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Gary Coleman Will -- 'Look Each Other in the Eyes'

6/8/2010 4:40 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

TMZ has obtained a copy of Gary Coleman's 1999 will, and it has an ominous directive in terms of disposing of Gary's body.

Gary Coleman

According to the will, Gary wants his body cremated and wants his personal representative to "plan a wake for me conducted by those who have had no financial ties to me and can look each other in the eyes and say they really cared personally for Gary Coleman.

Gary bequeaths "my entire estate to the Trustee of the Millennium Edge Trust."  He is not more specific.

Gary's former manager, Dion Mial (who filed the papers) claims Shannon Price, Gary's ex-wife, "has been removing personal property from [Gary's] home which has not been inventoried or accounted for."

Mial is asking the judge to immediately appoint him special administrator of Gary's estate so he can give the mortuary a directive to cremate the body.


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4. I'm trying to come up with 3 people who make me more nauseated than this woman, and after "Hilter", I'm drawing a blank.

Posted at 12:25 PM on Jun 8, 2010 by Victoria

HMMMM............. I dunno- maybe you could add... OBAMA!!!!!!!!!!!

1596 days ago



1596 days ago


Gary's adoptive parents should take care of his remains....I know that they were many disagreements in the past including fraud but they were the ones who adopted the poor Gary, don't forget that he was never healthy. Do you think that they could afford to pay for Gary's medical expenses if Gary was not working as a child? reality is that treatment for all his illnesses was expensive.

Shanon the gold digger of the year, you will burn in hell with all your family. I hope that when you die the world will see a pic of you too when you are dead.

1596 days ago


Why doesn't lightening come down and strike this stupid B*TCH!!!! Just when you think you've heard the lowest thing she could possible come up with!! Sick Sick Skank!!!

1596 days ago


When Shannon and her rep Sheilia are done, there won't be anything left in Gary's home. Somebody better change the locks at once.

1596 days ago


Not only is his name spelled wrong in the second part, it's spelled "Goleman" with a "G" in the beginning. Pretty sloppy will typed by someone else.

1596 days ago


I thought there was a second will from 2007 that voided this one from 1999. Where is that one?

1596 days ago

My two cents ;)    

RIP Gary you were wise beyond your years! The world should learn about fore sight from you. It is awful that you passed and it was sad how people treated you.

Shannon Satan's Daughter go back to hell I'm sure ur dad has room there for you...

1596 days ago


That stipulation about those who didn't have financial gain or can look in each others eyes will make his wake vertually empty. Everyone he knew wanted a piece of him when he was alive. Sad that even in death, he will be all alone.

1596 days ago

Fran Reno    

That bitch of an x-wife of his should be put in a holding cell somewhere. She by her own 911 call testimony did nothing to help Gary while he lay on the floor in a pool of blood in pain. It's as good as manslaughter in my book. She is removing stuff from the house? Very much a gold-digger. Hmm, maybe she and Jesse James can hook up.

1596 days ago


Trustee of the Millennium Edge Trust-who and what is this
also if he the admin decides the date of cremation--I hope he is having an independant autopsy before cremation-cremation would totally let her off the hook for anything in connection with his death-this is so sad

1596 days ago

Ted Allen    

Shannon, we all KNOW you pushed him.

Typo in title, I think you mean "we'll look each other in the eyes."

1596 days ago


ummmmm am i the only one who realized the will reads Gary GOLEMAN

uh ya. name spelt wrong,NULL AND VOID?

1596 days ago


I'm just trying to figure out why they were taking pictures of him in the hospital on life support???????????????????????

Just why? What's wrong with this lady and why did Gary Marry her, he could have found someone to really love him. I don't understand how she could not help him when he was bleeding but she can take pictures of him when he's dying???????????????????????????????????????????????????????????

1596 days ago

peniguel bernadette    

que ce soit son ex epouse ou ses parents, qu ils laissent gary coleman reposez en paix il a deja assez souffert dans sa vie, chacun d eux veut profiter de l argent que cela peut leur rapporter c est odieux de leur part ou est l amour dans tout ca ? (s il y en a eu un jour) et comment peut on prendre des photos d une personne mourante dans un hopital ?

mister coleman is a angel in the sky

1596 days ago
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