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Goldberg -- Mel Gibson Needs His Butt Kicked

7/4/2010 11:12 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Former wrestling superstar Goldberg thinks Mel Gibson needs a good ol' fashioned butt kicking to cure him of racist tendencies -- and wouldn't you know it ... Goldberg is willing to do it himself.

Goldberg was at the pool at the Hard Rock Hotel in Vegas yesterday, where he also made a pretty accurate prediction about the Brock Lesnar fight.

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Please post link to nude photos of Goldberg!

1575 days ago


First of all how does he know he can kick Gibson's ass.You can't assume because your walking around with big muscles you can beat someone.Mel just might kick his ass.

1575 days ago

John Water    

I'm so sick of white people defending this word. The reason why 'everybody says it' is because everybody is YOU. You're a racist, yes I said it. It's unacceptable and people are tired of you being racist and claiming racism is something else entirely.

1575 days ago


All you sanctimonious azz hypocrites, who are blasting Mel for using the “N” and “C” words, need to stop throwing stones, or better yet, why not just hit yourself in the head with them????!!!!
Mel is not a saint and never confessed to being one!!!

I thought this comment was so good I used it again from another Mel bashing on TMZ. I for one will keep watching and buying Mel's movies. His Russian wife,girlfriend what ever she is ,is just looking for $$$$$$. So what if he used name calling. It's time to get over it. These words are used all the time and I for one am sick and tired of hearing it's racist. Wearing the theme really thin these days.

1575 days ago


Goldberg - you are an idiot if you think Gibson is the only one who feels the way he does. People have a right to feel the way they do - get over it.

1575 days ago

John Water    

When the world becomes a place you don't have consequences for what you say then the savages have taken over. Perhaps people should grow the hell up and watch their mouths instead of getting mad because people don't want to hear them spew crap. Know when to shut up.

1575 days ago

John Water    

And you can feel any way you want....as long as it's anonymous and on the Internet.

1575 days ago

Stephen Siegel    

**** gold digger Oksana. Mel's mistake is buying the whorish mail order bride.

1575 days ago


Goldberg is still da'man...but has he forgotten how to do bicep exercises? chest looks awesome but the arms look like a 98 lb weakling...

1575 days ago


I can't be the only one who was distracted by that beautiful ass in the background...

1575 days ago

Gsharon 710    

I am not defending Mel. There have been times when that name hit me hard, but you learn to be strong, you learn to forgive, you learn to enjoy life. You cannot enjoy life if every little word pushes you back a step.

I am willing to bet you have used a not so nice name speaking of someone. How would you feel if a private conversation was secretely tapped? (taped)

I refuse to let that word destroy all my ancestors worked for. We are called names, we call names. With maturity and care, we check ourselves, but even then, names spew.

I will be ready to follow the crowd that stands up for racial hate crime though.

I have many sitcom dvd's from several black shows and the word ****** is common, yet some of you and the media whores J.J. and A.S. wants to start crap because of what Mel said.

Yes I say get over it. There are more important things in this world that needs attention. The next post that tries to get me angry and return a page of reasons why I am speaking this way, will go past me quicker than quick.

There are true racists in this world of every nationality. As long as you are just speaking, who gives a big ado? I don't.

Mels words did not get anyone fired, killed, or crushed. Sooooo

1575 days ago


As much as don't like Mel, I have to say that I'm pretty sure that at the very least, half of America, including actors, actress, movie stars, etc. have used racist words (in private)to describe someone from a different nationality. Mel just got caught.

1575 days ago


Goldberg was a wrestler and has obviously had his head hit too many times. Mel said what he said in PRIVATE, not in front of the world!!!!!

1575 days ago


Hollywood is a pit...endorses racist language and violence against women all time for entertainment in film & music...and we support "mel gibsonisms" every time we put money in their pocket. We have the power to demand better by refusing to except this as the standard for mainstream entertainment or we are no better than every other racist woman hater. How many women have been abused even more because of the degrading way women are portrayed for entertainment...

1575 days ago

Preserve the Tiger    

Sounds like a threat to me! Maybe Mel needs to get a restraining order on this Goldberg ... big mouth ~ full of hot air male! Does TMZ endorse violence, verbally or physically, by anyone but Mel? Sure seems to be the case! TMZ is just as prejudice as they are accusing Mel of being. Bet they've used a lot of choice words off-camera to describe Mel. I'd bet that those words are just as racist sounding! Everyone unable, or unwilling, to forgive Mel will go to Hell! Think about it! Hell is going to be full of those who have hatred in their heart. So, those who you want nothing to do with someone on Earth because of the way they act, you'll join them in Hell if you are unable to forgive! I believe everyone is capable of changing; now, whether they want to change is another story!

Violence doesn't solve anything. Goldberg is a big, overpumped dude with self-esteem problems who wants to act tough. Apparently he's overcompensating for his shortcomings by body building.

I don't feel what Mel said in the privacy of his own home was racist. Oksana stated in an interview that everybody was saying bad things about her that weren't true. Well, everything bad said about her is the truth. She went behind Mel's back to secretly record his anger; that's pretty _ _ _ _ _ _! She's using it to her advantage and I feel confident she's the one, or some of her so-called friends, are leaking to the press. She only wanted money from the very beginning!

I don't hate Oksana; I just don't like her or her ways; have absolutely no use for a sorry human being!

1575 days ago
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