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Mr. Olympia -- Nice Arms, Dude

5/23/2010 4:05 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Former human Mr. Olympia Jay Cutler shows off what he willingly did to his body at some muscle event in the UK Friday.



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hey, santa. i bet youre fat and ugly, right?


and ****

they a bunch of inter-dweeb-homos, too.

1592 days ago


All that meat and no potatos.

1592 days ago


Wow, the ignorance that bliss this very comment section is beyond me. Number four, you do realize that muscle does not turn to fat, correct? Number two, you are aware that any testicular issues can be addressed with HCG and not always people loose size of their testes. Number nine, if you seriously believe Jay Cutler is not using performance enhancing drugs you're out of your mind.

I shall address the rest of the mindless masses after brunch

1592 days ago


Jay is one of the nicest people you will ever meet.
Staying after set hours to finish signing autographs because the line is so long. The man has put a lot of hard work and effort into the physical and business aspect of bodybuilding, which seldom few accomplish. He is living the life he wants to live and is reaping the rewards of it.

1592 days ago


Uh... soooo... I was wondering, with biceps that big, how does he reach his *ss to wipe?

1592 days ago


He is the current Mr. Olympia, not former, he won a couple in a row, lost, then won last years, and all you lazy ass not weight lifters, it's mor Human Growth than steroids this day and age

1592 days ago


One word -- gross.

1592 days ago



what the hell is he talking about.

bet you eat meat.

1592 days ago


Nice arms you say? Are u serious? Yuck, gross, way too big. Less is more in this case.

1592 days ago


It's Samwise Gamgee on PEDs.

1592 days ago


I for one, am a unabashed fan of Jay Cutler. I admit, he probably dabbeled in steriods at one time, or may currently be using them, but he's still a supreme athlete IMO.

Steriods alone are not going to give you muscles of that size and strength. Jay has an indefatigible work ethic, and is very dedicated to his craft. That is why he is the best.

I've watched some of his videos on YouTube, and he lives the lifestyle of a bodybuilder year round. He consistently diets, works out hard all the time, and is always taking steps towards preparing for his next competition. The guy loves the sport of bodybuilding, through and through. I'm happy to see his efforts rewarded to the extent that they are.

Good luck defending your Sandow Jay. I'll be rooting for you!

1592 days ago


I have no doubts about his dedication...and I am glad he does it for some good of those reasons can't possibly be to "get the girl" because, I don't know many girls that would find that even remotely attractive! Sorry Dude.

1592 days ago


how in the hell can anyone think they look good like this? It is hideous and makes you look like you should be in the frakshow at the circus

1592 days ago

Josi Verlingieri    

I was going to say the word steroids comes to mine but everyone else best me to it. I don't see a person, I see a steroid robot.

1592 days ago


his head does not fit his body.
i would hate to see him in about 10yrs. it's going to be a site to see.
maybe he will join the freak show somewhere.
his next show will be with Barnum & Bailey Circus.

1592 days ago
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