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Mike Epps -- Mel's N-Bomb was a Cry for Help

7/2/2010 4:10 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Not everybody is writing off Mel Gibson in the wake of his N-bomb scandal -- in fact, actor Mike Epps tells us he wants to help the guy out ... before Danny Glover beats Mel's ass down.


Epps was in South Central Los Angeles yesterday at an event for the Professional Community Intervention Training Institute -- when we asked him about Mel's hate-filled recordings.

Epps, along with the members of the organization, agreed that Mel's outburst was merely a cry for help ... and that if he truly wants to be forgiven, he needs to work with the African-American community.

But the comedian also had one last message for Mel -- joking that if he doesn't straighten up, "We gonna get Danny Glover on you ... he gonna whoop you!"


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Mel Gibson does not have to work with the black community or be abducted by spike lee's "Drop Squad" as restitution for saying the you know word. Put a tape recorder in the offices of the black leaders or our neighborhood, problem solved.I'm afraid if he hangs around here too long we might see him in public with earings and bitched up lips just to prove he's a black man.

1582 days ago


In retrospect actually I'm wrong on a few responses I made in reference to the points you were trying to make,I can admit that...others I dont agree on.One I will bring up.When you say Afro americans use the word N*gger in a different way so its okay..sorry not buying that,I spent 20 years in the air force and now live within 20 min of Wash DC and work in the automotive business so I see and have much intereaction with black people and yes sirree bob... many times they mean it in a way just as bad as any white person ever said it,you cant say its okay for some to use and not all.You cant have it both ways,But then again all my thoughts are stupid and ignorant so I'll stop with that..

1582 days ago


Mike Epps is complaining about Mel's use of the N word! Has anyone caught his comedy act? Its filled with the N word use and the glorification of drugs. Mel, please use the N word more....there are so many hypocrites who see their chance to get back in the spotlight. Shout out to all my N****rs out there, keep it real.

1582 days ago


The Professional Community Intervention Training Institute - seriously? Looks more like Fight Club.

1582 days ago


He doesn't need to work with the African American community. Who are they talking about Jesse Jackson, Al Sharpton? Who made them the moral harbingers of forgiveness? He needs the God he pretends to worship in his life. I don't want to see him in a parade of fake publicity junkets like Dog The Bounty Hunter; that was about his reputation and money, mostly money. Mel is what he always was, a racist; alcohol didn't make him one. He's just become too much of an alcoholic to hide his true feelings.He screwed up his own life, he decided to have an affair with this woman. he chose to have a baby with her( he could have worn protection), so he just needs to get his sorry ass off to rehab and he doesn't need to make an announcement about it. Not a celebrity approved posh rehab, but one that won't have people in awe of him or stroking his ego. People should just stop making excuses for him. Being a celebrity doesn't mean he can't be a prejudiced, hateful, worthless POS like anyone else. His actions of late should be low enough even for him. What an embarrassment to his family, friends and associates.

1582 days ago

Throwback kid    

Mel Gibson has lived a great life off of the support of the american public. If every Jew, black and gay never spent a dollar on a movie Ticket to see Mel's movies I wonder if he would still be a multi millionaire?

1582 days ago



I agree with your point about saying some can use it and others can't. NO ONE SHOULD BE USING IT PERIOD! But the reality of it is that people will keep saying it and the world will keep turning.

And you and I and millions of others can agree to disagree regarding the double standard us black folks use. Let me put it to you like this...

Would you be more offended if your brother or your sister or even your childhood friend called you an ******* or a f*cker or whatever than if a total stranger or someone not in your "inner circle" called you that?? Think about that...You would probably get mad at your brother/sister/friend but you'd get over pretty quick because it's might even laff it off. But you'd probably wanna beat that "outsider's" azz if they called you something right? Well that's as close to an analogy as I can give as to why we live that double standard.

I'm not saying that we in the black community all feel like relatives or that we know each other, but we just don't get as mad when it comes from someone just like us. But let an "outsider" say it, it's just different. I know that you know where I'm coming just might not wanna admit it. It's cool...that's why we live in America...we have our own opinions.

I'm not excusing it. But I'm just explaining the double standard that exists. And I hope my example helps you better understand where we're coming from with that...

1582 days ago



Epps is not complaining...hell he uses it like crazy. He just made a simple commment because TMZ asked him to comment on it so they could get a sound bite.

He's a comedian, he's supposed to give humorous sound bites.

Don't make this more than what it is homey.

1582 days ago


#22, the reason I personally ask why is it ok for blacks to say it but when a white person does he/she is automatically a "hater" or racist is because I have yet to get a reasonable answer for my question. So I will continue to ask until I hear a good reason why its that way.

1582 days ago


Until the Black community respects itself enough not to utter the word against each other.. shut up.

Mel is an ass, no doubt about it, but EVERY racial group reinforces their own stereotype and get completely outraged when others dare to utter. Again, shut up.

And the "pack of N word" statement...there have been packs of men of ALL races that have done it to women of ALL races and if you haven't thought it or dealt it at one time or another, then die and go to heaven cause your perfect.

1582 days ago


All of you sticking up for Mel he doesn't need your help he has plenty of MONEY he could care less about any of you. I'd like to hear the names he calls you, the point is he did this in front of a little baby, he doesn't give a damn about anyone, but keep making him richer..HA HA HA you are all fools if you think he is on your side. That money is all he cares about.

1582 days ago


@38 Throwback kid and don't forget women, Great point!

1581 days ago


I dont even care. Im black and I get sick of people making such a big deal out of a word. Dude is crazy and mad. When youre yelling you might say anything. We are all humans, we have to live here on this Earth together. If we were all the same color, then we would find another way to characterize and hate each other. Stop the hate. Different is good. Leave Mel alone, hes f**king human. We all say racist words even US. If we are so unified, prove it, stop killing each other.

1581 days ago

Greg L    

In the heat of the moment you say bad things. But what kills me is how society still views blacks. I guess being raped by a gang of men wasn't degrading enough but being raped by a bunch of N's is worse. This will always be a problem when people decide to live in two different worlds. What you see in the media is poor and I will say it ignorant(lack of knowledge) blacks and entertainers. There are some successful African-Americans who are not entertainers but the media won't show that. So U get what u get. Honkey just doesn't have the same sting as N*gger... Think about it!

1581 days ago


Actually I think the media picks on all poor, uneducated people. They have a new word for white people Trailer Trash, so I guess it is the elite vs. the poor, either way it's ugly.

1581 days ago
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