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Joe Jackson Wrongful Death Suit Filed

6/25/2010 5:58 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

0405_joe_jackson_tmz_ex.jpgJoe Jackson's wrongful death lawsuit against Dr. Conrad Murray has been filed in federal court.

According to the records department at the federal court in downtown Los Angeles, the lawsuit has officially been filed.

As TMZ first reported, Joe is suing Conrad Murray for unspecified damages in connection with the death of Michael Jackson.

In the complaint, Joe alleges Dr. Murray withheld vital information from the doctors and EMTs who were trying to save Michael's life -- specifically, information that he had administered Propofol.

UPDATE 2:10 PM PT: The federal court clerk says they just kicked the lawsuit back to Joe's attorney Brian Oxman because there's a "mistake" in the paperwork. So it will have to be refiled. Oops.

UPDATE 3:00 PM PT: Everything is in order and the lawsuit has been filed again.


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Go Joe! Love and miss you Michael.

1547 days ago

tonny brasco    

Anything is better , than NOT doing anything .. Go JOE GO ..

At list one man there thinks strait .

1547 days ago


I don't blame Joe. If it were your son and his death were suspicious wouldn't you want to do more? People live through cardiac arrests all the time when proper procedures have been met. MJ's life was in the hands of a cardiologist for christ's sake, he should have been able to save him if he had of followed proper protocol and not left his patients side MJ would still be living.

1547 days ago


Blah Blah Blah Blah Blah. I'm so sick of this subject.

1547 days ago

neither of these two sluts    

this creep should just be thankful he wakes up in the morning......he'll be a dead old man before any of this reaches a court...what does this greedy f8ck is going to buy him more time with life...he looks half dead already...frivolous is all this is!

1547 days ago

Wendy A.    

Michael has to be rolling over in his grave. Joe Jackson has no business making any money off of Michael's death. It is obvious that Michael didn't want him to get any money by the terms of the will. It is his kids that should have filed suit through their guardian and a lawyer.NOT Joe Jackson.He is a money grubbing SOB.

1547 days ago

neither of these two sluts    

13. JOE is A GOOD MAN . HE SHOULD NEIL THAT Dr Murray , AEG and specialy Randy Phillips --- He now some thing ..Randy Phillips got FAKE smile all the time if u ask him WHAT happen to MICHAEL JACKSON ...

Give me 24 hour with Dr Murray and Randy Phillips ...And i will sort this case in no time ..FREE of CHARGE

Posted at 2:18 PM on Jun 25, 2010 by tonny brasco

whats a retard like you gonna do...what an azz ole you are...dr murray is innocent and it will all come out...mj was a pedophile junkie who is responsible for his own death...gonna laugh at all you idiots once the man gets convicted of a lesser charge!

1547 days ago

Cali MJ Fan    

LMAO! I posted this on my blog the other day about the Notice of Intent to file... I wonder what the mistake was... ROFLMAO! Oxman you should have listened to me when I sent the tweet to you! DUH***ent-to-murray-from-joes-attorney.html

No wonder Mrs. Jackson wouldn't tap him to be her lawyer if she was interested in filing a wrongful death suit.

1547 days ago


Joe should just leave Kathrine out of this wrongful death suit. It is about the justice. It shouldn't be about the money! How stupid is he!? He is just an EVIL man!

1547 days ago


UPDATE 2:10 PM PT: The federal court clerk says they just kicked the lawsuit back to Joe's attorney Brian Oxman because there's a "mistake" in the paperwork. So it will have to be refiled. Oops.

DUH, Oxman prepared it what dop you expect? Oxman is the MOST IMCOMPETENT LAWYER in the history of law. I pray, Joe and Oxman has some kind of dignity left and do NOT file anything anymore and toether can crawl in a hole to kill themselves. These 2 men are detriment to MJ Justice! OXMAN, JOE, YOU WANNA SEE JUSTICE FOR MJ? YOU DO REMAIN SILENT, DON'T SAY ANYTHING ABOUT MJ, DON'T DO ANYTHING THAT INVOLVES MJ!

1547 days ago

tonny brasco    

I agree, that Dr Murray was SH*T .. i would fill 100 lawsuits if i could ... ( lots of reasons )

First it cost allot of MONEY to defend your self in court . How is Dr SH*T going to pay for all that ???

Second , JOEs case will DIG deeper . that can only be a GOOD thing for all . accept AEG and Randy Phillips and Dr muuray i hope they all go BROKE and get 20 yaers in jail ..GREADY RATS

1547 days ago

Phantom of the Opera    

Michael Jackson, a real hero with a real heart;

1547 days ago


Way to go Oxman....the idiot can't even file a proper and correct lawsuit. No wonder MJ didn't pay him money he owed him. lol

1547 days ago


Just like in life in death he has to try and take the attention away from Michael. Timing is everything for this grub. Of all the time he could do this he picks today. And he wonders why Michael left him out of the will.

1547 days ago
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