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Halle & Ex Reunite at the Happiest Place on Earth

6/15/2010 8:10 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Looking like one big happy family, Halle Berry and her ex-boyfriend Gabriel Aubry spent the day together with their daughter Nahla at Disneyland on Monday.


Who needs a lawyer, when you've got Mickey Mouse?


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She looks like a man

1589 days ago


Thats great for the child, doing things together as a family.

1589 days ago


do these celebs ever allow their kids to walk on their own,,they carry these kids like they might lose them if they set them down..good grief no wonder these kids are so fat

1589 days ago


Is her butt on a growth spurt?

1589 days ago


i wouldnt set my kid down in a crowded park like disney would make it way to easy for someone to snatch the kid and run...if thats what they feel safe doing let them do it, and also this is one pic out of a whole day so you dont know what was going on the rest of the time

1589 days ago


Everytime we see a picture of a celeb holding their child, we get people on here making judgemental comments. Sigh, lets go over it again. They are famous, not only are they surrounded by paps but also fans (some of whom are crazy). So yes, they might lose them if they set them down. They are holding their children to keep them safe. I guarantee you they do not hold that little girl all the time.

1589 days ago


hold them to keep them safe,,oh brother,,are you retarded or what,,sigh sorry I guess your retarded sigh again and eyes roll.So you guarantee it huh,,sure mac,,sigh eyes roll shut up and go back to sleep dumass

1589 days ago


Im guessing the black power players in the industry are hoping HB will hook up with a nice "African American" man so photos can start showing the image of a prominent black family so Nahla's non-black or caucasion father (and grandparents) can be conveniently pushed into the shadows and forgotten...just like they do with most celebs and Obama (when was the last time you heard anything about his mom and grandparents who stepped into raise him, provide top level schooling etc....). I hope Gabriel doesnt let this happen just to feed others political agendas.

1589 days ago


BTW, no, Im NOT racist in case anyone reads something into the above message which is not there. I just dont see how discouraging anyone from being proud of ALL parts of their family heritage helps move us forward as a society. It only creates more division and separation.

1589 days ago

Miss Bu    

Looks like he realized what he had!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

1589 days ago


I have to admit mixed children are beautiful. I am gonna marry me a

brotha and have a Nahla too!

1589 days ago


What the HELL is wrong with Jo, poster #8 and #9? Where do people like this come from? What do they do for a living? I am going to go with with uneducated "admin assistant" and they're basically stuck at their dumbass desk all day with all these thoughts brewing in their heads. And they use TMZ to abuse us of their small thoughts and enlighten us as to how they've got it all figured out. Jo, you're completely deranged. Back away from Fox News very slowly so as to not trip over your recliner chair, crumbled Wal-Mart shopping bags and McDonald's debris. If I hear "family heritage, poliitical agenda, the industry or 'caucasion'" from you again, you're getting slapped.

1589 days ago


#8, the black power broker in the industry (yes all 3 of them) are hoping that folks like you continue to post as you do proving that your grandfathers feelings and thoughts on race were passed down before he died. Halle has dated black men, white men and biracial men. I'm guessing the only people you have dated look like Betty White?

PS...Obama's mom and grand parents are dead. How much attention does the media need to give to dead people?

1589 days ago


Halle looks happy. Maybe they're reconciling! It would be awesome especially for Nahla!

1589 days ago


Halle is mixed as well. Her mother is white. Her father is black. IE-She is A M E R I C A N!!!!! She's a mutt, like most Americans. JEEZ people, get over it already it's 2010!! Nahla is a beautiful girl. Not a beautiful 1/4 black girl or a beautiful 3/4 white girl. Just a beautiful girl with beautiful parents. And quit coming down on them for carrying the kid. With all those photogs and strangers around, I'd have that girl strapped to my back!

BTW - Just for the record - I'm Italian, German, French, Dutch, Native and Hebrew. I know that kind of thing is REAL, REAL important to some of the people on this site.....why I don't know......

1589 days ago
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