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Fans Pitch a Tent for 'Twilight: Eclipse' Premiere

6/22/2010 9:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

The "Eclipse" premiere isn't until Thursday night, but rabid "Twihards" were already camped out at the Nokia Plaza in downtown Los Angeles on Monday.


Who wouldn't wait over 72 hours to get a far and blurry pic of Robert Pattinson or Taylor Lautner for their Facebook?


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The Professor    

They need some kegs!

1581 days ago

Kayan Phoenix    

Man can u imagine if they got to meet one of the actors, i would be paranoid about not having showered for 3 days, but i guess they don't care LOL oh well, hope they have fun

1581 days ago


"how do they "use the bathroom" and shouldnt they be in school?"

Today is June 22. It's summer vacation time. Aren't the only people still in school the ones on the east coast? I'm also surprised at the comments here (in a good way). I expected the comments to be a bunch of "twilight rules!!!!!!!!!" crap. I was ready to call out the hypocrisy in defending the twiTARDS (not twihards),yet making fun of those people who camped out for Episode 1 of Star Wars.

1581 days ago

Ghislain Girard    

Title typo | Premeire ... Premiere

1581 days ago


It's a movie people!!! Buy a ticket!!!

1581 days ago


As lame and pathetic as it may be, this is definitely devotion at it's finest.

1581 days ago


That's what twilight fans normally are..Fat homely looking preteens. Every single one of them is single. Twihards are the female version of a trekkie or starwars geek..LOL, People should get a life. Why would anyone in their right mind camp out like that to see a BAD movie?

1581 days ago


A bunch of fat cows waiting to see a fictional movie...Why not save their money and go for a walk? Besides, who wants do know more about General McChrystal when such an important newsworthy event (werewolves versus vampires) is about to take place. Don't forget your popcorn and bon-bons "ladies."

1581 days ago


TMZ /Harvey.... If you need a spell checker (since computer spell check obviously doesn't work for you)...I'm available...!!!!!


1581 days ago


I walked by that last night on the way to the L.A. Film Festival, and I couldn't believe the tent city they had set up. I snapped a photo but wasn't able to do it justice. The best part about all of it is that the film festival has said the premiere is INVITE ONLY, there will be no advance or rush tickets available. So these females (almost exclusively) are spending 4 days camping out just to see Pattinson, Stewart and Lautner walk by them and wave.

As for the restroom question, the Starbucks in the L.A. Live complex is being very generous to them and allowing them to use their restroom. I'm sure the other restaurants in the complex are probably doing the same. There's an ESPN Zone right next to the tent city, I'm sure it's easy to walk in there and use the bathroom without anyone really noticing or caring.

1581 days ago


Hey TMZ,

"Fans Pitch a Tent for 'Twilight: Eclipse' Premeire"

You might want to use spell check before you upload new content on a national site.

1581 days ago


I before E except after C.

1581 days ago


Who cares? I don't care about this franchise or the fans who are decades young for considering. Just a non-story to me.

1581 days ago


I think all of you who hang on one misspelled word need something larger to focus on. Sheesh! How petty ! ! ! !

1581 days ago


Why would their parents allow them to camp out for that many days? They are probably using public bathrooms but the whole concept of camping out to see any movie much less one as second rate as this twilight series is, is baffling. Has the female gender become so desperate for an object of affection that it comes to this? This Pattinson person is absolutely one of the most homely men I have ever seen, and the Stewart girl has the personality of a slug. Why are they popular? Probably because they really do act like brain dead vampires.

1581 days ago
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