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Conrad Murray to Randy Jackson: Get Well Soon

6/17/2010 10:30 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Dr. Conrad Murray had some words for another Jackson with health problems.

conrad murray video
The doc was in Santa Monica Wednesday afternoon -- where his girlfriend and baby live -- when we asked him about Randy Jackson's bum ticker

The doc offered no medical advice ... just good wishes.


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@OhWell Only 8 more days... Hmmm Going to be a lot of sniveling pedophile fans... You think?

1557 days ago


Some of you people are very ignorant, and have no lives coming on this and talking crap about Michael Jackson and all the crap you guys are saying, We were not there when Murray killed michael, whether it was on purpose or accident, he is a doctor, he should know better then to give such dosage outside of the hopsital, without any machines, and hell he should know better on giving cpr, my little 5 year old sister knows cpr cant be given on the bed! Murray is an idiot, but it is very obvious that Justice wont be given to MJ because there are people with greater power who have these retartds back. So all the people who talk crap about MJ...tell me is it because he was making more money then anyone on this website...or was it because he was so kind, and it is just not normal to see that now and days....screw you haters...

by the way how come Ryan Secreast stalker gets two years in jail, and Michael Jackson's Murder is walking and still keeping his liscence...this is bull...

1557 days ago


Dr. Murray... For he's the golly good fellow, for he's the golly good fellow... For he's the golly good fellow... Which nobody can deny!

1557 days ago


Which girlfriend?? Which baby ?? He has sooooo many. No wonder he's no good at being a quack; he's also no good at learning how to use a condom. When he's in prison though, he'll have plenty time to learn. Sooner the better...

1557 days ago


22. That was good Tellit. Michael Jackson Pepsi Generation Commercial, was when he was on top of his game. Then all that pedophile crap, came out and I lost interest. Big time.

Posted at 11:02 PM on Jun 16, 2010 by Trish

And there`s where you`ve made the biggest mistake of your life....believing the media!

Facts of 1993 are:
- Not Yordi Chandler accused MJ, but his father.
-Yordi denied it for months!!!!
-after a visit to his fathers practice( a dentist) he suddenly changed his story ( it is believed that his father gave him some injection with stuf that alters your memory!)
Yordi testified that MJ was cir***cised : MJ WAS NOT!!!!

There was absolutely no case at all, only the media didn`t reported it that way.
The settlement MJ made was on advice of his insurance ( if he didn`t they wouldn`t insure him after that anymore; the lawsuit could lasted years and in all that time MJ wouldn`t have been able to tour or make music.
MJ DIDN`T want the settlement, just because of the reasons that really happened after the settlement; people would still think he did it and the way would be open for others to try and get money from him with false allegations!
Michael wanted to have a trial!
Same story for 2005.Not a single evidence and 14 x NOT QUILTY.
Only loads of money from you taxpayers waisted on Sneddon`s trips all over the world to find boys he could bring to court=> he didn`t find any!!!
The only thing left for him to do was to try falsify evidence, BUT HE GOT CAUGHT ON THAT ONE, hahaha!
Why is he still not punished for doing that...?
How much do you think was spend on those trials from the tax-payers money? go and look it up and be angry!!
And all because of one man`s big ego .... Sneddon => should go to jal for what he did!!!

1557 days ago


IDK why Trish and OhWell think what they post is actually relevant, we all know you're the biggest MJ fans on earth, and you're using your "attacks" as a smokescreen....People who don't like MJ, just avoid these stories, and don't comment, the fact that you do, show's that you're obsessed with him, you love him, and you have no lives at all...So there, continue to post, we all know you love him!

1557 days ago


its the S.O.B.s fault randys in the hospital! he killed his brother and that put stress on randy. word of advise to randy, dont let murray be ur doctor

1557 days ago




1557 days ago


@Kortni I was a MJ fan at one time! You need to keep scrolling if you don't like another opinion. Scroll baby scroll...

1557 days ago


@37 and 40 You must be part of the Joe Jackson family... Suck the MJ fans for everything they have! They are gullible...

1557 days ago


39. @Kortni I was a MJ fan at one time! You need to keep scrolling if you don't like another opinion. Scroll baby scroll...

Posted at 1:05 AM on Jun 17, 2010 by Trish

Another opinion....that`s just the point; almost all off your only contain hatefull remarks,no opinions.(like this: "Suck the MJ fans for everything they have! They are gullible...")
You said you where once a fan untill the molesting-accusings started...but they where untrue!
You can find all the evidence, and you don`t have to do all the hard work => a lot of the posts here contain liks where you can find it...
So if that`s the only reason why you started to hate MJ, there is no reason anymore to do so.
Why don`t you want to read about it... really?
You know, it worries me how people can be deceived by the media, and bad da`s ( falsefying evidence..proven!).
If they did it to such a public figure like MJ,where does that leave us not- famous people?
They can make us believe everything they want if they want to...a very disturbing idea and very dangerous.
Theyve got to know that the public won`t take this false information from the media anymore.We`ve got a right to honest reports ,no matter what!
That`s why a lot of us are so upset, and won`t give up till justice is done and MJ`s name will be cleared!
Because,otherwise..who will be the next ..?

1557 days ago


"The doc offered no medical advice ... just good wishes."

And he calls himself a cardiologist.

1557 days ago


This man´s shamelessness makes you wonder if the killing of Michael was premeditated.
He HAS no shame!
I get so sick when I see his dumb face.

1557 days ago


I can not shake of the feeling that something is fishy with Murray!? Although he is a doctor, it feels to me that he is an actor! Do Not Ask Me Why .. I'm confused myself over it! And I want to screem out: How the hell are you Murray? I mean really are???

1557 days ago


A nice and kind thought.

1557 days ago
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