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She's Pippi Longstocking!

6/2/2010 8:00 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Tami Erin starred in "The New Adventures of Pippi Longstocking" back in 1988.



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id never have guesed someone like that can be so beautiful today

1570 days ago


What people don't understand that say she looks great on her website is....she is heavily photoshopped in those pictures! This is the real pipi, without being photoshopped, much, she looks old. All the other pictures have her wrinkles removed and skin smoothed out, as a photoshop editor myself, I know their tricks, she does look 10-15 years older than her true age, sad.

1570 days ago


She would have been 14 in 1988, and that adds up exactly with her birthdate and how old she looks in the photo of her as Pippi. I don't think she's lying about her age, in other photos she does look 35 and not older as she looks in the bikini photos.

1570 days ago


She can't be 35 yrs old. I mean do the math. For instance the movie came out in 1988 I was born in 1981. So that meant she would have been 7 when she made this movie. Clearly she isn't a 7 yr old in this movie. She is seriously lying about her age. She isn't 35 and I don't care what wiki or her website says. I hate when 'celebs' lie about their ages. If your over 40 then your over 40 nothing wrong w/ that.

1570 days ago


No way she is 35- maybe 55!

1570 days ago


I just watched her interviews on her website and she's involved with alot of charities. She seems like a really sweet girl.

There's too many jealous haters in the world :) That's one photo on TMZ which is not clear and grainy. Don't you have something better to do than be mean to someone you've never met.

Plus in her photos with her dog she looks 25 not 35.

1570 days ago


19. I guessed right but only because there were only two 14 year old redheads from my youth: Pippi Longstocking and Kimmy FULL HOUSE Gibler.

By the way, I loved that Pippi Longstocking **** as a kid. try watching it NOW as an adult though! Ugh. What an obnoxious kid that Pippi was! Try watching that movie with a hangover. I dare you!

Posted at 10:25 AM on Jun 3, 2010 by mamamiasweetpeaches


I had no clue who she was. The only red head I could think of was Molly Ringwald. By the way, this woman looks great in every way. Much better than all the women that Hollywood considers to be such great beauties (who are not) such as Cameron Diaz, Megan Fox, Gweneth Paltrow, Julia Roberts, Uma Thurman, Kate Hudson, Jennifer Aniston, all those young women who were on the cover of Vanity Fair that are the new faces of Hollywood, geez I could go on and on....

1570 days ago


I remember when they made Pipi Longstocking here in Mayport and Fernandina beach. The special effects crew was set up in our warehouse loading bay. They would create props and then transport them to the shoot location. Word got around that she was one difficult, nasty mouthed kid. Pipi was pure fiction in more ways than one.

1570 days ago


NO WAY!! I USED TO LOVE THAT SHOW! She HAS to be older than 35!

1570 days ago


This is all wrong. Pippi from the 70's is in her 50's not Tami Erin of the Columbia Pictures movie.

You're thinking it's Inger Nilsen and it's not that's Tami Erin and she's beautiful.

"Pippi Longstocking is coming into you're town" I love the movie soundtrack!!! It's in my head ;)

1570 days ago


I LOVE PIPPI!!!!! It's just a bad pic people. I'm sure you've had a bad pic of you taken...

1570 days ago


TMZ, are you sure that's the actress from that movie? The person in the photo is definitely much older than 35 years old.

1570 days ago


Some of you people are obviously morons and cant realize that she was part of the "new" pipi longstocking series/movie. There was the original pipi longstocking shows/movies back in the 70s. That actress is here and was born in 1959 and would be about 51 or so today.

This Erin girl was the "new" pipi made in the late 80's and was born in 1974 thus 35-36yrs old.

1570 days ago


She looks good on her site, but on this pic she looks much older.

1570 days ago


she isn't 35. i was watching pippi longstocking when i was a child, um some 30+ years ago.

1570 days ago
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