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Megan Fox


6/18/2010 9:45 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

A lot has changed for Megan Fox since first appearing in "Transformers" three years ago.

megan fox

Here's 21-year-old Meg back in 2007 (left) -- and just three years later, the stunning 24-year-old at her "Jonah Hex" premiere last night (right).

It's amazing what success can do for a gal.


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Hopefully Megan will see this photo and stop abusing lip plumpers. Most people look awful with stuffed lips. (*cough*Nicole Kidman*cough)

1596 days ago


She didn't have plastic surgery, the photo on the right is at a completely different angle, check out
She might have had her lips done and grown into her face, but other wise she is the same hot-mess now as she was then!

1596 days ago


Holy Schlamoley! What happened to her face?!? I know she's not the sharpest knife in the drawer, but she should've known better than to mess with the money maker!

I'm assuming "stunning" was sarcastic. O.O

1596 days ago


Transformers... HAhahahahahaha!!! More like TransGender! Get this dragqueen-lookin NO-talent bitch off the big screen PAHLEEZZZZ! Isn't her 15 minutes up yet???

1596 days ago


What happened to the "good genes" "good docs" buttons? Unfortunately for her, this is not either :(

1596 days ago


Well, just looking at her, I have to say that she got screwed on her boob job. Boobs are not supposed to have that big space between them. Saw a woman on TV show getting hers corrected last week because the first doctor screwed them up just like Meg's. Prob something done to her lips but not sure about anything else. Her jaw looks plumper but could be she just put on a little weight since that earlier photo. Maybe she was trying to get rid of wrinkles with massive botox and it could just have swelled her entire face. Her, Heidi, and Kim K. need to start a support group for women who have completely ruined their looks with cosmetic surgery.

1596 days ago


No wonder she was dropped from the movie TRANSFORMER, because she looks like one. she should be on that show on E! channel. "Worst plastic surgery". why would a pretty girl do that to her self. she probably woke up one morning and thought she was too pretty and had to do something to look like an ugly cat.
good job though. lol

1596 days ago


Stunning? Only in LA LA Land would someone think this is stunning, you all must love cats because this is what all these women & men that have plastic surgery start to look like! LOL

1596 days ago

Alex D    

Another idiot just like that low life form known as 0ctomom that will stop at nothing to try and get Angelina Jolie's look. She not only looks ridiculous as Faye Dunaway wannabe with whatever she did, implants, botox, face lift, or all of the above, she is just plain GROSS!

1596 days ago


She needs to fix those thumbs first before ever having plastic surgery .. shes a dumb b!tch.... scarlett johanson #1

1595 days ago


The new pic looks bad cos of her hair.

The way the left side (her right side) is sitting in front of her face makes it look like the shape of her actual face but it aint. It's sorta like an optical illusion. But it weren't intended.

But yeah, her lips look real bad.

1595 days ago


Ouch it looks she's 50-something, not 24. Save the plastic surgery for when you need it. It's a very creepy look.

1595 days ago


She looks like the Octo-Mom. Creepy.

1595 days ago


She looks damn hot in 2007 itself.
The present picture looks to be fake.

1595 days ago


Weird angle and bad lighting. Don't worry. She's still beautiful. Leave it to TMZ to print the most unflattering photo of a female. In case you haven't noticed. This website hates women.

1595 days ago
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