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Capriati Family -- Prescription Meds Caused OD

6/28/2010 1:32 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Jennifer Capriati's family says the former tennis star is still hospitalized after an overdose this weekend -- and they say prescription meds are to blame.


TMZ broke the story -- Jennifer was taken to a hospital early Sunday morning when paramedics responded to a call for an accidental overdose.

Jennifer's family tells us she is "recuperating at a South Florida hospital from an accidental overdose of medication prescribed to Jen by her personal physicians."

They were not specific about what drugs she was prescribed.

Jennifer has admitted suffering from depression and having suicidal thoughts.

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No Avatar


Those damn pills, always jumping in peoples mouths without being asked. They're gonna hurt somebody doing that.

1541 days ago


I would love to say,please feel better soon so we can see you play soon. But unfortunately you no longer play and tennis fans miss you.You were an awesome player.
So I'll just say feel better, get well..we all miss u.
To the other people who made posts here, talking about responsibility,weed,pill popper etc...thousands of people end up in ERs every year in the United States due to over dosing, wrong dosing, drug interactions..people like me and you.. and patientso already in hospitals end up being misdosed by MD's and/or nurses.
Jen only gets noticed because she was a great tennis star.

1541 days ago


The prescription's were to blame ? How is that possible ? Did the prescriptions grow legs and walk into her mouth ? Or was she laying down and they fell off a table she swallowed them ? The truth is the truth, she was abusing the prescriptions and over stepped her dosage which caused her to OD. Stop blaming the prescriptions, blame the user !!!!!!! I take alot of the medications that I read about here when someone dies, and I take them as prescribed and no overdose has ever occurred, amazing what happen's when you take your prescriptions as prescribed.

1541 days ago

Mr. Bate    

Depression, suicidal thoughts, accidental overdose, Dabone...why can't we all have such a wonderful life. ITS NOT FAIR!

1541 days ago


Yeah I bet they were prescription drugs. She probably overdosed on illegal drugs like everybody else does. Can you say CRACK/HEROIN. She probably a CRACK HEAD like every other drug attic. Always trying to sugarcoat things when it comes to certain people. Point is - she is a drug attic - like any other drug attic. FACE IT PARENTS - Your child is no better than the crack head on the street.

1540 days ago


She should have been taking some root medicine instead of popping pills

1540 days ago


Where is the compassion? Jen, like any other human, deserves prayers for a safe and speedy recovery with hopes that this is a defining moment in her life to get the help and support she needs. As a tennis player myself, I know the pressures put on Jen from a very young age and not an easy void to fill. Imagine if you could not work for seven years due to a work-related injury -- at least consider the possibility that it could steal your identity as well.

1539 days ago


tg.................it's drug addict....not attic...........attic is the space above the ceiling where you were apparently kept when you should have been working on your spelling in school......... either that or you yourself need to put the crack pipe down..... typo's are one thing but you used it multiple times.......wtf is a drug attic? Is that where you store drugs? it's addict..come on tg say it with me....sound it out.........and stating that EVERY drug addict is on crack just shows how unintelligent you truly are.... dont run down others when you are so obviously flawed yourself sport....attic? give me a break lol

1535 days ago

Fred Nice    

drug addict. I would be impressed if one of these famous athletes or celebs would just pony up and say I worked the system, lied to my docs and convinced 5 different docs and 3 different ER's that noone else was prescribing me narcotics, so that I could get all sorts of messed up, because I am a drug abuser. Unfortunately, this time I stopped breathing and nearly died, but dont worry, I will be on the saddle and popping pills, lieing to docs and scheming for more pills in a few days.

1534 days ago


How can so many be so glib about Jennifer's medications, motivations, wealth, comparisons to MJ, etc.?

She was once an amazing athlete and has to cope with the reality of living outside the limelight when others like Henin and Davenport make their comebacks.

To experience life's extreme highs and then have an injury cut short your fame and success has to be an enormous adjustment, one that Jennifer is most certainly dealing with. Instead of our persecution, why not show her some compassion? She is looking for the answer but hasn't quite found the right source yet.

Hang in there Jennifer, you are not alone, your life is a success, you just have to crawl out of this hole to realize it.

1533 days ago
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