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Mr. Olympia -- Nice Arms, Dude

5/23/2010 4:05 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Former human Mr. Olympia Jay Cutler shows off what he willingly did to his body at some muscle event in the UK Friday.



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@Torcio. yet you are the one that sounds like his whining. The guys looks like a muscle nightmare. Just because most people don't want to look like a science experiment gone wrong doesn't mean they are lazy, and just because you look like freak doesn't mean you are on steroids. But, I'm sure he's dabbled.

1611 days ago


Well it's made him a millionaire and enjoying life and you're suck on TMZ being bitter, how sad.

1611 days ago


He looks deformed. How short is he? About 5'4"? Very unattractive!

1611 days ago


I am against steroid use but by no means is Jay Cutler lazy! I also do not believe he is OCD because bodybuilding is his job and thats what makes him money. The idea of professional bodybuilding is to be the biggest freak on stage and that is his accomplishment. Guys on steroids may actually work harder than natural lifters because it gives you the mindset to keep pushing. I guarantee you that he doesn't workout 6,7, or 8 hours a day. He may do splits but he is probably not in the gym more than an hour and a half to two hours. A good do***entary to watch would be "Bigger, Faster, Stronger" because the guy doing the do***entary actually interviewed Jay and he does not deny using Steroids. In that sport you have to be the biggest and best and there are pretty much no rules. The long term effects of abusing steroids is whats scary. Not only does your liver suffer but just about every organ takes a hit. You can not get that big naturally no matter what anyone says but just like a great sports player, he is the best at his and is admired for his hardwork.

1611 days ago


it's not about being the biggest, he's said that, he's been beaten by smaller guys, it's about making each muscle perfect with symmetry, you know.

1611 days ago


I agree with you Torico and thank you for correcting me. It really isn't about being just the biggest but perfect symmetry is the key! He can have the biggest upper body in the world and have chicken legs and that setup will get him no where. Jay was not the biggest on stage but he had the best symmetry and conditioning and that is why he took the Sandow back.

1611 days ago


Yes! well said.

1611 days ago

Steve in Orlando    

Jay is actually the current Mr. Olympia after regaining the title this year. He has worked hard everyday for many years to build his physique. This takes a lot of sacrifice and dedication to complete. So, make all the steroid comments and jokes you want; and then get on with your pathetic lives while sitting on your asses you cows.

1611 days ago


I would say 99% of women thinks this man looks disgusting. He is on roids... physically impossible to look this way without them.

1611 days ago


Anyone else here old enough to remember the Baby Huey comics? I instantly thought of Baby Hue when I saw this guy. He looks seriously ugly.

1611 days ago


Now that is just UGLY!

1611 days ago


Great add for CVS drugs. Muscle in a bottle. Get a job loser.

1611 days ago

Cheryl A.    

Yep, I too am a woman who thinks he looks terrible. Not even cute. let alone hot.
My first thought when I saw this picture was "UGH"

1611 days ago


Scary and so NOT hot.

1611 days ago


You people debating whether its roids or not are funny. LOL. Buy a clue, NO ONE gets that big without some assistance. It's just not possible. If it looks like a duck, walks like a duck, guess what? It's a duck!

1611 days ago
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