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Gary Coleman -- Used Car Salesman

6/13/2010 9:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Gary Coleman may have been a great actor as a child -- but he sure grew up to be one lousy used car salesman.


In another clip from a pilot Gary shot in 2008 -- which never aired -- Gary's life coach forced him to try his hand at selling cars ... which worked out about as well as that job at the pet store.

We have no idea why this show didn't get picked up.


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Politico Pablo    

Gary looked utterly ridiculous in that cowboy hat. He was so out of his element trying to sell cars.
Like a lot of things in his life, things just didn't seem to work out for him. But he continued to endure.

1559 days ago


He's so funny! I hate his wife. I bet she killed him.

1559 days ago


WTF does this prick expect? Jerk just TOSSED him into it.. I was highly impressed w/ how much Gary just kept going & w/ having absolutely NO training.
Gary admits he hates people & I think he did awesome for training!

1559 days ago


"21. well at least now people can stop trying to belittle him by saying he had to take jobs as car saleman, security job, etc...
Posted at 11:18 AM on Jun 13, 2010 by Black"

No, Gary's job as a security guard was real. He actually sought out and received training for that gig. It is something he apparently wanted to do and so he did it. Gary also worked in at least two hobby shops which specialize in trains.

1559 days ago


That manager is a complete A-HOLE. I felt so bad for gary, and shame on you TMZ for posting such a humiliating video. I hope the manager gets his arss kicked! Let us know the name of the shop so we can all promise not to go there!

1559 days ago


The only thing crazy about this video is the owner/manager. How could you let a new employee with no experience sink like this? What a jerk to make someone figure it all out on their own, and then ridicule them on camera. The manager should have actually trained him, and let him take parts of sales bit by bit. The owner looks like a jerk...I wouldn't buy a car from him. Also, just leave the poor guy alone. The public can be so wonder he was bitter.

1559 days ago


Why do you have to keep humiliating him? He's dead. Let him rest in peace and stop airing pieces of this show.

1559 days ago


I doubt that his ex had anything to do with his death.
1. I don't she's smart enough
2. Why kill your only means of support?
3. This guy was a walking time bomb healthwise
It's just to bad Gary was surrounded by vultures all his life.

1559 days ago


Is that Ben Roethlisberger???

1559 days ago

Gsharon 710    

TMZ....Stop this crap.Even though there is no shame here, you knew it would start for and against chat. Instead of accepting old clips you could be trying to find out if Gary Coleman's death was due to an accidental fall.

You have given Gary his print, now go drag up something on Shannon since she is alive and answer and explain.

This is the same ()_(( that made Gary so angry. He did what he could to try and save his marriage. Suppose you print something good about him.

Anymore of this unimportant))))_+(*)_*(_* and You are invited to join Shannon, her family, The Utah Police, Hospital employees, Globe Magazine, The Photographer, no good civil rights liars and all Shannon supporters in a suggested trip.

Now leave Gary alone!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

1559 days ago


It makes me sick that Harvey thinks its so wrong to laugh at a joke about oily birds but thinks its fine make fun of Gary Coleman who has passed away. I hate to tell you but Gary made a lot more people happy then the few sea creatures that have been caught in the oil spill.

1559 days ago


stupid ****in car sales manager. if its fuel injected pushing the peddle during start up doesn't do ****. hatin on Gary when his dumb ass is clueless to simple car science.

1559 days ago


just let him rip. damn.

1559 days ago



1557 days ago
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