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Jewish Org:

Mel is an 'Anti-Semite

... Racist'

7/1/2010 3:30 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Mel Gibson isn't just an anti-Semite, he's now shown himself to be a "racist" too ... this according to the head of a Jewish anti-discrimination organization.

TMZ just spoke to Abe Foxman -- head of the Anti-Defamation League -- who tells us, "Most people who hate one group hate another.  Not only has Mel Gibson shown himself to be an anti-Semite, he’s a racist.”


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I am with you Mel, and millions more are too. Gotta love this man. Saying the "n" word doesn't make you racist anymore than calling someone fat means you hate fat people.

I'll bet you everyone reading this page has used that word as well. C'mon people, be honest and admit it. Blacks use it routinely. Are they racist or do they have special rights the rest of us don't have?

1482 days ago


Isn't that the same Jewish group that called for a ban on Mel's movie because it expressed the story of Jesus as told in the bible and they didn't like it? The group that slandered Mel, boycotted his movie, and tried to ruin him financially because the bible is wrong? Isn't that a bit anti-Christian?

Al Sharpton came to prominence years ago when he dragged some black woman out in public and claimed that several white policemen had gang raped her. He was quite indignent and demanded prosecution, riled the entire black population, and was filing civil charges when it became clear that none of the officers could possibly have even been present for the crime. Isn't that racist?

1482 days ago


Michael Richards is NOT Jewish. Neither is Rolling Stones Keith Richards. Sorry to burst your cross cluthcing, believing in fake jesus, bubble. If Jesus had existed, he would have been dark skinned aka black from being in the sun, and the fact that he is depicted as wearing sandals wearing white pastel sheets, and being surrounded by half naked men would suggest he was also gay. Keep believing the fairy tales and killing each other over it, you idiots. In other news....Jack grew a beanstalk! At least thats more beleivable than a talking snake!

1481 days ago


Travis, it's perfectly okay. Us whites are no good. In fact, you may as well do us all a favor and swan dive off a freeway overpass.

1481 days ago


Who gives a **** I still like Mel....

1481 days ago


Mel's refreshing candor is making me fall in love with him all over again. I'll be first in line to see his next movie and subsequently blog about its brilliance, hopefully, compelling as many people as possible to support his films. Also, isn't it about time for Abe Foxman to drop dead.

1480 days ago


He's not a racist or anti-Jewish...He just has verbal diarrhea and a nasty temper. Oksana is not a gold-digger...she's just not putting up with verbal abuse. It was a break-up, people. seem to be relishing the Mel/Oksana story . Who reports on your life? Wonder what dirt lays under your carpet? Hmmm

1477 days ago


Anyone here ever refer to, or call a female a "BITCH"? How bout calling a male...*******?,Wanker?,****tard? OR...


Do ya see where we are going here?

1477 days ago


I have lived all over the world, the MOST racist people I have ever encountered are Jews, hands down.

1475 days ago

Superfunky chicken    

Everyone on this site has said some horrible stuff when they are mad , we are just lucky no one is recording us when we say it , led alone using it to extort money out of us because we are talentless models . Mel is far from perfect but everyone on their soapbox needs to settle down. Fringe organisations looking to advance their public relevance claim to hate Mel Gibson , secretly they love him because he gives them an opportunity to publicise their organisation and make more money.

1475 days ago

Jared Lorz    

Wow when the jews say "never forget" they mean it.

Although i think this is stomping on Jesse Jacksons right to get his ass kissed.

1474 days ago


Yes Superfunky chicken I totally agree. Those among you without sin - throw the first stone. The tape was illegal - she taped him without his permission - if tapes of every famous person in a fight went online - I bet there was be strong opinions. This is none of our business. Shame on her for doing this for the sake of the dollar. Mel is who he is - I've met plenty of black people and those of jewish faith who have strong opinions about others - they just don't get taped.

1473 days ago


Foxman is a tiresome old blowhard with a totally self-serving agenda. His opinions are worthless. Who cares who he calls an anti-Semite, racist or anything else?

1473 days ago


Foxman is a tiresome old blowhard with a totally self-serving agenda. His opinions are worthless. Who cares who he calls an anti-Semite, racist or anything else?

1472 days ago


Mel Gibson isn't antisemitic
Abe Foxman is a jug head

1472 days ago
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