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Jesse James' Ex -- Sunny Days Are Here Again

6/11/2010 6:50 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Jesse James' ex-wife Janine Lindemulder finally got to spend some time with her daughter Sunny at a community pool in Huntington Beach on Friday.


Jesse also agreed to let Lindemulder see Sunny again on Sunday.

Janine and Jesse are both due in court on Tuesday to work out  future visitation rights for their daughter.


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If she wants to be a mom, then at least give her a shot. With supervision of course. The only reason anyone gives a damn is because these people are "celebrities". Sadly, these types of situations happen a lot and the only people who pay a price are the children. My prayers are for Sunny and no one else.

1597 days ago


Whatever is going on in this woman's life, she and her child need time together. Even if it's supervised, fine. Little girls need a mom, damaged or not.

1597 days ago

Tired of toxomom    

I hope they disinfected that pool after she got out.

1597 days ago


Geez, Kate Gosselin went back to her shorter do and got more tattoos, still pimping.

1597 days ago


wow - a community pool. What class. Did she do this merely for publicity. Now nothing against community pools (from the UK, that's about all there is). But I won't go in them. They're icky icky poo poo (literally).

1597 days ago


I was in a (fairly) similar situation when I was her age, having only one parent in my life while the other was involved with prison, drugs, and other bad things.

When they cleaned up and I got to see them, however, it was just really awkward and uncomfortable...even scary, and I really didn't enjoy those times. Hopefully that little girl doesn't feel the same way but it is just hard to really love someone when you know they have done bad things and haven't really been a part of your life until recently...

1597 days ago


That little girl needs her mom. Having not been raised by my mom I know how important it is for a little girl to have her mom around. I hope they can continue a mother daughter relationship.

1597 days ago


I wonder how much she got paid to tip the papz to her whereabouts with Sunny so they could get their photo op. Way to use your daughter!

She has a son, who has custody of him?

1597 days ago


Janine used to be a very beautiful woman, it's sad to see the toll drugs and porn have taken on her. Hopefully she can stay on a good path and be there for her child.

1597 days ago


It's a nice "mother/daughter bonding" pic. A woman I know got strung out and had her girl taken away. She cleaned up and went thru a lot and got her little girl back and they are one of the closest mother/daughters now that I've ever seen. I remember Janine from back in the days of Monster Garage. She's a nice woman. She's gone thru a lot cleaning her act up and deserves to have days like this with Sunny and this is probably the greatest day Janine has had in a long time. Sunny needs time with her real mommy too. Janine also reached out to Sandra, thanking her for being there for Sunny when she couldn't and even offered to allow Sandra to remain part of Sunny's life if Sandra wanted to be. I think that unselfishness is remarkable. I wish nothing but happiness for these two.

1597 days ago


Just because someone is a porn star, heavily tattooed and an EX druggie doesnt mean shes a bad mom. look how nicole richie cleaned up her act and no one slams her now

1597 days ago


That child lives on the beach in CA & is 7 yrs old and I HOPE she can swim. I sure hope the flot device is just for fun not that she needs it.

1597 days ago

Big Mamma Cornbread    


1597 days ago


I'm glad she is finally having a chance...J was saying so many bad things that many believed (even if it's coming from a liar) yet he was married with her, she is the mother of Sunny weither he like it or not (and if i may, he left her while Sunny was not yet born)
Some people are ready to believe he has changed (yet he is proving the contrary) but cannot give her a chance to prove herself.
If i may,Jesse has proved not to be the best father:
He didn't cared about his kids while he was cheating (who was taking care of the kids while he was with his mistresses and Sandra was working?
He is using his kids to get back with Sandra (not a prove of love toward his kids or Sandra if you ask me)
He is known (weither people want to believe it or not, it's a fact known) as a racist,antisemite,homophobe,nazi wich have absolutely NO respect for women (he use them, he don't know what is love)

Personnally i'm so glad that she have a second chance , she don't deserve to be kept away from her daughter unless they can definately prove she is really definately unfit (cause contrary to jesse's problems, her problem can be fixed with the will)
Ultimately, if she is proved to still be an unfit mother , i agree she shouldn't see her daughter but so Jesse should lose custody!
He isn't the best parent for this little girl (that leave his mother), Poor Sunny :( you deserve a way better family (so sad it's always the kids that pay for the behavior of the parents...)

1597 days ago


The first thing this stupid bitch does after the traumatic last few months of her daughters life is to call the paps to take a photo so she can prove to herself she's a good mother. Honestly, Jesse can use this in family court to prove she's unfit and unable to protect her child. What an ass.

1597 days ago
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