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TMZ Live: LiLo, Simon Monjack & Bret Michaels

5/24/2010 2:00 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

We took your questions on everything -- including Lindsay Lohan's SCRAM bracelet, Brittany Murphy's husband found dead, and Bret Michaels winning "Celebrity Apprentice."


Plus: Tiger Woods' divorce negotiations ... and does the golfer really have a new mystery blonde?


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Harvey I thought you were 100% sure that Lindsay was going to jail!

1611 days ago


Don't you need signed permission to use people's faces on camera?

1611 days ago


Oh my god lindsay is such a tramp. I heard she did coke all weekend??

1611 days ago


Could Jesse's wife really get the kids? I think even with the affair he should atleast still be able to take care of them.

1611 days ago

Deadly Silencer    

Harvey, how do you go back and forth between TMZ and People's Court?

1611 days ago


Is it legal to shoot reindeer in norway? I think it is?

inquiring minds would like to know.

1611 days ago

angry reader    

How much of the past week or so of Bret Michaels's illnesses and medical challenges were Donald Trump-ian hype for Celebrity Apprentice vs Lost and NBA playoffs?

1611 days ago


I heard simon was jacked up vicodin and oramorph. I am pretty sure there was valium too

1611 days ago


Well, it's finally over and I'm frankly exhausted. What a ride. Now we just sit back and wait for the obvious..the failed test or the SCRAM blaring at some station at 4:00 a.m. I'm giving her two weeks, ONLY because I'm her biggest critic, and kind of feel a need to throw Morticia Addams a bone every now and again. Plus with Dina-Saur staying with her, I'm sure Dina locked up all the REALLY good drugs and booze in a vault somewhere so (a) more for the Dina-Saur, and (b) she's gotta protect that investment. When Morticia blows it, she's got to move all her eggs over to the Ali basket, which I'm still convinced is either Dina's grandmother in drag, or some 60-year-old "little person" actor named Gladys who Dina hired to play the part of another semi-talented daughter with a thick Long Island accent. I'm sure they gather together around the dining room table at night, playing Canasta, and warning her, "Look, Grand-Nana (or Gladys), you can take the makeup off for NOW, but if the Paps come knocking, throw a scarf on your head, launch into your high-pitched annoying voice, and belt out a tune! And preferably, no more of that Christmas crap. If not, no rum in your prune juice tonight! With Linds in the pokey, you're our only shot at a daytime talk show! And by the way, a breath mint and a come to Jesus meeting with a pair of tweezers wouldn't kill ya', you know."

1611 days ago


Do you think Randy Jackson knows that forest lawn would not let fans into the mosaleum but just said he would let fans in to try and win over MJ fans.... since he is such a publicity whore..

1611 days ago

fuk tmz    

start the dam show

1611 days ago


how are we going to stop the oil pumping out in the gulf...could we use lindsey to plug the hole??

1611 days ago


you seriously think shes going to stay clean even with all the judge just put on her? i think not! im sure she knows exactly when her "random" tests are. so we all know that in between them shes up to snuff... i mean stuff.

1611 days ago

Celebrities Suck    

you morons are asking so many questions about Lindsey like she's relevant....

Harvey any news on Simon Monjack?

1611 days ago


do you think that lindsay may have learned some tricks about the scram...between now and the last time she was bedazzled with it? doesn'y she hang with andy ****...sometimes?

1611 days ago
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