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Mr. Olympia -- Nice Arms, Dude

5/23/2010 4:05 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Former human Mr. Olympia Jay Cutler shows off what he willingly did to his body at some muscle event in the UK Friday.



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personally i dont like modern bodybuilder look. classics like frank zane had a much better shape. but in the end, who cares, humans are parasites and you can all get fuct.

1541 days ago


He's got the worst looking legs. They're a terrible shape.

1516 days ago


Considering that the rest of the page is full of articles on Linday Lohan , I supose we can take all of these highly intelligent comments at face value !! There is not one of you commenting on Jay that wouldn't give both of your nuts to look like and be as successful as he is, but there will be people on every issue on the web that think they know it all. just remember to please write intelligent comments. Kust my 2 cents ....use it ....don't use it !!

1502 days ago


Come on...stop the hate. If you don't like body building just don't watch it. Can you imagine if we were all the same with the same opinions and hobbies, how much fun could that be. To help out those who think only steroids make you look like this above ( because they can't). Steroids will only make you fat if you don't put in the hours and no, you don't have to have them unless your natural testosterone is low or very low. No, we don't workout 10 hours a day, 365. Generally its 3 or 4 hours at a time, 3-5 times a week. You need many hours of heal time when working out with very heavy weights. Where the huge muscles come from is diet. A bodybuilders diet will be between 6 and 12 meals a day, depending on goals. Very high in protein. Jay for example, depending on time of year, eats about 8 meals a day with as much as 8 lbs of protein in a day. You can't build the muscles without the meat and supplements, steroids or not. The working out is the easy part, the diet takes a very strong person with incredible willpower to maintain year after year. If its not for you just find what is and watch or participate in that. By the way, if your body is not producing enough testosterone you should see a doctor just like you do when you are not producing enough insulin or thyroid etc. Hormones should be balanced in your body, athlete or not. To do so is to slow down the process of your death or at the very least to maintain a better quality of life. I probably don't like what you do either, but I'm glad you do it because I don't want everyone to be like me....peace

1498 days ago


Strong hate in this thread. All of you pathetic slobs of fat and skin putting down people who are jacked and shredded. Put down the cookies and ice cream and lift some weights.

1497 days ago
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