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George Clooney's GF -- Thong Season in Italy

6/28/2010 4:35 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

George Clooney's GF, Elisabetta Canalis, broke out the butt floss and hit Lake Como this weekend -- so ... uh ... enjoy!



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1576 days ago


Her rear end is probably what GC looks at anyway. With an ass like that, a woman doesn't need to have a pretty face. Plus George is pretty enough for the both of 'em.

1576 days ago


My other half thinks she looks much better with her clothes ON
he doesnt like exhibitionists....he isnt into excessive self pride
and sees it as arrogant. Clothes on and everyone is happy.

After all she looks just like everyone else.

1576 days ago


Where's her cellulite gone?

1576 days ago

yea right    

Didn't click for the picture. Not Interested but fellas ENJOY!#happyforya

Just wanted to say

GEORGE CLOONEY IS SUCH A MAN WHORE. Sluteeness is NOT ATTTRACTIVE on women OR MEN. He gets a fail.

1576 days ago


Where's her cellulite gone?

1576 days ago


These people are not normal people, everyone enjoys ridiculing
famous people who are grossly overpaid, lazy and overindulgent.
They drink excessively, hang out on yachts, have huge
self pride and egos, they are promiscious, can't maintain
normal relationships. They are people you don't want your
kids to be around, they are not regular folks.

So be it, they are what they are, no one wants their kind
of life because its way more miserable than anyone else's
its about insecurity, deception, infertility etc etc

Lets hope they are happy, we just can't relate to this
woman or her partner, but we feel sorry for them. We are glad
we are nothing like them in any way shape or form.
They should stick to their movie work or any work related
activities, we just can't understand them.

Nearly every single person on this site is highly critical.
I think we are all just really grateful we are normal.

1576 days ago


She is on the boat alone while her man is hanging out at the villa
with Al gore, they are quite close apparently.

She is looking out for any atomic bombs in the water before
she takes a swim.

One year down, twenty five more to go.
Finally he is off the market for good and we can all breath
as sigh of relief.

we love writing about them, maybe enjoy watching their movies
but we want to get as far away as we possibly can
from them

thats the truth.

Hope they live happily ever after and there is no
Gibson, Sheen, Tiger etc unhappy ending

1576 days ago


You people dissing her have no idea who she is! She's actually extremely accomplished in Italy, on TV all the time hosting the most popular shows and owns several businesses! The way her career is going, she does NOT NEED GEORGE!

1576 days ago


Actually as a humanitarin reporter I paid around 2000 odd dollars
to meet the cast of Oceans 13 in Chicago to discuss the problems
in Darfur in 2007. Met most of the cast, the
only celeb that had the decency to have a proper conversation
about the cause they were raising money for was Don Cheadle.
C looney was completely and utterly drunk and was a big disappointment especially after thinking he was some great peace advocate.

All his staff are incredibly arrogant as well, not sure why.

When you have such a serious alcohol problem you really need
to be honest and deal with it.

1576 days ago


It's laughable how last week when she was being shown with her clothes on in her big US television debut on Leverage all anyone could talk about was what a no talent wooden piece of gold digging flesh she is. She was called ugly, tranny, trashy, old and haggard. How Clooney was a moron for pulling strings to get her that gig. How her days are numbered. All she got -- with good reason -- was bad press. People saw her for what she is - a nothing, a nobody. But now she suddenly appears in a bikini up the butt (again) and it's like "DUDE Clooney is the MAN! She's HOT!" when the very week before she was nothing but ugly and manly. Well, you've all been played. That's exactly what she wants. She has learned that no matter what amount of bad press she's gotten from either temper tantrums on red carpets to insulting A-list actresses publicly (Twittergate anyone?) all she has to do is show up in a thong bikini and bend over for the camera. That's all she has to offer to the world. Immediately everyone is distracted and people come out of the wood work to talk about how "hot" she is and she is guaranteed to be splashed all over the gossip sites. How can someone go from being the patron saint of transvestites to being "hot!" in one week? You can't. She's done this trick before and she knows it works. Can you say Mexico? Hawaii? Clooney didn't even want her in Hawaii - and the press was saying that she'd been dumped - but she showed anyway. (Simon Cowell - does this sound familiar?) Then he got somehow hooked into that ridiculous walk on the beach with more dental floss up her butt. (Simon are you still listening?) Suddenly she was in the news. Wake up people! This is an experienced famewh*re and she's using you - manipulating you. LOL.

1576 days ago


and who says money cant by happiness?
you know he is ****ing both of them...lucky bastard

1576 days ago

Bill Leslie    

Arm tats on chicks == fail.

1576 days ago


She looks like trash because of that awful tatoo. If she would gain a few pounds she would be hot but not yet.

1576 days ago


Steady on she is a top tv star now,

read my book....'Demise of the American celeb'

in book stores now.

By the way, the plot of his new movie
which was originally a vehicle for Bruce
goes something like this

...he coerces this italian woman
into a relationship, blackmail, internet stalking etc etc
she is already happily married and is a political peace activist
..her husband is completely fooled into believing that
she is with him when she is being literally forced

eventually all manner of events happen
and all the time c looney's character is only looking
out for number one.

there is a twist at the end
but thats it in a nutshell
its all about him and he doesn't really care about anyone
but himself

sounds like a great plot
sure it will do well

1576 days ago
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