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George Clooney's Dog Day Afternoon

5/17/2010 10:15 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

While in Hawaii this weekend, George Clooney posed for pics with two of his biggest fans ... Duane "Dog" Chapman and his lovely wife Beth.


Someone's definitely going to update their main Facebook pic.


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Troy :)    

All the people calling them white trash and coming from a trailer park trash,are you mad because you havent left the park yet,dont judge on what you hear,You have to talk to someone before you can judge them,Dog and beth seem like great people love their family and do alot of good,and if you cant handle other people doing good then god help you if you need someone some day,

1618 days ago

Brandy Lott    

Meet the Chapmans they are very nice classy people ... I think its crazy how so many people judge, and go out of there way to be rude and make ugly comments you must be really unhappy in your own life... They have plenty of fans who love them :)

1618 days ago


I can not believe I am reading these crap comments. If you don't like the Chapmans that is your choice..but you don't have to post hateful & disrespectful comments about them. So a person made some mistakes in his life oh well get over it! He has taken his second chance and done something positive with it. That is more than you can say for most people! He offers his fugitives a second chance as well! Anyway just wanted to say whatever your thoughts are if it is not something you would want said about you then keep it to yourself!

1618 days ago



1618 days ago


I think ppl need to stop and take a looooong look at themselves before judging others. You don't see the Chapmans talking trash do you? Nope, just you. So who is the trash? lol. Just sayin'. ;) Susan W

Read more:

1618 days ago


The Chapmans are a mess..why would Clooney do this? Makes him look cheap and tacky..their fans need to wise the hell up! I think it is funny how their sons tell everyone of their few fans to come over here and defend their Dad! pathetic for them and the fans who do this..I guess they need all the help they can get defending themselves..

1618 days ago


"When you judge another, you do not define them, you define yourself"- Wayne Dyer

1618 days ago


And when you follow trash like sheep you look like a fool...there is a quote for ya!

1618 days ago


Dog and Beth are awesome! all u haters r just jealous because dog and Beth turned there lives around for the good and they probably arrested u are one of Ur relatives!

1618 days ago


Please! They are white trash with criminal records and lawsuits out their asses! They are not the saints you think they just believe what they tell you. I can assure you they have not arrested me or any of my family..but one of these days they might be doing some time when all their lies catch up to go back to Twitter and listen to some more of their would not know or believe the truth about them if it hit you in the face. They are nothing but a bunch of users who want your money..

1618 days ago


i've always been told if you can't say anything nice don't say it at all. Why mention something that Dog did in the past that is where it should stay at least now he doing something good now. I have been a loyal fan of Dog and his family and i will continue to support them.And no i am not a racist.

1618 days ago


Dog is a wrinkled up old racist crack smoking hillbilly. He ****ed his own daughter and she went public. His wife is a fat cow.

1618 days ago


I know many dislike DOG but he has done his time and was given a second chance by society and A&E for what has happened in his recent past . His Loyal fans have given him a second chance and understand that there those that don't like him out there. However , we don't take kindly to name calling and we don't stoop to lowering ourselves to that level. When you do that you only reveal how jealous you are of the fact that he is successful at what he does . DOG and Beth Chapman do good things for their community and their family helps them in their efforts every day ---THE CHAPMAN FAMILY ROCKS!!

1618 days ago


Helen, you go, woman! Take a chaw of tabaccy, roll up the sleeves on yur flannel shirt, kick the dog and have at these bad-mouthers. Dog and Beth and that re-posesser couple that's like Dog's/Beth's clones (but fatter) would probly be happy to have you defind 'em. Their's jus two much negativitity on TMZ, write?

1618 days ago


Okay, let's get real now. If you have absolutely nothing in your past to be ashamed of please talk your trash. Until then if you have nothing nice to say shut the hell up. At least he was man enough to step up, admit he was wrong, and do something to make a change. What do you have to say for yourself? Please grow the hell up!

1618 days ago
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