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Tiger Woods - Cruisin' the West Coast

6/14/2010 12:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

With the US Open at Pebble Beach just a few days away, Tiger Woods was already hangin' out in California this weekend ... roughly 85 miles from his most famous mistress.

Woods was seen driving around in Newport Beach late Saturday night -- wearing a spiffy blue party shirt.

In a completely unrelated note, did we mention Rachel Uchitel was out in San Diego this weekend ... it's only about a 90 minute drive from the O.C.

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Go Get Em Tiger!

1556 days ago


He has that "I want a mistress" look in his eyes. Just go get yourself a 20 dollar crack whore. Its a lot cheaper. You don't have to worry about catching a disease, because you probably already have one.

1556 days ago


Newport to SD is an hour, easy. That stretch of I-5 is a standard 80 mph zone. If they meet in North County, that's an easy half-hour booty call for either. That may be out of the "Thirty Mile Zone", but I'd bet money on Harvey's cronies staking out every hotel, motel, Holiday Inn from the border to LA.

1556 days ago

yeah, I'm way out of line.    

He could do commercials for Exxon. Remember"put a tiger in your tank"?

1556 days ago


Is he creepy lookin' or Whaaaat? Eeeeow!

1556 days ago


The guy nauseates me, can't stand to see his face, now the golf tournaments are ruined with him, yeeew, he's like a walking herpes. I don't know why any woman would go near him, I don't care how much he is worth. No one could trust the sicko, he's gotta know they will ONLY be with him due to his money, that's the kind of girl he will get. Elin didn't care about the money or prestige, well nasty Tiger sure messed that one up. He is a man-wh0re, better never get married again, or he'll lose half of his money again on that one too, for I highly doubt the ceep could ever be faithful.

1556 days ago


What a dirtbag. I don't know why he doesn't take his millions and just retire on a Caribbean island somewhere chasing around all the tail he can find there.
He will never find respectability again in his lifetime.

1556 days ago


He looks like a ****. That shirt is retarded looking. All that money and no style.

1556 days ago


What is wrong with you people? Half of america is cheating on someone else. Are you really that naive? I'm not by any means trying to say that cheating is right, far from it. Just look at your pitiful selves and learn how to forgive. You won't live such a resentful life that way.

1556 days ago


Yuck he's so ugly ugly ugly ............ And that look in his eyes soooooooooooooooooooo disgusting.
I can't stand him anymore. I wish he could disappear forever. He will never ever regain respectability once he knew before. He will never be as as close as Jack was in terms of career and in terms of sportsmanship.
He's so nasty. Being able to destroy your family for some cheap sexual thrills is immoral and repugnant. Some things can't be forgiven.
I hope Elin will take him to the cleaners BIG TIME and is able to tell her side of the story. She needs a lifetime of support after being with such a creep.
Go to hell Mr Woody this is all you deserve !!!!!!!!!!

1556 days ago


WTF, TMZ! Are you trying to line them up? Do you really think that's a possibility when she cost this man TEN MILLION DOLLARS? He's done with her. She has exposed her lack of confidentiality and lack of loyalty to him. She put a price on it. DONE.

1556 days ago


He is still one of the ugliest men I've seen and one with no character. He may be successful and rich but he is a loser.

1556 days ago


I just can't feel sorry for him. Beautiful wife, beautiful kids, more money than anyone could spend in ten lifetimes, and yet he had to put his penis in pretty much any skank that stood still long enough for him to do so. Such a dirtbag and I still don't feel he has any remorse except that he got caught which means he is still a huge dirtbag. I hope he hits the sand traps as often as he hit the traps, the dirty perv.

1556 days ago

Bike Racer    

You'd think after last Thanksgiving he'd start wearing a seatbelt.

1556 days ago


Stupid "Cablanasian" Tiger!!!HA!! For the love of...

Everyone keeps talking abt how *classy Sandy Bullock acted, I agree BUT Elin has been the definition of GRACE UNDER FIRE here.

Imo Sandy just ran, like her though so don't judge!!

I have never seen a stronger woman. I know, "...she's doing it for the money..." I don't think so, sure it's a great incentive but she has conducted herself amazingly strong n u can't fake that, not for that long.

Her children will be just fine. She's awesome I think...even community college classes, come on!!

Oh btw Sandy, I believe it was Elin that has "established the high road and how high it should be."

1556 days ago
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