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TMZ Live: Uchitel in Playboy, LiLo & Juan-Carlos

5/17/2010 3:15 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

We took your questions on everything -- including Rachel Uchitel in Playboy, Food Network chef Juan-Carlos Cruz charged with attempted murder, and Lindsay Lohan pushing her luck in Cannes.


Plus: Charlie Sheen's "Two and a Half Men" negotiations ... and Conrad Murray's in-flight rescue mission!


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Why didn't Rachel Uchitel talk about doing Playboy with you guys when you interviewed her. She must of known about doing Playboy at that time.

1617 days ago


Re: Lindsay & Jail: Boo-hoo...another "celebrity jail time"? She'll prolly do one week a la Paris Hilton.

1617 days ago


Harvey, the entire episode of 60 minutes is available online.

1617 days ago


Re: Lindsay & Jail: Boo-hoo...another "celebrity jail time"? She'll prolly do one week a la Paris Hilton.

1617 days ago


Isn't it funny that BP screwed this up but that Obama gave them an award just a few months ago for this particular rig being an example of safety!!!

1617 days ago


YOU'VE GOT TO GET MIKE OFF TMZ LIVE. Enough already. It's like nails on a chalk board. He has NO IDEA what he is talking about.

1617 days ago


I watched 60 minutes and felt the same way you do. Very riveting. I was wondering what happened to the female, Andrea, he said was on the rig with him before he jumped. I'd like to know if she made it too.

1617 days ago


Here's my question. Why do you TMZ keep giving that nasty whore Rachel Uchitel attention? Let that C*nt get a real job! If I ever ran into her I would throw a cup off piss all over her stupid ugly ass face... Please people leave rude comments about this trashy skank like you would Lindsay Lohan :)

1617 days ago


That’s right TMZ vouch for Murray. That’s what you’re being paid to do but were are his mug shots?

1617 days ago


whats lisa marie preselys relationship with mj? why does she feel the need to have flowers in front of his cemetery ?

1617 days ago


@#11: Lisa Marie Presley was married to MJ years ago.

1617 days ago


Listen Harvey, I have listened to you guys on TMZ live for months now and I just have to register and log in a comment:

Props for bringing up the current events! Talking about last night's 60 minutes is -- like the scalia book, the AZ legislation, the other current events -- perhaps the ULTIMATE elegant subterfuge (tho i know you don't mean it deceptively)!


I'm a 49-year-old print and online journalist whose portfolio mixes consumer celeb assignments (working on some celeb diet blurb for OK! right now) with investigative and business projects (including extensive stuff on Profiling during the late '90s). I love listening to you guys (which I discovered while mourning off-the-wall-era MJ last summer) because I can get fun news that's also real news.

I love how you interact with the younger staffers (schooling them in Annie Lenox and tweakin' their vocabs!), because I can tell that you're a lot like the movers and shakers I've met working for years w/in the Surf Industry (hell--you're surrounded by them in SoCal!)--from the apparel companies to the skateboarders-turned-directors to the innovative shapers). YOu cross generational lines while facilitating necessary give and take.

And now the elegant subterfuge: Having taught (reporting to) college students, I recognize how well you're doing online (and b'cast) what great the best pop-culture mags have always done: Bury the serious investigative piece inside the issue w/the attention-getting celebrity cover. Except, you're so much better, because it's a personal conversation.

The way you interweave current policy issues and events along with historical precedent into discussion of breaking news issues is brilliant. This is the direction of the future. I'm not sure what it means, but it means something!! I'd be glad to brainstorm for you (for free) if you ever consider fine-tuning this elegant maneuver. (my dossier's at

Meanwhile, you are my role model. Freely admitted to the InterWeb Gods and Lurkers alike!

1617 days ago


Do you think that the Chief Engineer that was interviewed on 60 minutes was left behind on purpose? He spoke to the captain about seeing the lifeboats that had left and was frantic. Then he sees an inflatable lift raft lowered by a crane and didn't make it on that either. Do you think he knew too much and was purposely left behind. The rowboat that picked him up couldn't have been from BP or Trans Ocean or he would have been detained like the others. Your thoughts?

1617 days ago


What the F??? Have you guys been hired by Rachel to do damage control on her reputation? I've never seen anything like this...OH WAIT. You are all male and after all, we aren't discussing a male who would approach YOUR wife to cheat on YOU. Why are you continually making up excuses for this awful woman who clearly has made snagging married celeb men for a living? It's endless from Harvey, Mike and now Jason. I think she's very good at what she does and she knows how to work it when interviewed at TMZ. You are all clearly smitten.

1617 days ago


Why are you so fascinated with Rachel when your readers all are so pissed at her.

1617 days ago
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