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Carrie Prejean To Tie the Knot

6/29/2010 3:33 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Dethroned "biblically correct" beauty queen Carrie Prejean is about to do something that gays and lesbians can no longer do in California -- she's getting hitched.

TMZ has learned Prejean -- a woman -- is set to tie the knot with NFL quarterback Kyle Boller -- a man -- at The Grand Del Mar hotel in San Diego.

The big day is Friday.


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Tiny little thinker Susanne-Poster 14 telling us what God likes and doesn't like. This kind of thinking is sick and distorted. God loves us ALL. He'd never be as nasty as this poster.

1575 days ago


Good for her. She didn't let you over zerlous gay marriage advocated bring her down. You guys act as if she made the act illegal. What are you gays gonna do when you get it legalized, what is the next campaign? Or will you finally be happy and shut up about it?

I have nothing against gays, but enough whining about his issue is enough.

1575 days ago


Good for her. don't let anyone make you feel like crap for getting married dear!

1575 days ago


EWWWWW. Why would you want to tie the knot with her? You want to spend the rest of your life with that stupid girl. She isn't even as pretty as some people made her out to be. This headline is stupid TMZ. Stupid hypocritical Christians, I tell you.

1575 days ago


#13 Why anyone would want to follow their life based on a translation of a book of fairy tales from the Middle East is absurd. Everyone knows the bible was not written in English and translations are only as good as the translators own views of wording. Also many tend to read only the parts of the bible they want. I would like to know if she actually believes what the bible says about the woman in a marriage to a man.

1575 days ago


I love our freedom of speech. She had just as much right to say she didn't like gay marriage as the press had to say she lied on the pageant contract saying she had no nude or topless pictures. I loved Trump's freedom of speech when he said she broke her contract in many ways. I loved TMZ's freedom of speech when they showed where to go see those nude pictures of her. I loved article about the Christian PR firm that sued Carrie Prejean when she did not honor her contract with them. I loved A. Larry Ross Communications of Texas freed of speech when they brought their lawsuit and showed how Prejean did not honor her contracts.

I love the freedom of speech.

1575 days ago


I thought TMZ reported on REAL celebs, all I see anymore is a bunch of reality losers, sex tape chicks and cheating sports stars....WHERE are the TRUE STARS???

1575 days ago


California voters went to the polls and said that marriage is between a man and a women. At the same time California law protects the rights of same-sex couples. Seems to me that everyone got what they wanted. So why does TMZ have a stick up their butt about the issue? Good grief, Harvey - it's not like you and your long-time male companion were ever going to come out of the closet anyway.

1575 days ago


"12. She's a masturbator, stone her.
Posted at 10:58 AM on Jun 29, 2010 by Mikey"

LOL! If that ever becomes law we're all screwed.

1575 days ago


Of course she has a right to her opinion and I respect that. My issue with her is presenting herself as a conservative christian knowing there were porn videos of her out there. Kind of set herself up for that I think. And yes, she also has the right to get married too.

1575 days ago


Oh look, they've cloned Kate Gosselin. And there's the guy who's about to enter a living hell as he becomes a child again.

1575 days ago


For those defending her: Why do you guys not slam her for all the other "immoral" things she has done??? I would have absolutely no problem with her opinion on gay marriage - IF - she wasn't such a hypocrite herself. In other words, she is a really bad representative for Christians (or so she claims to be one) - and remember - being a Christian involves more than just going to church and saying you're one.

Other than that, I sincerely hope she ends up having a happy marriage. And if she ends up having children who are gay (apparently her mom and possibly her dad have had gay relations so the "gay gene" is lurking in her DNA), then I would hope she would love them and not want them to be treated as second class citizens.

1575 days ago


She's already living with him... if she was so Biblically correct, she'd have stayed a virgin and waited for marriage.

Once a whore, you're nothing more. Sorry, that'll never change. (to quote paramore.)

Too bad she didn't choke on a ****.

1575 days ago


TMZ sucks A$$ for buying those hot topless pics and not doing anything with them

"Oh we have to have these! But we'll put stars on them"

Way to put out a great fire with water

1575 days ago


May God bless you two with a great life and wonderful children.

1575 days ago
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