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Ted Koppel's Son Found Dead

6/1/2010 10:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Ted Koppel's son Andrew has died -- reportedly after a drinking binge in NYC.

The 40-year-old was found unconscious and not breathing in an apartment in Washington Heights early Tuesday morning -- and he was pronounced dead on the scene.

According to the Post, Koppel had been drinking all day with Russell Wimberly, a 32-year old waiter he'd just met.

The two ended up at the apartment of one of Wimberly's friends, where he says he told Koppel to sleep it off.

Wimberly and friend Belinda Caban later discovered Andrew wasn't breathing and called 911.

Andrew was Ted's only son.


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Do I smell gayness afoot here?

1603 days ago


Very Sad... RIP

1603 days ago


I had a friend who struggled with alcoholism for years. She lost everything, her family, her children. She jumped from job to job so they wouldn't catch on to her drinking. She was drinking rubbing alcohol and listerine, anything with alcohol in it.

She just couldn't get sober, she went to AA off and on, and just didn't get it.

Last year I sat in the hospital room with her because nobody else cared, she burned alot of bridges during her drinking days. I sat with her while she was in a coma from a alcohol overdose, she never recovered and life support was eventually pulled and she passed away.

It's so rare for someone to die from an alcohol overdose, but I've personally witnessed it and unfortunately this is probably what happened to Koppel. It's rare but it does happen.....My sympathies to the family and friends of this sad !

1603 days ago


Sad. Just curious, but does "only son" equate to "only child"? Meaning, are there daughters not mentioned?

1603 days ago


Andrea, Deirdre, and Tara... yes he has daughters.

1603 days ago


Yes he has one daughter that I know of she is a reporter.

1603 days ago


My condolences. Sorry for your loss. Personally, I never drank until my dad passed away - I was 45 when I had my first shot of whiskey. 8 years later I'm still having that shot. Barbie's essay will now make me think twice tonight before I touch that bottle. Thank you.

1603 days ago


Very very sad.

My condolences to his family.

1603 days ago


Maybe if Ted had spent some quality time with his son when he was a kid instead of chaseing the next BIG STORY..his son would be alive and well..not saying this loser son had any excuse but one never knows.Maybe Ted went to the Marie Osmond school of parenting..another one bites the dust..NEXT

1603 days ago

Dee Dee    

Tragic story. But one thing stood out. He was a lawyer for the NY Housing Authority. That immediately tells me, he sold his soul to the Devil. Imagine the misery he cause for poor people being evicted from their homes in NYC. The Devil came to collect his pay.
Be wary of the work you choose in life, and being a lawyer is one of those career choices that almost requires relinquishing your humanity.

1603 days ago


As an earlier poster stated, 'it is rare for someone to die of an alcohol overdose'. We have built-in mechanisms like passing out, vomiting and diarrhea to get rid of the alcohol. That does not mean that heavy binge drinking is safe, however. If you put 100 people in a room to detox from drugs and another 100 people in a room to detox from alcohol, and you come back in 48 hours, you will have 100 detoxed drug addicts, but you will have some dead alcoholics among those who detoxed successfully. We died from detoxing from alcohol. I go to AA and do everything else asked of me to stay away from alcohol because I never want to detox from it again. It is the worst experience I ever had, and it frequently goes on and on and on.

1603 days ago


This sounds weird. Going on a drinking binge like that is what happens in college when you are dumb and haven't had a lot of experience with alcohol. I'm in my 30s and can't imagine drinking enough to get alcohol poisoning and die. Something else is going on here.

Regardless of what happened it is a tragedy and I feel so sorry for Ted and his family.

1603 days ago


Ted and Grace Anne have four children: Andrea (a journalist), Deirdre, Andrew, and Tara.

1603 days ago


He fought the Bottle -- and the Bottle won.

1603 days ago


Strange ah

1603 days ago
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