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Tiger Woods -- Belated Father's Day

6/21/2010 3:48 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Tiger Woods was busy squandering his chance to win the U.S. Open on Father's Day ... so he made up for it today, picking his daughter up from school.

Better late than never.

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Misha the CrackHo    

If men aren't getting it at home, they look for it else where. Elin is just a lousy boring wife who can't keep her husband home.

1592 days ago

yah right    

re: dawn jones' comment--

Actually, anyone who would sleep around with a slew of prostitutes and miscellaneous women and then come home and sleep with their wife even once during all those years created a huge risk to his wife. Elin could have contracted an STD and become ill due to his extreme carelessness. So to say he was a great father is beyond ridiculous. HE BROKE UP THEIR FAMILY and affected his kids' sense of security and all they knew. THAT is being a terrible husband, father AND person!!

1592 days ago


Looser. Likely his 'other' kids won't recognize anyone on father's day. What a jerk!

1592 days ago


Hey lot's of fathers work on Fathers Day - Tiger made $300,000. yesterday so today he can treat his daughter to some fun! I don't admire his escapades but now it's up to him and Elin to work out how their family will work or not - I was hoping the young japanese guy would win - He's sure an up and comer!

1592 days ago


Wow Tiger you had such a beautiful family, why couldn't you just say no. Poor kids.

1592 days ago


@9 Wait electriczipper and Trish, the more he makes the more she and the kids get, I hope he starts winning again they deserve all the money in the world after what he put them through.

1592 days ago


Yes he 's a good father !!!! A good dad doesn't spend time away from home with sluts and porn stars. A good dad doesn't humiliate and destroy his family for nothing . A good dad puts his children before his own needs . A good dad doesn't put his kids' lives at risk with STDs and finally a good dad has more respect for the mother of his children.
He's a creep and nothing will change that. You can't cure narcissism or huge ego. He puts himself first and it will always be that way.
His dad once said that he didn't care if his son would become a great golfer but he wanted him to be a good human being. Nice job Mr Woods sr because your jerk of a son did the exact opposite.

To the stupid comment made by probably an ignorant degenerate : cheating has nothing to do with the quality of the partner at home but rather with the lack of character and selfishness of the cheater. I'm amazed that some people here are trying to make excuses for this immoral pig and blaming the wife. They didn't say that for Sandra Bullock ??????

1592 days ago


TMZ, perhaps Elin changed her mind about having Sam's birthday party in CA where Tiger was playing. But then. you wouldn't report that would you.

1592 days ago

dawn jones    

I didn't say he is Father of the Year... I just said don't blame him for working on Fathers Day....like he said when the cubs get older he will have the explaining to do not us. Let it rest and pray for the children and peace!

1592 days ago

The Realist    

wow...this again? I mean are u all bored? Many celebs cheat but I swear I see more of Tiger Woods than anyone else. Old news get over it. Its their life so stop bichin about it and live yours.

1592 days ago


Hard not to pull for an American in our own back yard. However, with Tiger and Phil "look at me, look at me" Mickelson choking at the end, I was pulling for the University of Ga. amateur (Henley to finish high. Good show young fella

1592 days ago


TMZ: Don't you think that going from the world's top athlete to the world's top joke target is punishment enough? And, yes, in addition to the pot shots from lesser mortals, Tiger is probably going to lose a vast amount of money in the divorce. And a LOT of time with his kids. Seems like all of that is punishment enough.

Incidentally, does he look great in that picture or what!?! Woof!

1592 days ago

Celebrities Suck    

talking about cheaters.... I wonder how is this cheater coping with having to have intercourse with only his wife now being that he's so used to an assortment of vajayjays....

1592 days ago


He criticized the press for hounding his family at the duaghter's school! THEN he shows UP there???? Like THAT wouldn't attract MORE attention!!! This is JUST for publicity. What's next? Send his mother to pick up the child. He didn't give a hoot about his kids when he was banging all those skanks. He didn't care about the life of his unborn children when he exposed his wife to god knows what.

1592 days ago


I use to be a fan of Tiger's but now he just sickens me! I feel sorry for him. He threw it all away for what? He didn't care how his actions would affect his kids. Or what STD he exposed the mother of his children to. I just can't look at him the same way.

1592 days ago
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