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MJ Mausoleum -- Fans No Longer Welcome

5/30/2010 10:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

The cemetery where Michael Jackson is entombed is launching a new crackdown on fans -- actively removing people hanging out in front of MJ's mausoleum.

According to sources at Forest Lawn Cemetery in Glendale, security has been informed that MJ fans are no longer permitted to gather on the patio of MJ's mausoleum. Those who loiter will be asked to leave.

It's unclear why Forest Lawn is making the move -- especially because fans have been visiting the burial site regularly since MJ moved in last year.

And now -- with the one-year anniversary of Michael's death fast approaching -- the Justice4MJ fan group is concerned about their plans to gather at the mausoleum on June 25.

A rep for the group tells us they hope Forest Lawn will "take into consideration" the hundreds of fans traveling from all over the world to pay their respects.


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Good. I'm sorry, but I'm glad FL, the Jackson family, the Gable family, and whoever else is behind this is cracking down. Michael's burial site should not turn into a circus (either for him or for others buried inside that mausoleum), and that's what it will become if people are constantly allowed to linger around. It's one thing to come by and say a little prayer if you are in the area, but it's quite another to spend your life hanging around outside, leaving stuffed teddy bears and candles by the door, etc. Perhaps some kind of a memorial can be built elsewhere - somewhere where it would be more fitting for fans to hang around. But this is a cemetery, not the gates of Neverland or Hayvenhurst. Michael gave the fans all of himself for 40 years. And he left them a great gift that will never die - his music.

If fans want to gather and pay their respects (at a respectable distance) for the one year anniversary, I see nothing wrong with that. But after that imo, it's time to let Michael and the others there rest in peace. It's over. Michael is not going to rise out of the tomb like Lazarus and break into "Beat It" one day. Leave it to those who actually knew the man - as a son, brother, father, husband, uncle, and friend - to go and sit by him when they feel the need. But for those who didn't really know him, appreciate the music, leave him in peace, and let him have some dignity in death.

1605 days ago


So I am looking forward to seeing pictures of Con Murray being asked to leave.
His PR team won´t publish them though. They prefer the ones where he sits trying to look "pensive." He is not too good at it.

I don´t like that Michael has to be there all alone. I think he would have wanted his fans there. They have always been there for him.

1605 days ago

Princess Jackson    

I know why. It's because Karen Faye got the ball rolling by inviting fans in so they could take pics. Like he is an exhibit.

Thank God I was lucky enough to visit AT THE DOORS in October, 2010. I love you more, Michael.

1605 days ago


katherine picked this place for michael. i think some of the brothers wanted a more public place like vegas.
wait and see what happens in the future when his mother isnt making the decisions anymore
Posted at 7:31 AM on May 30, 2010 by nan
No doubt, nan. It was pretty obvious there was disagreement about where to put him. As I understand it, three people in particular put their foot down -- Katherine, La Toya, and Taj (Michael's nephew) very much wanted him in a more private place and NOT at Neverland. They got their way. When Katherine passes one day, who knows what will happen. Hopefully La Toya, Taj, and others in the family will continue to stick to their guns on that issue.

I've said it before, but I have to say it again. I still can't, for the life of me, understand why Michael never stipulated in his will where he wanted to be laid to rest. Yes, I know he told Bashir he wanted to live forever, but Michael wasn't stupid. He knew that the question of where to put him, should it ever come to that, would be a pretty important issue due to his fame. I'm surprised he laid that kind of pressure on his family - unless this was his way of punishing them (lol)! I'm particularly surprised that he would risk leaving that kind of decision to his children - depending on when he died, they may have been forced to make it. If only he'd been specific, then at least everyone would know that whereever he was, it was his wish. I personally think the family made the best decision by putting him where they did.

1605 days ago


GOOD! Let the man rest in PEACE!

1605 days ago


A better title would have been "fans told to Beat It"


1605 days ago


Perhaps if the fans were more respectful of the grounds this wouldn't have happened. Vandalism via graffiti and leaving trash all over the grounds is not appropriate behavior for a cemetery.

1605 days ago


Sorry Forest Lawn it won't work...

1605 days ago


I don't see how they can stop people from coming. I am planning on going Friday (coming in from NJ.. visiting LA), so they won't let me "in"? Or is it only groups of people who stay there for long periods of time? I will really upset if I am not able to go!

1605 days ago


I think it's a good move on FL's part. From the pics I have seen floating around FB and here the fans leave trash all over and from their messages about their visits there seems to be a "party" atmosphere. I have seen their visits called a celebration of Michael's life, but it's not, it's obnoxious. It's a cemetery, not a carnival. If they had treated the building as a mausoleum instead of a midway maybe FL would not be taking such drastic measures. And think about it - if YOUR loved one was buried there, and you wanted to go pay your respects but had to wade through a crowd of noisy, boisterous fans, wouldn't YOU want something done about it?? Yeah, I thought so.

1605 days ago


Strange: in May Liza Maria Presley complained that Michael's tomb has not enough flowers. But... if M.J's fans so badly there are admitted, whence there will be a sea of flowers. Strange and another. Michael loved the fans, and here a family not so. Though memory and... flowing money keeps on them and goes from them - fans.

1605 days ago



1605 days ago


It's memorial day tomorrow. All cemetries will have alot of visitors bringing flowers to their loved ones and family why should this one be any different? It's the busiest day of the year at the cemetries. Michael had more fans than anyone ever. This cemetry is not going to be able to accomidate his family, friends, and fans. His family and estate will need to make other arrangements in the future, or the fans are going to have to forget him and quit loving him. I dont think that's likely to happen. Now thanks to all the fan support the estate has alot of money so the estate needs to consult the family about making other arrangements that won't bother others and they can make their own rules about who, what, when others can visit.

1605 days ago

Andréia Lima    

Pouco me importa o que vão fazer lá rsrsrs... MIKE não está lá mesmo kkkkkkkkkkkkk...


1605 days ago


Tabloids around the world try to tell/cell us, how/where Michael J. Jackson was. We know better, don`t we?
It`s all about money, nothing about the truth.
One day there will be a big surprise for all of you dear writers of tabloid junk.

1605 days ago
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