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Randy Jackson -- Not His First Heart Attack

6/16/2010 11:50 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Randy JacksonTMZ has learned Randy Jackson -- MJ's brother -- was extra cautious about handling his chest pains yesterday because he's experienced a heart attack in the past.

As we previously reported, Randy checked himself into a Pasadena hospital yesterday -- but a rep from the family tells us Randy is now back at home and "doing OK."

It's unclear when Randy suffered his previous heart attack -- or how severe it was.


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get better Randy!!!! all of you that keep hating on MJ should be ashamed of yourselves!! let the man RIP! why would u still criticize someone even when they are gone!

Love you MJ!!

1591 days ago


I guess having a couple of kids with your brother's ex wife has to do a number on the ol'ticker.

1591 days ago


Take care of yourself Randy...your family needs you!
Glad to hear you are back home!

1591 days ago


So many people are happy that micheal jackson is dead well im not one of them. All though I think he should have been convicted of something just because some one sells the most records worldwide or is a great dancer does not mean that they dont commit crimes micheal was a molester and most likely would be alive today if he was sent to jail so really that jury gave micheal jackson the death penalty in a sense....Also micheal thought that he was getting a away scott free day fateful day but he paid for his evil deeds in the end......

1590 days ago


@ Jay....u need to get your facts straight...if u look online to see that the 2 boys that accused him of molesting them came out clean and said that MJ never molested was all about the money...sad that people wont accept the truth that he didnt do it...even when there is proof.

1590 days ago


Randy should WORK and i dont mean "doing MJ deals." he is big/FAT and probably eating high on the hog, since MJ is paying for ALL THE FOOD!! he needs to exercise/lose weight...give up all the ICE CREAM he is guzzling down...

1590 days ago


Get Well Soon Randy, I pray for you and family regularly.

1590 days ago


According to, Randy did not have a heart attack but remains in the hospital pending results of some tests.

1590 days ago


i hope randy is ok, bless the jacksons

1590 days ago


Are you kidding me, he's been living off Michael like forever and so has his children. The only reason he's having or had a heart attack is the thought of him being tossed off the money train. Get real people and wake up!!1

1590 days ago


Glad to hear he is doing alright!

1590 days ago


I hope he's doing okay, not just for his sake, but his mother has been through enough in the past year. To have to bury another son would be horrible.

1590 days ago


Glad to hear he is better. He's a great musician, and MJ's baby brother. We can't loose anymore Jacksons right now. Please take care Randy, and know that doctor Murray WILL loose his medical license no matter what the outcome of this trial. He crossed the line professionally and the medical board will take his license away. So people say MJ wanted the drugs, but Murray still got them and it's unethical to give a patient drugs like this. Murray may say MJ gave them to himself, and even if this was true, Murray still bought them into the house and made them available to MJ. There is NO excuse for Murray's unprofessional behaviour that the medical board will accept that will let Murray off the hook. Why do you think they are asking a judge to pull the license? The judge can do it faster than they legally can do it. You would think the board would have the power to suspend his license pending further investigation like a police officer. I'll bet they all have started proceedings against him as we speak.

1590 days ago
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