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Lindsay Lohan -- Everything's Ducky

5/16/2010 11:04 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

If you hear Lindsay Lohan tell it, everything couldn't be going better -- she says she's making up traffic school like crazy ...  even though she's been in New York and now she's on her way to Cannes.

As TMZ first reported, Lohan has completed nine traffic school classes out of the required 13. Her DUI progress report hearing is Thursday and she's in France.

Lohan, who is clearly living in the world of denial,  says she needs a few more weeks to fully complete her traffic school obligations.

The judge has made it clear -- Thursday is D-day, and if she is in violation of probation LiLo is going to jail.  And, if Lindsay is shy of 13 on Thursday, the judge will almost certainly issue a warrant for her arrest if she doesn't show up for court.


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@ John:

Do you have an I.Q? Where did I suggest that Lohan does not have a problem with drugs and alcohol? Where did I suggest that she should not be held accountable for her actions? In fact, I condemned her behavior.

I am far from the only one here who has questioned whether or not there is an agenda behind TMZ's constant reporting of this story. You clearly skimmed my response and rushed to make a snappy reply without remotely digesting or addressing the content of my message. It is laughable that you are questioning my intellect, when the best retort you can muster is a bush league insult.

1620 days ago


Thank you, SantaFeJack. It's refreshing to interact with someone who can respond with civility. Even if you had disagreed with my opinion, you have enough character to discuss issues without personalizing things.

I had almost written a similar observation about TMZ's reporting on Lohan earlier in the week, but couldn't be bothered posting. Here we have another article belaboring the same point. I am not defending Lohan's behavior in the least; I have no vested interest in the outcome of her case. I just don't like the tone of TMZ's coverage in this instance. My original remarks had less to do with Lohan, and are more of a commentary on TMZ's slanted reporting.

1620 days ago


Good for her. Amazingly talented and gorgeous. I wish the best for her.

1620 days ago

Rumor Rat    

The Best part of the interview is at about 2:10 in... that's when Lindsay slams TMZ.

-The Big Chees

1620 days ago

Dr. Cornelia J. Dogbarker PhD    

How is this horrible person NOT going to jail. You know damn good and well that if it was you or me, we'd be not only on our way to jail, but our jobs and family life and finances would all be totally screwed up. Hmmmm, kinda like hers already are. But she's still on the streets, able to harm other people.... That's the thing.

1620 days ago


I would just like to say that some people should stay out of the limelight. She did not do well in the spotlight and she should try and stay out of it and get herself right! She is only making herself look bad and she does not need any help in that area. She needs to get some help, relax and care about herself for a while!

1620 days ago


Lindsay is in compliance because the deadline for her probation is July NOT May as TMZ insist on saying. I only ask you look at the TMZ videos, Lindsay had her probation extended by one year. At the last hearing in which Judge Revel said Lindsay was doing well, she cut that year short and said she expected Lindsay to complete the program by July. THAT is why Lindsay said completion would take only 2 1/2 weeks. She is well within the timescale.

I want to know why TMZ continually these FACTS which can be verified in their own videos. Just because TMZ want to tell lies doesn't mean reasonable people want to hear them. Lindsay will not be going to jail and no matter how often you say it TMZ, that won't make it happen.

1620 days ago

Good riddance!    

It's going to be so cool to see this hag in handcuffs again! Let the stupid ho think that entitlement means she is above the law! She is her own biggest enemy and will always create problems for herself. I only hope TMZ gets good shots of her in handcuffs!

1620 days ago


Seems rather appropriate that she's doing a movie about Linda Lovelace considering her next career will be in porn. But hell even drug/alcohol addicted porn actresses show up for work. She can't even get out of bed most days it seems. I wonder how many dead pools she tops....

1620 days ago


I can't wait until the 20th! There's going to be sooo many pissed off Lindsay haters here when she walks out of court. Prepare yourselves... i wouldn't want any of you to stroke out over the good news. /sarcasm :)

1620 days ago




1620 days ago


This biotch is delusional if she thinks she is going to ever be looked as an actress again.

1620 days ago


To HOEZAY : So you are upset because ppl are commenting on what a loser Linds is !? Here's the thing , if you had read most of the comments you would realize why ppl are upset . Most ppl in America are strugling with the economy or just with their own personal issues . And than we go on TMZ and see this girl who has everything going for her and is destroying her life bit by bit . I can't speak for everyone else here , but I know that it not only upsets me but makes me sad . I have a family member that is a drug addict , and let me tell you he is not living the high life . He lives under govenment assistance and he is not going on trips over seas .

1620 days ago

just a thought...    

SO WHAT if they put her in jail?

Celebrities (and faux celebs) only serve a fraction of the time sentenced anyway because of "overcrowding!"

Nicole Ritchie served what, 30 minutes? Same with that drunken wife of Hasselhoff. Same with others I can't remember now but remember reading how most of them only serve like 5 to 80 minutes or so. The worst is a few weeks at the most. Big deal.

That's why this loser doesn't give two shi!ts about the threat of jail. She'll only be locked up for 10 minutes anyway.

1620 days ago


Her manager is delusional. Lindsay is insane.

1620 days ago
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