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Britney Source: Bodyguard's Abuse Claim 'Absurd'

7/1/2010 10:30 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

TMZ has learned a former, part-time security worker for Britney Spears contacted the L.A. County Department of Children and Family Services, claiming Britney abused her sons, but his timing raises suspicions.
Sources say Fernando Flores claimed Britney whipped one of her sons with a belt.  Flores made other claims that Britney abused both sons.  But sources tell us Flores did not utter a peep for more than a month after he was let go.

A source close to Britney and her family tells TMZ, "The allegations made by Fernando Flores are absurd."  The source adds, "Flores was never an employee of Britney.  He was never an employee of the Spears family.  He worked part-time for a security company."

And sources say Children Services investigated -- as they must -- and determined the claim had no merit.


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This is what happens when people close to fame don't get the fame they think they deserve.

1578 days ago


After reading this story, how could anyone want to be famous nowadays? Greedy scammers are getting worse and worse.

1578 days ago


What? ****, that boy don't know anything! Us white trash women use our flip flops to whup our young'uns!

1578 days ago


I wouldnt put it past this looney tune to whoop her kids ass but you cant believe a word this dippy doo says! If he is so concerned why didnt he speak up then? That makes him just as much guilty as she is.

1578 days ago


i don't know poor brit is barking mad!

1578 days ago


I beleive that Mr Flores, Is the one telling the truth, Britney has a troubled past with vicious acts of violence, drinking, and drug use. I couldnt see her raising children. I would take this to child service for sure. Mr Flores didnt say anything for a month because he needed the job.

1578 days ago


Well if whippin your child with a belt is child abuse then apparently my parents were abusive too then... get over it, spanking your child isn't abuse its discipline.

1578 days ago


Full of s****

And people wonder why she is mad

When she can't even trust people she pays to look after her

Just a ass hole looking for ££££ in a bad way

1578 days ago


They breached the confidentiality law, Mr. Flores' name should never have been released by DCFS. He ought to sue.

1578 days ago

Lily Luna    

Seriously TMZ is this all you have? No real new's worthy of reporting... Somewhere, Someone has to be breaking the law. Having an affair or hidden in a closet, near death.

Can you stir something up for us?.. uh huh...truly dull around here...blah blah, blah!..

My life has more action... now thats

back to Perez!

1578 days ago


They breached the confidentiality law, Mr. Flores' name should never have been released by DCFS. He ought to sue.

Posted at 7:33 AM on Jul 1, 2010 by Vererin

Im sure he went to the press about this..not her and...

was she naked when she whupped them?

1578 days ago


Yup, count me in on the abuse! Oh yea and my parents also!

1578 days ago


And that's the problem with why kids are the way they are today. Us parents or grandparents aren't suppose to spank kids. I was spanked, even with a belt, so were my parents and their parents. Get over it there is a difference between spanking and beating.

1578 days ago


When it comes to celebs and or just plain rich and famous and the lives they lead behind the scenes there is nothing I wouldnt believe. Reps, family, friends and peers etc. will lie and do what they have to and are told to do to protect them the money the hand that feeds them (thier wallets, careers etc.). Do I think this could be true? Yes, she has proven to not be mentally stable and maybe she grew up in an environment where it was used as well BUT can cross over to excess in the hands of a parent who is NOT mentally or emotionally stable at times. Im glad authorities are doing their job but realty is celebs almost have to kill their kids before their held to real account.

1578 days ago

timsami're deported [according to Arizona's new law]!

1578 days ago
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