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'Survivor' Producer Challenges Arrest Warrant

6/26/2010 7:22 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

0611_bruce_EX_TMZ_01TMZ has learned lawyers for Bruce Beresford-Redman have filed a formal motion in Mexican court to challenge the arrest warrant filed against their client.

We're told Beresford-Redman's Mexican attorney filed what is called an "amparo" -- a motion claiming Beresford-Redman's human rights have been violated.

Beresford-Redman's legal team feels the investigation into the death of Monica Burgos Beresford-Redman has not been thorough and has unjustly focused on Beresford-Redman ... possibly as a cover for rampant hotel violence.

Earlier this week, Mexican authorities made an official request to have Beresford-Redman extradited back to Mexico.


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Stop posturing and admit guilt! Everyone already knows you did it. Based on the facts we have no clue about. The court of public opinion has already reached its verdict.

1489 days ago


Here's a new idea for reality TV: SURVIVOR;MEXICAN PRISON! What an exciting new season of collaborations, tricks, and perhaps even a sexy prison romance...all starring Mr. Beresford-Redman!

1489 days ago


murdering murray AKA massive nostrils and BBR are going to get what's comin to em! LOL you two will have a blast in prison being someone's BIT%$........


1489 days ago


I know some of his rights are going to be violated once he lands in Mexican prison. Like the right to a full set of teeth and a non-sore a$$.

1489 days ago


I hope to God the federal judge allows the extradition to happen - I think this guy is 100% guilty. I can't imagine what the woman's poor family is going through - they have to be beside themselves having to see him walk around freely in LA; to have to witness that would be nauseating, to say the least.

1489 days ago


This guy is the biggest s*** bag on the planet I hope his children grow up to hate him for killing their Mother and being a coward both before and after the fact. Man up and divorce someone if you are cheating and not happy in your marriage but to kill the mother of your own kids is the lowest of the low - I hope he finds himself spending the rest of his days in a nasty, brutal, filthy prison cell in Mexico - it would be justice.

1489 days ago


This man can do whatever silly dance he wants. We all know his motive and that he killed his wife and stuffed her into a sewer in Mexico. He cheats and is a murderer.

1489 days ago


He should have thought about how he was violating his wife's human rights when her murdered her.

1489 days ago

to little    

Dude might as well fess up and admit he killed her in exchange for serving his jail time here. Cause this loser will not last in Mexico prison. He will kill himself or be killed. I bet he commits suicide before they arrest him or send him to Mexico.

1489 days ago


Man, this dude went down to Mexico with a well thought out plan. Scary thing is he'll probably get off.

1489 days ago

john smith    

Bruce will run again soon, there is no way this pu**y will ever go back to Mexico. Mexico's top prosecutor is now handling the case and It has been transferred to Mexcio City. Look for Bruce to stall and delay this thing for a few months and Hirsch his lawyer will arrange a surrender and Bruce will disappear. Lock bruce up with no bail. He is a flight risk. He ran from Mexico as soon as they released him and has been hiding in Palos Verdes a couple of months, that's why he is so pale and was never seen in Mexico once released. If he does make it to Mexico he won't last a year before he will meet his demise. Gringo's who murder their beatiful wives and put them in a septic tank and then try to blaim the local Mexicans don't live long.

1489 days ago


Oddly enough I don't think he is guilty. I guess we'll find out eventually if he is or if he is not.

1488 days ago


I'm praying for justice...
Only God can make justice in this case... I really dont trust the american judicial system anymore... :(
This guy has all the motives... (life insurance for 1/2 milion) is doing all sort of ilegal acts (trying to validate a fake will), I mean... even disobey mexico and left the country without a passport... but still... all the judges in america seings to be on his side and on his family side... so... I guess... only god could help Monica to get the justice she deserves... only god... :(

1488 days ago


Here is the neighborhood gossip: Monica, a Brazilian national, committed various crimes in violation of USA laws herself. Not only was there illegal drug activity and sales going on at her bar, she tricked him into marrying her so she could remain in the USA. Although she had given birth to two children, she was into bi-sexual trysts - she left the day-to-day responsibility of nurturing them to a babysitter because she chose to be running/partying at the bar. (Sounds true to me - the real mothers I know aren't out raising hell nor running a bar). Finally, she even stole the money out of their joint bank account out of revenge against him. Even if there was a physical altercation between them at the hotel in Mexico - he had to defend himself against her proclivity for physically and verbally abusing him because she believed she was the stronger spouse. She was the boss. That is a category of domestic violence. She was pushing her luck acting the bully and she would up in the sewer.

He is a USA citizen thus he is in the USA instead of Mexico. The Mexican authorities can say whatever they want but the reality is that they have more important business to deal with in their country than the Burgos family bullying (bullying others runs in that family)He isn't hiding out in Palos Verdes - he is out working because he has the responsibility of raising his children, feeding and sheltering them, and paying the mortgage and vehicle payments. He is not going to run anywhere contrary to the propaganda spewed by her family and friends. That is why he has lawyered up.

1488 days ago


...Really??... any gossip wont stop the fact that guy took a 500.000 life insurance on her a week before she was murdered... any gossip wont stop the fact the husband and the father are trying to validate a fake will to profit after the woman's death... I mean... they can say whatever they want... but... the woman is dead and they are the ones who are after profiting in her death... I mean... facts are stronger than 'gossip'...
FBI!!! Where are you guys??!!!!

1488 days ago
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