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Sandra Bullock -- The Scarlett Dress

6/8/2010 9:30 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

The day after she made out with Scarlett Johansson at the MTV Movie Awards, Sandra Bullock was spotted wearing a red summer dress and running errands in L.A. on Monday.

This time she was only sun kissed.


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Straight up, I wish I could get with Sandra she has a sense of humor, she kind of likes a thug, got a lot of money and I bet she can cook, just what a brother like me needs, love you Sandra...

1598 days ago


I'm just here waiting for the guys that hate rich women to come in.

1598 days ago


Love her!
Even with a broken heart she's able to brush things off and laugh at herself and her situation. Sandy has been able to rise above all the crap that's come her way, regroup and come out laughing, laughter is the best medicine.

1598 days ago


I wonder what goes through Jesse's mind each time he see his beautiful ex wife. His arm just got healed from all that patting himself on the back and now he's gonna break his leg kicking himself in the azz

1598 days ago


What?? Sandra Bullock is wearing a red dress? Wow, this is really interesting news. Are you kidding me?

1598 days ago


There is some incite on it all here

1598 days ago


I don't get some of these comments. People are quick to judge. She has class, and integrity. As for adopting a black baby, color doesn't matter. Lets be thankful it's one less child in the system.
One less child that might of been forgotten, and never adopted. He is going to have a great life. He's going to be able to make his dreams come true. Stop the negativity, isn't there enough of it already. As for keeping a man, she was out making the money, while he sits his ass, on a computer looking for trouble.

1598 days ago


Sarah very true. Its the kids I think leaving some of the above comments.
The demise of Sandy and Jesse is a heartbreaking story, then add the kids to the pot and its just all so very sad for ALL of them. As adults I am sure both of them have learned lessons as we all do after failed relationships. So dont be hypocritical people, we all go throught this stuff and make these mistakes, its part of growing up, and taking wrong roads and right roads. Just because Jesse and Sandy are in the public eye dont tar and feather them, geesh.

I agree she is attempting to be funny and make light of her situation and all the papparazi, but you can see the pain in there.
As to why Jesse would mess around with over inflated tatoo'd strippers who he KNOWS will eventually want a payout, is all in him, we wont figure it out ever. Its just the kind of woman he is attracted to.
Sandy is gorgeous, mothering, and a great gal, and I expect she was a great wife too. Jesse just couldnt get rid of his like of the "nasty gutter type girls".

1598 days ago


Obama is a Socialist is like that little poodle that barks like a big dog behind the safety of the front porch screen door. Not impressed.

1598 days ago


guess she is already tired of having a kid,,old news huh..Sandra get home and take care of your kid that you brought..damn she has big feet and no boobs..

1598 days ago


I want to say to all those who said"Never understood what Sandra saw in a trashy guy."Sandra always LOVED KIDS.Sandra always wanted to have a big family.She saw in Jesse James especially a GOOD FATHER,who himself teaches their children!Sandra believed that the tattooed biker - this PAST James,with whom he had forever parted!Sandra had hoped that the future of Jesse - is a trust,honesty and children,THIS IS A FAMILY!
Sandra loved and believed,she mistaken...This is the FAULT of Sandra's ?NOT!!! It's her MISFORTUNE!
She's weep and suffer from Jesse's betrayal but not show this...I admire her for being strong enough to save herself!

1598 days ago


Thank you Susie. For the one leaving rude comments w/ no name... Lets grow up! I realize we are entitled to an opinion. However, have you checked yourself in the mirror,lately? You're not perfect, you have made mistakes. Your comments alone make you sound as if you never opened a grammer book. The difference between these e-mails, and "Entertainment News", is that we know their lives, and for some reason their mistakes looks BIGGER then our own. So, we judge.

1598 days ago


#11 and #13 GOOD!!!

1598 days ago


Growing tired of Saint Sandy. Marriage is two-and she was gone shooting movies for 6-9 months at a whack. I am not saying any of this was her fault - just that I'm tired of the saint she has become. When on and on for months, it's a bit over the top.

I hope she does see Jesse and work this out after all. It's clear they love each other and the kids - Sunny in particular - got screwed! Cut and run never works. The next partner has their own set of probs.

As for that stupid kiss, it certainly demonstrated how bad her judgment is.

1598 days ago


Jesse James has plenty of net worth. He was very successful prior to even knowing Sandra. I'm certainly fortunate that the entire world doesn't judge my marriage and all my mistakes the way we all have his...

1598 days ago
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