES!
Also think Harvey and her are in some strange homosexual fan club together.

1622 days ago


Stupid stupid woman. He wasn't anywhere near her at the time she states! I am SO WEARY of these predatory women who either want to sell a book or get a substantial payday from the male celeb. I am not supporting this man. I am just tired of the lies from these women and that positively horribly extortionist attorney. Gloria is pressing forward to be the worst attorney ever. She's into fraud and extortion and this PROVES IT.

1622 days ago


she should settle for a million at least...doesnt mattter what the age of consent is in france..if she says no it means no

1622 days ago


I do not believe that the age of consent in France (15 years) is irrelevant if the alleged sexual encounter occured in France.
Gloria Allred must have a huge hat... She just keeps pulling them out...

1622 days ago
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