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'American Idol' -- Nerves Frayed During Rehearsal

5/25/2010 8:10 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Our spies at the "American Idol" rehearsal today say Crystal Bowersox was so nervous she forgot the words to the song she'll release if she wins tomorrow night.  And Lee DeWyze got ticked off after he got hit with a violin bow.

'American Idol
Both Crystal and Lee will each sing 3 songs.  The first song is their choice, the second was chosen by Simon Fuller and the third song is the one that will be released by the winner.

Crystal chose "Me and Bobby McGee" for her first song.  Fuller had her sing "Black Velvet."  As for the song she'll release ... it's called "Up to the Mountain." Crystal stopped dead in her tracks in the middle of the song and started over.

As for Lee, he chose, "The Boxer," and Fuller selected "Everybody Hurts." As for the song he'll release if he wins ... it's called, "Beautiful Day." 

As Lee finished "Beautiful Day," a violinist accidentally hit him in the body with his bow.  Lee was upset and walked off the stage .... even before the pretend judges could weigh in.

Should be interesting.


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what a beautiful day     

LEE all the way baby. Crystal needs to go back to Ohio and WASH THAT NASTY HAIR. She also needs to go to the DENTIST and get herself some TEETH.

1549 days ago


SO SAD. THE state of the music industry. neither of these contestents brings anything new to the table. bowersox turns everything into a janis joplin kareoke and the other guy is so forgettable that ive forgotten his name!

so sad.

1549 days ago


I am not a huge fan of either, but prefer Crystal slightly more than Lee. I recently saw a video on the net of Crystal at 13 yrs. old singing an original song at a fair, and was so impressed with her. She was so professional and composed and sounded wonderful, couldn't believe she was only 13!
Btw, her teeth looked the same at 13, I think it probably has something to do with her diabetes. She's a pretty hard core diabetic and think teeth problems are common with diabetes.

1549 days ago


Talk about being completely off base! Crystal was hardly nervous, it's called rehearsal!

1549 days ago


These have to be two of the ugliest final contestants in Idol I have ever seen. One looks like she hasn't bathed in 5 years and the other one just looks greasy.

1549 days ago


Does taht girl ever wash her hair?

1549 days ago


Oh I'm excited to watch this later at Foxtel. I hope Lee wins!

1549 days ago


This is bull****. crystal didnt start over. and lee didnt even walk off the stage. i watched the show 3 hours ago. NONE of this happened. get your stories straight stupid mother ****ers.

1549 days ago


If you hate the show so much, why in the world are you watching it!!! If you have nothing good to say, then SHUT UP!!! I just want to know why the background music is so LOUD tonite!!!! The musicians are NOT in competition with the singers!!! let us just hear them sing!!!!
Crystal outdid herself tonite and she is the one that deserves to win!!!! But I do like Lee as well, but she is definitely the BETTER singer!!!!

1549 days ago

LeeAnn McLain    

Lee has been great the whole season. He is so sweet and humble. He has always respected the judges. He is very marketable. He can sing any type of song. Crystal has one style. Janis Joplin. A yeller. She is good, but Lee has more talent. He can sound great singing country, rock, the blues, jaz, you name it, he can sing it. When given some time, I bet he can write his own music.

1549 days ago

Pornosec Prole    

Please forgive American Idol for this year's token trailer park version. It will get back to flaming gay and fat black biased contestants and winners next year.

1549 days ago

eff you idiots who didnt watch the draft and dont know the whole story    

Both deserve to win but if SHE wins i say it is fixed as you said for the song she WILL release. and for HIM you said the song he will realeas IF he wins. hmm

1549 days ago


Chrystals nrs are not working.What the hell.

1549 days ago

lisa (this is 100% real my cousin just won $50 please sign up!!!!)

1549 days ago


Diana @ 1:45pm, what are you, 12? Or incredibly dumb/shallow?

1549 days ago
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