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Jesse Plans Move

Close to Sandra

6/19/2010 1:00 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Jesse James tells TMZ he's moving to Austin at the end of July ... partly so his children can continue their relationship with Sandra Bullock.

Jesse spoke with Harvey Levin this morning and said he already has a house in Austin, but needs to finish up a History Channel special with the network. Part of the special shows Jesse's time on a kibbutz in Israel.

Jesse says the "first and foremost" reason for moving is because his children love Sandra and want that relationship to continue.

Jesse says he will continue working at West Coast Choppers part-time in Long Beach, but he will work full-time in Austin at the Austin Speed Shop.

As for any future relationship with Sandra, Jesse says, "Whatever happens, happens."

And Jesse tells Harvey he plans on opening a Cisco Burger in Austin -- good news for Texas.


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Jesse is moving to Austin with his children so SANDRA can continue to have the kids in her life. This is all planned.

1555 days ago


i will literally boycott every single sandra bullock movie if she ever gets back with him again.

1555 days ago


He moves to be closer to a very weallthy movie star for his kids, but further from their mothers and the mother's families. He's a stalker, she needs to get rid of him. His kids are only attached to her for what she can do for them, their blood is more important.

1555 days ago


Good call Muppet! I hope they do what ever they want in order to be happy. Seriously doubt either one is sitting around worrying a whole lot about what anybody writes in a comments section anywhere.

1555 days ago


The sad reality is that in divorces the children's situation changes (especially when step-parents are involved). Unfortunately, when their Dad made his choices, it affected all of them. Why should he get the benefit of business-as-usual for the family? Sandra, you'd be a fool...

1555 days ago


I live in Austin and we don't give a flip about Jesse James or Cisco Burgers. I don't see it as any benefit to Austin - more of a detriment with too many paparazzi coming to our town because of him.

1555 days ago


The California Family Court should not let him leave California with Sunny. The mother said she will follow them to Texas if necessary but she shouldn't have too. The Texas courts will far worse for her as they are hypocrites like Jessie and will see her as a bad mother because she was a porn star. Also, she doesn't have the money to compete with him in Texas as Texas respects the parents with the money even more so than they do in California.

The Sunny's mother needs to fight tooth and nail to keep her kid in California because if she's allowed to go to Texas it could be over for their mother/daughter relationship.

Oh, and Jessie is a creep and shouldn't be anywhere near Sandra and her infant son.

1555 days ago


Some of the comments here are extremely stupid. It matters not if Sandra is a biological parent or not, what matters is that she lived as a PARENT to these kids. Neither she nor the kids can just switch that off to punish one of the adult partners in a relationship. That would be TOTALLY wrong and unfair to the children. If Sandra still wants those kids in her life then she has to take the good with the bad (having to deal with James periodically. I'm sure she's aware of this. The situation with children is hands down the crappiest aspect of marital break ups, but it is also reality.

1555 days ago


Jesse's got a cute face, but his tattooed body and his overall moral character is a train-wreck. Sandra needs to move on.

1555 days ago


Nothing like forcing himself and his kids on her! If she doesn't want anything more to do with him, she'd move out of Austin. Stay tuned, kids!

1555 days ago


I would tell him that before you and I can speak
again, go get all your tats removed...100 per cent
take 9 pictures of your body and send it to me
by the US Mail and I will get back to you.

1555 days ago


he's not moving to austin without sandra's blessing. they're going to work out. the writing is on the wall.

1555 days ago


sandra has already hinted at the possibility of a reconciliation down the road stated jesse is a great dad and would like him in the adopted childs life someday if possible so that is NOT stalking that is doing what needs to be done to keep your family together.all you narrow minded jerks see one person with a bunch of tatoos riding a motorcycle and think he is automatically a racist or nazi.what about all the israeli jews beating down catholics in israel?isnt that also a form of reverse nazi?i get along with jews but im tired of the poor me poor me BS.

1555 days ago


as a Texan do we get a vote on rather or not he can come to our state???we don't want jesse in Texas and we don't want his burger place. he can stay in california. thanks but no thanks.

1555 days ago


35. #17 daisy mae, you are so right! i too believe sandra is just another ho and they had an open marriage with numerous men and women sharing their bed.

Thats what I thought too and even they woudnt separate at all if Bombshell didnt went public.

1555 days ago
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