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MJ's Dad: AEG Has Blood On Its Hands

6/18/2010 7:15 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

AEG put such pressure on Michael Jackson to perform for his London concerts, they effectively forced Dr. Conrad Murray to heavily sedate the singer so he could get rest, which ultimately led to his death ... this according to documents filed with the California Medical Board and obtained by CNN.


According to the 169-page complaint, filed by attorney Brian Oxman on behalf of Joe Jackson, Michael had only sporadically attended rehearsals for the show, leading to a showdown with Michael Jackson on June 18 in which an AEG exec allegedly threatened to "pull the plug" on Jackson's rented home and fire Dr. Murray.

The complaint alleges Murray -- who was allegedly promised $150,000 a month by AEG --  immediately began fueling Jackson with heavy sedatives, including Valium, Ativan, Versed and Propofol so the singer could sleep. 

As we first reported, Murray gave Jackson Propofol virtually every night for six weeks -- until Michael died.

The complaint alleges AEG knew the dangers of Murray's treatment but ordered full steam ahead.  And, according to the complaint, AEG turned a blind eye to Murray's request for life saving equipment. 

The complaint claims AEG was effectively practicing medicine without a license, by forcing Murray to take radical medical steps to protect the show.

The complaint claims, "Had AEG not violated California law and fulfilled its promise to provide Cardio-Pulmonary Resuscitation equipment and a nurse, Michael Jackson would not have died on June 25th."


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It is appauling how so many countless, ignorgant "devils" have something negative to say about Michael.

1.) Why do idiots still call him a child molester? The boy who LIED on Michael ADMITTED THAT HIS FATHER MADE HIM LIE TO GET MONEY.
And because of that guilt and karma and the misery he caused, Jordan Chandler's father committed suicide Berfore Michael passed away but of course the Media doesn't cover that. Why? Michael's innocence would be obvious and acknowledged to the ignorant idiots! A Michael Jackson fan like myself always knew that was BS. Real, loving parents would want justice NOT money.

2.) Michael donated over $300 million to charity for ill children all over the world through his hard work, talent and dedication for 45 years of giving himself to us.

3.) I was 12 years old when MJ was burned in the Pepsi Commerical and I remember how much pain he said he was in via interviews. Who the hell is anybody to judge? When I have a headache I take a pill...there are many types of painkillers...Elvis Presley as well as many other celebrities were addicted to them for whatever reason. We did NOT live their lives, so who is anyone to JUDGE! The a**holes on here never walked a day in Michael's shoes! It's obvious why he wanted to be around children when he never hasd a childhood...that's common sense! But these anti - Michael morons on here has proven that "COMMON SENSE IS NOT COMMON"!

What have you contributed to the world other than your hatred and sadistic comments about Michael Jackson? I am a teacher and I must say...many of my 6th grade students love and adore Michael and his music. Nothing you say OR WRITE will EVER CHANGE the hearts of Michael's fans.....billions of fans worldwide!

I believe God came for Michael to get him away from idiots like the negative commenting ones on here. Morons who did not appreciate him. And God needed more angels like MJ to work with God closely.

I LOVE YOU MICHAEL, ALWAYS WILL AND THANK YOU FOR GIVING US SO MUCH OF YOURSELF OVER THE YEARS. MY STUDENTS LOVE YOU. And God loves you. He will forever keep you safe in heaven for all eternity. I hope MJ's children is reading this OPTINISTIC AND heartfelt response....LOVES CONQUERS ALL!

1552 days ago


AEG is guilty for sure...
RIP Angel Michael

1552 days ago



Speed? Nope, dear.
Lack of energy that he had during the day did NOT come from using speed. That's for sure! :)

1552 days ago


People, I gotta say this:

MJ WAS addcited to drugs. What do you think PRESCRIPTION MEDS are?

They are NOT street drugs, that's true. But they are still DRUGS.

Not candy!:)

Check RX.COM That's a website that tells you about any PRESCRIPTION DRUG, what it's used for, and the side effects. You might want to check out: DRUGS.COM Website about prescription meds as well.

1552 days ago


218. Chico,
He could barely talk in that video. People were holding on to him as if he had difficulty walking. Yes, it is sad.

Posted at 10:10 PM on Jun 18, 2010 by tone

Tone/Chico, could u post that clip again. I would like to see it. There are too many posts to go thru here on the board. Please post it again. Thanks.

1552 days ago


When is Joe going to stop using Michael to stay in the headines? He obviously can't do anthing on his own that really takes using his brains. Let's see, who is he going to blame or sue next for Michael's death? Joe is by far the lowliest form of humanity! Yes, we all know Michael was a drug addict, had a strange personality, but at least he earned his own living; but on the other hand, Joe is a leech and a miserable, miserable excuse for a man!

1552 days ago


Tone/Chico, could u post that clip again. I would like to see it. There are too many posts to go thru here on the board. Please post it again. Thanks.

Posted at 3:29 PM on Jun 19, 2010 by Daphne
Michael- March/2009

1552 days ago

Heilige Bimbam    

How often do some idiots have to be told to stop writing ignorant comments? Michael Jackson died from overdose of an anaesthetic drug, which should never be used to treat insomnia, and never be used in a domestic environment. It is irrelevant whether Jackson demanded this drug or not, a doctor prescribes a drug to treat the appropriate condition,under the observation of safety regulations.The General Medical Council Regulation (Sept.2008)for doctors on prescribing drugs-Principles #3:
You should only prescribe drugs to meet IDENTIFIED NEEDS of patients and NEVER for your own convenience or SIMPLY BECAUSE PATIENTS DEMAND THEM .Murray was clearly incompetent in treating Jackson's insomnia, and should not have taken the job, but greed made him accept it.Propofol is never to be used as a sleeping aid, NEVER.A patient can demand whatever he likes(many do), a doctor cannot act on that, a doctor acts only on his OWN EXPERTISE. Jackson was a victim of his own fame and wealth. Stop blaming the victim here.

1552 days ago


surely the sheer amount of meds mj had in the couple of hours before he had the propofol, would or should of made him practually unconcious, could he had consented to having propofol that day if he was that medicated, so joe could have a point, its no secret michael was on and off this stuff for 20 years, but then how many hollywoods arnt, nothing with aeg and mjs death adds up.

1552 days ago


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1552 days ago


lap123 (#238), that's why i've never read many of the books written about MJ. you know that unless it comes from him, it's all about someone wanting to make money off of his fame at any cost. no one that truly cares about him or have respect for him would ever do such _ that's why you don't really see many people in the news to speak up for him--they know that anything they may say would be twisted and only do more harm. any "friend" speaking out about Michael should be ignored or dismissed as the gossip that it is!

fan, speaking of drugs, i'll have what you're having. you're a little out there! hallucinate much? how many fingers do you see...

1552 days ago


pearl jr you tell the truth lady....I believe you....

1552 days ago

Michael- March/2009

Posted at 3:57 PM on Jun 19, 2010 by tone

265. Daphne -- I watched that video at least three times. Yes, he's thin, but he seems to be moving fine to me. Audigier is not propping him up; he has him by the arm and is loosely guiding him because of the paparazzi. His voice is normal, strong. He seems ucid and quick to respond. As usual, he's incredibly polite. I guess I am seeing a very different Michael than Chico and others.

Posted at 6:51 PM on Jun 19, 2010 by danger baby

Yes, I agree with danger baby about the video, but first I want to thank Tone for posting it again. To me, I also agree that MJ didn't look like he was propped up by Audigier. BTW, this Audigier guy, he seemed to really enjoy being with one of the world's most famous entertainers. I watched him on another Youtube video about how he decorated his store with MJ's magazine covers. Geez, u should see the way he threw the magazines on the floor after he was done. Some kind of respect. My son bought a pair of runners at his store in L.A. & it cost close to US$300 & that was about 3 yrs ago. Expensive stuff, and I don't think its worth it. Not at all. But I guess young people like the brand. Anyways, back to MJ. Yes, he was VERY thin, even with the coat on, he looked skinny. So Feb/Mar 09, that means it was just about the time they made those TII footage, right? Well, RIP Michael.

1552 days ago

I believe he is in a severely emaciated state, Clearly he does not have 85% of the normal body weight necessary to sustain health. There were other similar videos that were up a few months ago but have been taken down. Anorexia is a symptom of some other disease or mental state. When the weight too low is all body organs and systems break down and the end result is cardiac arrest. I wonder why people want to believe he died of a drug overdose rather than not consider the diseases he had. With anorexia there is so much denial and resistance to treatment I can see how difficult it would be for all those involved. On the other hand, if MJ knew he was going to die anyway why bother be hospitalized to restore his weight to a healthy state.

1552 days ago


251. Hi Alice :) Thanks - great job as always! You have a nice weekend too.

1552 days ago
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